Can Sony Possibly Beat Microsoft At E3 2017?

If there's one thing Microsoft and Sony love to do every year at E3, it's compete. The expo is not exactly a zero-sum game, but it's hard not to view the dueling press conferences as an epic struggle from which one company can walk away with all the prizes: the most hype, the least criticism, the memes with the most swagger.

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Krangs_Uncle495d ago

Looking forward to both for different reasons. Good times.

chrisx495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Ofcourse they can as usual. Sony has been beating ms since the day ms ventured into video gaming. Ms are still learners

495d ago
nX494d ago

If anything, Sony will easily beat MS like every year, Scorpio doesn't change anything in this competition. It's MS that has to prove themselves this year, otherwise Xbox is doomed.

darthv72494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Sony really beat MS with Wonderbook...

On the flip side, even if kinect was a gimmick.... it too was better than Wonderbook.

To be fair, both have good and bad things to show. They can both win at different things. Each one gets a participation trophy but the REAL winners is us... the gamers.

Jmanzare494d ago

I didn't know they handed out trophies at the end

Eonjay494d ago

It's a software showcase. All Sony has to do is bring software.

Aenea494d ago


Sony gets a trophy, MS gets an achievement! 😀

zackeroniii494d ago

this is true.

but the headline says "possibly" which really made me LOL. i don't know what this author was trying to get at with this headline...but does he not get the memo that sony owns E3.

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Gaming_Cousin495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Microsoft doesn't stand a chance. They have no games going for them. I would like to know what games Xbox gamers are currently playing? Serious question

RAM0N 495d ago

They're playing cod black ops 2 with bc or phantom dust

daBUSHwhaka495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

Currently playing on and off.... The Division, Gears 4,Forza Horizon,Mass Effect,Sniper Ghost Warrior.Ghost Recon.. What you been playing.

UCForce495d ago

Some of those games can play on PS4 expect Gears 4.

daBUSHwhaka494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

@UCForce,Gaming_Cousin asked what we playing... so gave him the answer.simple.Also playing on PS4...The Division,ROTTR,Horizon and The Witcher.Wasent trying to be a smart arse.The guy asked in his eyes a SERIOUS QUESTION so I gave him a SERIOUS ANSWER. Forza on PS !!!

F0XHOUND494d ago

Not too much lately tbh. After getting bored of Horizon, Nier: Automata, Yakuza 0, Persona 5, & The Last Guardian, I thought I'd try Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, which then led to Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5, While waiting for Final Fantasy 12 HD to release, I bought Final Fantasy X HD. All fun, still yet to even play older titles like Killzone, Bloodborne etc but i'll do it soon! Sucks though, as i'm pretty active playing Final Fantasy XIV which is a huge game, available on PC if you're interested! Just a few worth mentioning overall, plenty more!

jmetalhead77812494d ago


So, you can play Forza on PS??


No games to show. Lol. I can't wait for them to bring out the Scorpio so we can stare at it for 90+ minutes!! It's gunna be f*#!#^g epic!!

Who's gunna win? I have no idea. Pretty sure both will be amazing...I didn't realize there was a scorekeeper.

KwietStorm494d ago

Lota of people disagree with what you've been playing. So either they know he was being snide, but still jump on you for giving an honest answer, or you're just not allowed to play games on your system regardless. Round and round we go.

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Gunstar75494d ago

Forza Horizon 3 for me ☺

494d ago
darthv72494d ago

Halo 5, forza 5, dead rising 3... i just got the xb1 this past december so all the "old" games are new to me.

Same with ps4, got it last november. The order, driveclub, uncharted 4 and i just got sfv like a week ago.

BIGBOSS08494d ago

They're waiting for call of juarez to get backwards compatibility.

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PhoenixUp495d ago

Is that really an honest question

IndieFolk494d ago

Nah, just a cheap way to get clicks and comments.

SkippyPaccino494d ago (Edited 494d ago )

Microsoft is unstoppable this E3! They will judo chop the competition with stats and streaming services, followed by a round house kick of 5 exclusive games.

Personally I feel Sony should just cancel everything and move on to another medium... Microsoft PR team has made it pretty obvious.

I'll personally watch only Microsoft press conference and then stick my fingers in my ears and close my eyes for the rest of my life, knowing Microsoft is on top.

This Sarcasm rant is brought to you by Microsoft and Rick's shrimp juice in a can. Nothing more refreshing than shrimp juice in a can

DreadGara494d ago

Just a boring delusional question we get every year before E3.

The actual question Is, Can Xbox beat Nintendo this E3? That would have made more sense.

BlakHavoc495d ago

Why are ppl acting like Sony's the underdog? Lol they have all the games, ya MS has exciting new hardware but im sorry, I care more about software. I'm curious to see what games MS has, but quit acting like Scorpio has proved anything.

Bobafret494d ago

Because they aren't. They ask the question knowing full well what the outcome will be: clicks and fanboys frothing at the mouth.