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rolando1231945d ago

Let's hope they have some surprises

naruga1944d ago

i dont think Cuphead on the moment download and VR for Xbox will give them the upper hand (who the F cares about these 2 things)....they need new IPs and New exclusive Japanese IPs ASAP is they want to match at least whatever Sony has to show (however i dont know at what point is this possible) ...

OMGitzThatGuy1944d ago

Japanese IPs lol. Way to be specific.

MegamanXXX1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

At this point Microsoft needs to match Nintendo first party exclusives imo.

4Sh0w1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )


I agree Cuphead and VR aren't gonna give them the "upperhand", but neither are Japanese games really. Yeah sure some will like that but history has shown they don't move the needle much for Xbox. New IPs is what they need, yep the big blockbuster AAA western kind. That's why people buy the box....and there's PLENTY of different variety to be found within the western genre's that sell well on Xbox and hasnt been explored. I mean truth is if you like jrpgs and niche Japanese games honestly you're gonna get a ps, if more appear on Xbox, ps will still do that more, so a few on Xbox ain't gonna change nobody mind about where to play Japanese games and IF Microsoft went all out on Japanese games to appease the few theyd likely lose focus on the majority who dont care about jrpgs, niche Japanese games, etc...and frankly that wouldn't be a Xbox, that would be a box trying to be a ps.

No, I'm not against adding diversity with a Japanese game here and there but strategically speaking Japanese games just aren't gonna help Xbox much. There's still 10's of millions of potential untapped gamers out there who havent brought a X1 because Microsoft just hasn't delivered enough core gaming experiences for them and that's who Microsoft needs to speak to with the right kinds of games.

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bobsmith1945d ago

halo gravemind or minecraft 2

oasdada1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

if they announce 3rd party exclusives that if not for microsoft could be on other consoles as well then ill seriously be pissed!!

MetalProxy1944d ago

They did it before and they will do it again. What else can they do.

LordJamar1944d ago

sony does it all the time

oasdada1944d ago

with what game? dont say bloodborne because the first soul game was co developed by fromsoftware and japan studios so yea every one else should be thankful to sony they get to play souls games on their consoles and pc.

LordJamar1944d ago

i think your being a bias fanboy oasdada

OMGitzThatGuy1944d ago

Considering alot of indies that pass up on Xbox and Japanese games that dont release on Xbox because they think their core audience is Japan and Sony paying for all big 3rd party advertising then I wouldnt fault MS for paying for 3rd party exclusives. PS4 fanboys say the Xbox needs Exclusives that they cant play on PC but doesnt want them to come from 3rd party devs. What is the difference with paying for 3rd party exclusives vs paying the salary of 1st party devs for exclusives?

oasdada1944d ago

with third party in normal cases the game eg Deadrising3 would have ended up on all consoles anyways. so its MS paying money to 3rd party to NOT release their game on sony console VS paying salary to 1st party studios to develop original games for xbox. look at sony's library of games and how Most of their exclusives have changed the landscape and production level of games u see now.. if not for sony and ps3 exclusives this gen would have been mostly about always online multiplayer games like the division and over watch!

CP_Company1944d ago

give them the upper hand? feck, they are delusional. it is not gonna cost 399$,because Spencer said him self that it is a premium IP exclusive? but Spencer said that they not going to have any exclusives,and they do not have them. cuphead? really? :D Fallout VR? seriously?

MrSec841944d ago

Phil has also said Scorpio will have the same kind of price consoles have had in recent times, considering from a physical standpoint Scorpio is just a PS4 Pro, with 4 more Compute Units on it's GPU, 50% more GDDR5, a 4K Blu Ray drive and a slightly better cooling solution $399 is very likely the price to make MS a marginal profit, Sony can probably drop the Pro's price to $299 and make a few dollars.
It's premium from the perspective that hardcore fans and tech savvy customers know how it's better than other dedicated gaming devices, not price related.

By exclusives it just means they're games available only on Xbox One or Windows.

Sony will continue to beat them in basically every area, save for hardware after 4 years of having the upperhand, but it's still possible for Sony to make a few tweaks to the Pro to keep that edge, if they feel it's necessary.

rainslacker1944d ago

Recent times can be as much as $500. That's what they released the X1 at. They had a 360 at that price. Sony had a 500-600 console. So on and so forth. $399 is a possibility if they want to take a loss, but it's just hoping that it comes in at that price.

Would be OK if it does come in at that price. Anything that makes it more competative means more chance to succeed.

MrSec841944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

XB1's launch price was a major factor they were slammed for, plus it included an unnecessary addition, Scorpio is simply a console and given the succes even Pro's achieved at $399 it would be a missed step to go higher.
PS3 isn't a recent console, it's clearly not in the running as a comparison.
I keep seeing people repeat this point, but it actually isn't accurate, given the costs of the materials that make up Scorpio, we're only talking about 50% more GDDR5, 4 more CUs, a 4K bluray drive and some added cooling, most of the performance upgrades over pro are attributed to the clockspeed difference.

$399 would be a marginal profit point, Pro could likely get well below $349 and still make Sony money now, by the end of the year it'll be ramped up in production, fabs for 16nm will be even more mature and those APU yields will be far better than they are now.
GDDR5 chips will also be more cost effective with PS4, Pro and Scorpio using them.

Worst case scenario $449, if MS wants to gouge early adopters or yields for their APU are low, which is highly unlikely when Scorpio starts mass production. Most importantly $399 is seen as the market wide acceptable and attractive price point.
There could be a 2TB model for $499, but the base will go for the sweet spot IMHO.

_-EDMIX-_1944d ago (Edited 1944d ago )

New IP

.. that actually release and actually get supported long-term if successful.

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