Live @ EA Play: Featuring Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA 18, Need For Speed, Madden 18 and More...

E3 2017 starts with the EA Play event.

12 PM PT

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4Sh0w2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

OK, EA let's see what ya got.

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-Foxtrot2112d ago

Opens with sports games....


You don't need to announce these games at huge events...urgh

_-EDMIX-_2112d ago

..EA is still a company and they still need to Market those games I personally don't care for them but I'm not sure what business sense it would make to completely ignore these franchises.

-Foxtrot2112d ago

You could announce them a month before launch and the sports fanatics would still buy them. They are just yearly, same old games.

All this show is so far is Fifa, Madden, NBA and DLC

joab7772112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

If they didn't, they would be 10 minutes long. But you are right, everyone knows they are coming, and those who are gonna buy it already know it. Shoulda just called this Dice's BF1 and Battlefront 2 conference.

TFJWM2112d ago

I'd like to see other stuff but it is hard to crap on them for showing their biggest and highest selling franchises at the biggest and most watching gaming event of the year...

LOGICWINS2112d ago

That's where they make their most money. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It would be crazy for them NOT to include these games in their huge events.

_-EDMIX-_2112d ago

@fox- why would they announce them in a completely separate event what would actually even be the point of this press conference? I'm sorry but you need to seriously take out your personal feelings from this you have this bizarre issue with trying to suggest a company do something based on personal feelings about specific properties and nothing more.

I don't even play their sports games but I see no purpose of why on Earth they would fail to Market their largest selling properties at such an event.

I mean you're saying they showed or they could do that but what benefit would it be to them to do such a thing?

I mean can you actually even form a real argument for why this would benefit the consumer or Electronic Arts to ignore these properties at this event?

-Foxtrot2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Are you guys for real


Seriously guys...come on

You could show them quickly one after another and move on....if this means there conference would be bare bones then guess what? That's their fault and it would show them they have a problem.

We saw more sports related coverage in that then anything else. The majority of people watching these conferences live don't care for them, the people who do with just end up seeing it the next day or so by word of mouth or randomly on social media. It's seriously not needed that much.


Holy shit...I thought you were in a coma or something. Where you been.

Nitrowolf22112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I agree with you however you have to keep in mind that a ton of people by those games so while it may not be exciting for you it is for them

Yes they are yearly game and everyone knows they are coming. However this is the biggest show in America for gaming so they'll take what they can and show it

4Sh0w2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Foxtrot come on bro. I havent been excited for Madden game it seems like in the last decade(I'm still not) but Madden looked great, the story even looks like they put alot into it, Madden fans are no doubt super excited, same for FIFA fans.

It would be the height of stupidity and terrible business acumen NOT to advertise those games at the biggest game show. Yeah fans know their coming but if EA isn't proud enough to advertise them don't you think they may lose fans due to some thinking EA hasn't worked to improve and while you or I may say "its still the same old game" as a Madden fan from the early days I can tell you those improvements you think are minor ARE very important to the fans.

PLUS, they need to advertise always to new potential customers. It seems like you have tunnel vision, you only think from personal perspective, glad your just a random gamer because you would make a terrible game exec.

_-EDMIX-_2112d ago

@Fox- buddy, stop trying to win by force, logically make your point in a way that makes sense for consumers and EA.

You can't win with "come on guys" or "you don't need to"

Why don't they need to market one of the best selling IPs at one of the biggest events of the year.

Thats it. I'm not asking if you like their games, I'm not asking you to love EA Sports, I"m asking WHY would they NOT support their games at this event.

What is in it for EA or even fans to not know or see such games that move huge units. Make your point make sense in terms of business, stop making it so damn personal based on you not liking EA. I don't play their sports games and I'm puzzled at why they would not show them at this event and what benefit it would have for them to not market their best selling IPs.

"The majority of people watching these conferences live don't care for them"

How do you know this for a fact?

They don't care about the IPs from EA that are selling the best?


This is where I have the issue FOX, you seem to have view that is way too personal and lacks any real base. Just assumption. I don't care for them, but based on their sales....someone is watching this to look at those IPs.

To not market Madden or Fifa doesn't make any sense. You legit haven't made any single point to really drive that they don't need to be at E3.

Christopher2111d ago

The people who play these games will be watching these interviews and videos for days. They know their audience, it's just not you.

freshslicepizza2111d ago

EA makes money on sports games and that is basically their DNA, why wouldn't they show them off? It's like saying why should Microsoft show off Forza or Nintendo show off Smash Bros or Sony show off GT? If you don't like sports games then take a bathroom break.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 looks so much better, so gald I didn't get sucked into buying the first one and NBA Live actually looks pretty good. Cant wait to see how Madden looks on Scorpio as they teased it.

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Christopher2111d ago

Just to come back to this. As of right now for YouTube views:

A Way Out - 398k
BF1 Name of the Tsar Trailer - 894k
Need For Speed Paypack - 2m
FIFA 18 Gameplay Trailer - 2m
FIFA 18 The Journey Trailer - 3m
SWBF2 Gameplay Trailer - 4m
FIFA 18 Reveal Trailer - 5m

So, they are aimed at their audience, and all this talk of the 'hype' over A Way Out is just that, hype.

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Ashunderfire862112d ago

yup remind me of the movie shawshank redemption.

Gazondaily2112d ago

And his name....was Andy Dufrane.

Don't lie, you read that in Morgan Freeman's voice.

freshslicepizza2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Looks good but I don't know if they will hurt sales by making it mandatory co-op online or splitscreen. Maybe some will try playing with two controllers at once and take it one step further than Brothers.

IamTylerDurden12111d ago

A Way Out was game of Show. Incredibly creative design, it actually dares to TRY something. I applaud that.

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AnubisG2112d ago

I want to see NFS gameplay and SWBF 2. 1 more hour!!!

joab7772112d ago

Me too! Is it me though, or is there no life at all here, like everyone was told to keep quiet. BF2 looks spectacular, and the Scorpio might be worth it just for the new sports games, but when are we gonna see Visceral's new game?

Destiny10802112d ago

new desert strike / road rash / ssx tricky remaster

meatnormous2112d ago

Replayed soviet strike not too long ago. A new entry would be great.

StormLegend2112d ago

I need a lot of NFS Gameplay

ZeekQuattro2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Battlefront 2 is the only upcoming EA game I care about. The leaked footage is looking good though. Hopefully the stupid vehicle token system from the last one is gone.

Majin-vegeta2112d ago

That was announced back when it was revealed

ZeekQuattro2112d ago

Well thats good. I couldn't remember if the said it was gone or not.

-Foxtrot2112d ago

I'm hoping for no loadouts and modifiers along with star cards but I think that's a big no

ZeekQuattro2112d ago

I can agree with that. Its EA though so pretty much anything they are involved with suffers in some way. Think Titan Fall 2 being sent to die. Simcity tacked on always online nonsense or the most recent causality Mass Effect Andromeda which is now on an indefinite hiatus because of poor sales. They messed up two ME games in a row now for different reasons. I want to be hopeful but there is a reason I'm not big on EA and it wasn't for Mass Effect and Star Wars I wouldn't even deal with them.

SOMEGUY7892111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

It's been replaced by a points system which is still worse than the original one of them just being on the map at the get-go.

IamTylerDurden12111d ago

BF2 looks good, but man they copied 2K. When will they stop wasting money on Live?

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