The 9% Devil Microsoft Must Shake at E3 2017

A new report into the games released between E3 2016 and E3 2017 shows a horror Microsoft statistic.

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SlappingOysters592d ago

Definitely the big problem. They need to bump this up to 80%. Other than Sea of Thieves, all new titles and lots of them. Not indies either.

Godmars290592d ago

More like 20% if not 40%. Asking for 80% when game production time is now 3-5 years is unrealistic.

SlappingOysters592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

Well Sony managed 63% last year. So maybe at least around that?

Plus, it's not like much has come out in the last 18-months... they have been working on something.

rainslacker592d ago

80% is pretty high. CD3 and SoT have to be close to release, so those will be there. Yearly Horizon will be there, although I guess technically a new announcement. Honestly, there aren't a lot of games which are confirmed for this year from MS, or 3rd party. At least not the really big titles. It's possible MS could get those numbers up this year, particularly since I think they held some games back for bolstering Scorpio's launch line up, even though the X1 itself is still a thing.

I expect Sony to have some new stuff, but I also expect them to show more of what we already know exists, while holding back other things for later events. Likely one or two big announcements, but probably not even half the games shown will be new game announcements.

Chexs1990591d ago

Honestly, I just wanna see games announced and actual release dates for this year, but I'm afraid that most of their focus will be on explaining why we all need to purchase the scorpio -_-

Godmars290592d ago

Might be better to ask what the ratio throughout the various E3s. As well as what was delivered/released and when.

Nyxus592d ago

"Of all the games mentioned, only 55% have actually come out. (Sony released 67% of its mentioned games)"

Yet Sony always gets flak for 'announcing games too early'.

KionicWarlord222592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

Yeah but what games is he referring to that released at E3 2016 over Microsoft`s?

Because it isn't Days Gone, Death Stranding, Detroit, Spiderman, or God of War 4.

Comparing what released Horizon Zero Dawn, Last Guardian, VR Content, Third party titles.

If the dudes gonna take shots. At least hit harder.

UCForce592d ago

The thing is that Sony got criticized because of it. But now thing have change.

SlappingOysters592d ago

The only new games MS announced last year were Forza Horizon 3, Dead Rising 4 and Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Whether Sony's games came out or not, it's a load more impressive roster of titles. The perception Sony gets is way better to those sitting on the fence. MS needs to rectify that in a few days time.

KionicWarlord222592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

"Whether Sony's games came out or not, it's a load more impressive roster of titles"

Narrative change. Thats not what Nyxus was quoting or talking about. Corny.

Point is the percentages the guy in the article taking time to take shots at Microsoft are skewed because If you compare what AAA titles from the show released between both Sony and Microsoft from E3 2016 a whole different story moves into attention.

SlappingOysters592d ago

Well that data shows Sony annoucned 10 new games and released 40% of them. Microsoft announced 3 new games and released 66% of them. So you're right, its closer than the % suggests in raw numbers, but still doubled.

Liqu1d591d ago

Sony released more of their games. It's a fact, now be quiet and get over it.

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Mr Pumblechook592d ago

To put this number in perspective 63% of the games shown at the Sony conference were previously unannounced titles.

FallenAngel1984592d ago

That's really an exaggeration to say Xbox One owners are becoming disillusioned. They still receive plenty of games to play, unlike with Wii U owners.

nX592d ago

It IS delusional to some degree. Some sites even gave the "win" to Microsoft last year when they mostly showed third party titles that come out on PC and PS4 as well. This is E3, the biggest gaming event of the year - if you don't can't keep up with your competition you don't deserve to be praised.

SlappingOysters592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

I'm disillusioned. And I sure don't compare my Xbox to any Nintendo product. But I guess the biggest impact is on people that have not bought it yet and are considering it.

Fishy Fingers592d ago (Edited 592d ago )

90% of the time myself and 90% of my mates are probably playing multi platform games. Bet you could say the same for a lot of xbox, PC or PS4 gamers.

No denying Sony have the better 1st party games and 3rd party relations. But to say any platform has 'no games' is bollocks. It's just fanboy banter/exaggeration.

King_Lothric592d ago

And yet that is exactly what the Xbox community did for 2 years... Say that PS4 has no games!

FallenAngel1984592d ago

@ nX

No it isn't. People who have the XO are still going to enjoy their platform regardless.

@ Slap

Then you take gaming way too seriously. Is there any other entertainment product you have that can cause such an emotional response from you?

SlappingOysters591d ago

I don't really see how. I paid $500 for a machine and I'm starting to wish I had spent it on a PS4 VR setup instead.

FallenAngel1984591d ago

That's you on a personal case. Not every single owner is feeling disillusioned

SlappingOysters591d ago

Sure it's me. But I don't think I am taking my gaming too seriously if I feel disillusioned with MS at the moment given they have only one notable first-party game on the horizon in Sea of Thieves.

Liqu1d591d ago

If you have to compare the Xbox One to a dead console to make it seem good then there's a problem.

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