Sony E3 2017 Conference Predictions

The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, Bloodborne 2, and more - Screen Critics Sam predicts the Sony E3 2017 conference.

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BlakHavoc496d ago

No DS as confirmed by Kojima, and I think Sucker Punch will unveil their new IP. I also think TLOU2 will be there but no gameplay, I think we'll get a look at a specific scene from the game. A lot of ppl forget that the reveal trailer isn't a scene from the game, it's just a reveal trailer they shot over 2 years ago. I think we get our first real look at TLOU2 on Monday. I also think we'll get a few announcements from Japanese studios, maybe MH5, or DMC5. I fully expect From to be there with something to announce for the PS4. Here we go ppl, 2 more days!