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Negativity Towards Backwards Compatibility is Ridiculous

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes; "It's rather odd that anyone could be negative towards the option of playing your old games, especially when that's provided as a free service like backwards compatibility."

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Community1159d ago
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PhoenixUp1159d ago

I can understand if you're indifferent to backwards compatibility, who the hell is actually negative towards it?

Obscure_Observer1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )


You should read between the lines. Most PS owners around here says they are indiferent or simply don´t care about backwards compatibity on Playstation though some usually acknowledges it is a nice feature to have.

Now, some of them contradicts themselves when they said nodobody cares about old games but keeping on wishing this feature on the PS5. Funny isn´t it?

1159d ago
Number_91159d ago

You are just in every single article on the subject matter, @infected

Death1159d ago


With only 7.5 games sold per PS4, you are saying you are content knowing there are more new games you won't buy vs. playing games you already do own for free on your new system. It really is bizarre to see how some people think.

Enigma_20991159d ago

Not THIS PS owner. Any system that actually lets me keep playing my collection of games I've collected over the years gets a thumbs up from me.

rainslacker1159d ago

No, they say it's not such a big feature that it actually makes a difference. Almost all around here say they wouldn't mind having it.

Just because you and some others want to twist the argument into something else doesn't mean Sony fans are saying it's a bad and unwanted feature.

Obscure_Observer1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )


"No, they say it's not such a big feature that it actually makes a difference. Almost all around here say they wouldn't mind having it."

Don´t you get it? You're inadvertly proving my point! "it´s NOT such a BIG FEATURE that it actually makes a DIFFERENCE." "Almost all around here say they WOULDN´T MIND having it."

That´s what ANYONE would say about NETFLIX on consoles so, please stop with this complacent BS!

You know full well that an E3 annoucement of backwards compatibility on the PS4 would be THE MOST IMPACTFUL ONE! The internet would just falls apart, sales of the PS4 would skyrocket and the forums all around the world would be flooded with articles and topics like XBOX IS DOOMED!

Finally, you're not fooling anyone but yourself saying that backwards compatibility is NOT A BIG DEAL!

yeahright21158d ago

That still doesn't say who's being negative towards it.

yeahright21158d ago

@death. 7.5 games sold on average worldwide. I'd wager that number jumps up quite a bit with the people discussing BC here on N4G.

MagicBeanz1158d ago

I sincerely hope PS5 does NOT have backwards compatibility, I buy my new consoles to play new games, I would think that's what xbox gamers buy their new consoles for as well.

UnHoly_One1158d ago

You shouldn't use average numbers of games sold per console in places like this.

Those averages are usually not going to representative of the types of people that hang out here.

I don't know what the "games sold per Xbox One" average is, but I'm pretty sure it's less than the 100+ and 3.5 TB of games that I have downloaded and installed on mine. lmao

yeahright21158d ago

@magicbeans, welp, I found the one guy who says BC is a bad thing.

Obscure_Observer1158d ago


Most likely: He found YOU! XD

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Cobra9511158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Some people who don't have access to it? You'd be hard-pressed to find negativity among those who can actually play BC games.

Z5011158d ago

I asked the same thing. Asked for links and sources, and was told to "Look it up myself"

If a a PS fan has PS3 games, he/she probably has a PS3. Thus negating the 'NEED' for BC. Like me.

MagicBeanz1158d ago

The problem is indifference is often seen as negativity by those who tout the feature.

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yeahright21159d ago

Nice piece, but I think a couple things are coming from the wrong place. For instance, you'll be hard pressed to find anyone saying BC is a bad thing. Most say some combination of it's not necessary, barely used or are indifferent towards it.
I agree that it's very consumer friendly, and MS deserves praise for it. But I think the negativity is more born from those over hyping it like it's a huge system seller or used all the time by everyone. It's a cool feature but not the second coming some make it out to be. I think that attitude is just more a way to say "we got something you don't have." to Sony fanboys and the reaction to that, the "it's really not that big a deal", is what is perceived as negativity towards BC.
Lastly, the argument of the old games' sales skyrocket when they become BC, is nice but it does kinda take the teeth out of the "you have pay for BC on PS Now." line. PS Now was never meant to be an answer for BC, Sony just bungled it and it's a near worthless feature.
All in all, my opinion is that BC is a great feature and a feather in the cap of MS. It probably would have had a far bigger impact at the start of this gen, but hey, better late than never.

Obscure_Observer1159d ago


The negativity comes from fanboys that defends or endorses Ryan´s claims about backwards compatibility games. The arrogant bastard sh!ted on PS1 and PS2 games and some idiots has the balls to defend his claims goin full damage control when imo they should be demanding more for Playstation.

AspiringProGenji1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Lol calm down!

Whatever they do with BC shouldn't be affecting you. Go play your old games on your console. We don't care! And personally I still have my PS3, so whatever they do is out of my concern really... Other may have theirs to, so this is not a priority. Seems like you and others are mad that we aren't bashing Sony for some niche feature... If we cared we would, but we don't.

"The arrogant bastard sh!ted on PS1 and PS2 games and some idiots has the balls to defend his claims goin full damage control when imo they should be demanding more for Playstation."

It's ironic that you are tellling us we should demand more than we have. Shouldn't you be demanding more exclusives isntead of hyping up a feature not half the install base even use?

Obscure_Observer1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )


"Whatever they do with BC shouldn't be affecting you. Go play your old games on your console."

You don´t know nothing about me! I´m an old a proud playstation owner since the launch of the original Playstation all the way to the PS4 (with the exception of the Pro) and the original Gran Turismo is the very reason why i´m am a racing lover.

To see a SONY EXECUTIVE talking sh!t about SONY PLAYSTATION PRODUCTS and personally the original Gran Turismo really pisses me off! I´m even more pissed with the fact that he´ll get away it without giving any apology to PS fans and no punishment just like Mattrick did.

"It's ironic that you are tellling us we should demand more than we have. Shouldn't you be demanding more exclusives isntead of hyping up a feature not half the install base even use?"

I don´t care about your fanboy crap. N4G has among their members real playstation fans who has the balls to call out Sony when they fuk up! And Jim Ryans statements don´t reflect the Playstation gamers sentiments about old PS games.

rainslacker1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Except Ryans claim seems to be accurate, or at least much closer to the truth than MS implies with their numbers. The topic was if it's a widely used feature. It got changed to something else in true console war fashion, and it's those other things which you are basing your arguments on in an effort to make Sony, and it's fan look bad.

You barely even talked about if it's a widely used feature.

I actually did take notice of some of his claims of past gen games, and even took some issue with it(although I don't disagree with him outright because I understand the point he was trying to make, but that comment was largely ignored in this discussion, and overall, really is irrelevant to the number of people who use BC in any fashion, or with any regularity.

On Gran Turismo one. I love the game. It was awesome. But have you played it in recent years? It looks like crap, although not so much that it's hard to watch(like original FF7 for instance), and in comparison to newer racing games, it even plays poorly. It was a great game of it's time, but not every old game stands up to the test of time. Gran Turismo 4 OTOH is still great. Maybe not as good as more recent GT games in some regards, but IMO, still the best GT game overall.

I do find it ironic you say you don't care about the fan boy crap though given our discussion of if Phil Spencer is a hypocrite in PM's the past couple days, where you did nothing but defend MS/Spencer relentlessly in the face of me posing an actual example of his hypocrisy, claiming I had to give you another reference when I had already done so in the comment you yourself quoted in your reply to me. Saying how I'm some Sony fan boy because I won't provide you with more even though I know you won't even acknowledge anything I provide, and will ignore with every fiber of your being, or ask me for more proof or spin it into something else entirely.

It's hard to take you seriously when you say you are a PS fan, when you can do nothing but criticize them, and even call them out on any past mistake they may have made in order to make MS or Xbox look better in comparison, even when Sony wasn't the topic of discussion.

So maybe best stop trying to convince everyone you are this huge PS fan, because while it's easy to become jaded, that doesn't usually mean one resorts to constant attacks on the company or it's fan base, and the only people who typically bring up their long lived love of the brand only when it's in the face of being called a troll, are the trolls themselves, as if it makes them more credible.

rainslacker1159d ago

Hell, I'm a Sony fan, often accused of being a fan boy or MS troll, but I will defend MS against fan boy attacks where I feel they are being unjustly criticized, or people are making up crap to attack them. You don't even do that for Sony, because you care more about making Sony and it's fans look bad, rather than trying to keep things in perspective and bring some semblance of reason to the discussion. You seem happier in Xbox fan boy pow wows were everyone agrees with you on how bad Sony is, or how great MS is, than you are in any other Sony discsussion, even when the Sony discussion isn't of any worth to the console war.

King_Lothric1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

The thing is that playstation gamers demand more new and exclusive games and they get them while Xbox gamers demand for BC. You cannot judge PS gamers for rather having new exclusive games. If Xbox gamers believe BC deserve more attention than new games well that's your problem and you cannot force PlayStation to follow.

yeahright21158d ago

@aspiring, He's partially right though. Some of the negativity comes from that sure. But Ryan did take a big 'ol dump on ps1 and ps2 games. And on principle I'll say that's wrong, whether it be someone Sony, MS, or Nintendo or even steam. Now saying a game didn't age well, or was bad is one thing but he was clearly saying you shouldn't want to play ps1 and ps 2 games.

Obscure_Observer1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )


Well, i´ll try and summarise everything you said about me and my behavior on N4G above.

About Ryam:

"You barely even talked about if it's a widely used feature."

I don´t need to try and analise data since i´m not a shareholder or executive on both Sony or Microsoft. I see things in a gamer perspective so, to me, all this "it´s not a widely used feature" is fabricated BS! Since they are on top, charging us for "backwards compatibility" via PS Now and remasters, what would be reason for them to ditch all of it while make no money at all out of it, just to give us free backwards compatibility out of the kindness of their hearts? THAT would be foolish from any bussiness perspective. You don´t need to be a genius to realise that.

On Gran Turismo:

The fact that you think Gran Turismo LOOK outdated visually has nothing to do with the act of criticize gamers who still wants to PLAY IT. Ryan questioned WHY anyone would want to PLAY old PS1 and PS2. You can´t spin this.

About Spencer:

I just think Spencer as victim of fanboys and ungrateful punks. As i know you don´t have the courage to say to him what you think about him on twitter or any official channel but you rather do it here on Xbox related topics while i do know he wouldn´t shy away for taking any criticism or offence from you like a boss. That´s why i respect him. I really don´t know what you expect to achieve making demands for more support for Xbox One HERE but, to each his own, i guess. Plus, i´m a Xbox 360 owner and i know for a FACT that Xbox One under Phil´s management is better than the Xbox One under Mattrick´s and his tv tv and drm/always online crap. I know that for an INSIDE perspective unlike you that has brough your first Xbox recently and made an opnion based on others opnions regarding Xbox.

I don´t need to prove to anyone that i´m no more of a Xbox fan that i´m a Sony and Nintendo fan. I don´t care about brands, i don´t care about their politics, i care for people working hard to make these big companies better and more gamer friendly everyday.

That´s why i like Phil. That´s why i like Yoshida. That´s why i like Myamoto and Tatsumi Kimishima which allowed the Switch to be region-free.

I don´t like Greenberg and Penello and their hyperbolic PR BS. I don´t like Ryan and House, and i never liked Satoru Iwata (R.I.P)

Do you want to see me sing praise for Sony? Take a look at my past comments then you will see why i think they deserve and should continue to be on top this generation.

That said, i´ll not try and defend Microsoft for each and every decision they make (also on my past comments) if have to go hard on them i will. I will not try and sugarcoat their BS. Same goes for Nintendo.

I just think that these companies when on top, tends to give gamers the middle finger. ALL of them did it! And since Nintendo is still recovering from Wii U´s failure, i do want Microsoft to be successful to give Sony fair competition and keep them in check.

You hate the Scorpio, but when the time comes, i´ll remind you HOW the Scorpio will be the one console to help Sony and third party devs to give BETTER support for the Pro. Because THAT´s what healthy competiton is about. You can thank Microsoft later. ;)

rainslacker1158d ago

"I don´t need to try and analise data since i´m not a shareholder"

OK, that's fine, but that's the topic of all these articles, and what was brought up by ars and Ryan. As I said, "It got changed into something else in true console war fashion".


I agree, which is why I said I took some issue with that part of his statements, but at the same time, understood the other point he was trying to make about BC not being a widely used feature because a lot of people don't want to go back and play games like that.

About Spencer

Yeah, poor Spencer. If he wants to engage the community and constantly make comments about the state of the Xbox, different features, etc, and wants to talk about these topics the way he does, then he is going to open himself up to criticism every time he makes a statement. If he can't take the heat, then he should stop.

But Spencer is a big boy. He can take the heat. It's the xbox fan boys who can't accept any criticism thrown at Spencer. The criticism towards Spencer is just forum discussion. Unless it actually has some effect positive or negative towards the Xbox or the industry, then there is no reason to concern yourself with anyone who has an opinion. If it actually does affect then there is probably something substantial there, or potentially some scandal as things nowadays can go sideways fast.

I agree that you don't need to prove anything, but it doesn't make your argument valid by saying that you have been a PS fan for 20 odd years, when you behave in such an irrational and idiotic matter, and act much more like a MS fan boy than any kind of Sony fan. Fans offer up constructive criticsm, not rampant hate and a constant barrage of hate towards the company and it's fans. Real fans can be upset over things that happen from the company, and still not act like the company killed their new puppy.

No, you don't have to sing any praises for Sony. You are free to your opinion, I'm just saying that trying to validate your point by saying you are a Sony fan is utterly stupid. I own an Xbox, but readily admit I'm not a fan. 9 out of 10 times I say I own an Xbox are because I'm stressing my disappointment with how I was brought in while MS was doing good, only for them to go to where they are now since QB released.

I don't hate the Scorpio. I think it's a nice piece of kit, and I have had hands on experience with the dev kit, and make tools for it. Nothing wrong with the Scorpio at all.

But Scorpio won't do what you say. That will come as a matter of course regardless, and Scorpio won't get significantly more improvements within a time frame that really makes that much difference in the larger picture. I have a PS4P. I know what to expect in terms of support from Scorpio. I know developers. I know publishers. I know that they aren't going to expend significant resources for what is a rather small market which isn't really demanding that much in the improvement sector. It's just a more powerful version of the stock consoles this gen, and that's how it's looked at. Not as some key to delivering the most amazing experiences ever that wasn't possible before.

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Zeldafan641159d ago

BC has been a great feature for me on the Wii U as I still have a few Wii games I haven't played yet. It would've been great if Switch could play 3ds games but I'm not upset about it.

yeahright21158d ago

It was a god send for me. I missed 4 games that I really wanted to play but didn't have a wii. Fire emblem, last story, Pandora's tower and xenoblade. Thanks to my Wii U, I got them all.

343_Guilty_Spark1159d ago

Hard're new here aren't you?

yeahright21158d ago

Point some out. Find me some quotes where people say BC is a bad thing.

Nyxus1159d ago

I haven't seen much negativity to be honest. The discussion was more about how big of a deal it is, everyone can agree that it's a good feature to have.

Death1159d ago

I wish that were true, but some people are under the belief you can either play old or you can play new. They haven't grasped the fact that you can do both. If there are literally hundreds more at your disposal and at a more budget friendly price point and you don't need to leave your couch, it's possible you will buy and play more games.

The other often ignored benefit of b/c on the Xbox One is you have twice the amount of free games every month if you are a Live subscriber than you would if b/c didn't exist.

Zeldafan641159d ago

It's weird that not all 360 games are BC. The Wii U plays ALL Wii games, no exceptions.

Death1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

I thought the Wiiu has been an incredibly under rated console with a great library of must have games. I've had one in my household since launch and it gets the most use from my family. With that said, the actual difference between the Wii and the Wiiu is less than the difference we have seen with the mid-gen upgrades today. It would be shocking if it wasn't 100% compatible.

aconnellan1159d ago


They have to get the publishers' go ahead first, so in some cases a publisher might decline, or there might be licensing issues, etc

rainslacker1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Some people sure. That's typical of the internet. You can find some people that will broach a topic from every angle imaginable if a discussion goes on long enough.

But I've seen a lot of people assert that Sony fans are actively negative towards the idea of BC, or that they actually have no desire for the feature due to console war alligences, when all I've seen is most just saying that it's a great feature to have, but for the most part, it's really that big a factor to them, or the general market, when it comes to a consoles worth.

Anyhow, with E3 kicking off with MS conference on Sunday, hopefully this will just go away for a while as more important things come which games we'll be looking forward to, and the console war can go to being about which console has the better games again. Balance must be restored, because I think people are getting bored without any new hype incoming since the last major reveal back at PSX last year.

Why o why1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )


Save your energy man. . This ship has sailed. . Sony fans are villains because a large number of them agreed with the stats from someone who cared to analyse the data.

Now. . You can say it's better to have than not to until you're blue in the face and it'll be ignored because you're not condemning what was stated are pleading or campaigning for a feature you may not care for. No grey area just love or hate, black or white.

I look at all of these phonies putting so much energy into this topic yet are nowhere near as passionate or active when it comes to the lack of current gen internal support or consistency on their preferred system. You don't even have to wonder why. You ask them what's more important to them. . Sony's lack of bc or their lack of games and you'll draw a blank or some next deflect. I'm not even trying to sidestep the point of the discussion, just highlighting the validity of the energy used on it by many.

I'll state again, I would prefer to have than not have and will never downplay it for the sake of it but as an individual and from the data it seems it's way more important for some than others. Ps now is a cash grab as there's no kickbacks for those who own the originals BUT I do understand the architectures between the 3 and 4 have made bc harder to achieve compared to the 360 to 1 which share similar architectures. Not an excuse, just a valid reason.

Oh yeah

'Demand more'. . . Yeah. . Like Sony are slacking hard out here. . They really need to fix up to stay in the game😏

Death1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )


Power PC to x86 is difficult for both Sony and Microsoft. No doubt it would be a hard task, but it's even harder if you have no interest in trying. Instead of being honest though, Sony downplays the demand telling it's customers they know they want it, but they wouldn't use it because they don't feel PlayStation fans want to play old games. I don't agree with this philosophy, but I would respect it if it weren't for the fact Sony spent $380 million to stream old games to the PS4. In my opinion anything they say about b/c should be ignored since they aren't honest about the demand to play older games.

Sony fans aren't villains because they don't want b/c or agree with what Sony says. Some actually don't want it and there are those that are simply biased about anything Microsoft does and in some cases easily manipulated. Some would rather side with the corporation than side with gamers. Look at how many people claim to be happy they can't play an UHDBR in their console because they feel it would take away from gaming. They claim PS4 is only focused on games and watching a movie would take away from it. Now watch as they ignore the fact Sony released PSVue, a pay service that transforms your console into a cable box.

If games are your sole deciding factor, then the only thing that should determine what platform you feel is best should be the games you own. The 7.5 games we all have should be the ammo used to defend our choices, using the 1600+ we don't seems silly at best. I understand Sony has more games, it makes sense since Sony sells in so many places Xbox doesn't have a chance. Sony is the uncontested global leader in sales, but that doesn't make them the best choice for everyone. At the end of the day those 7.5 games we choose is the biggest deciding factor.

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AspiringProGenji1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Twisting ours words because we have been saying we don't care and we are not boytcotting Sony for some Twitter comment... Pathetic! I still have my PS3 so whether they bring BC to PS4 or not I don't care.

That is not to say I don't agree that it is not great. It just what it is. I'm too busy playing new games and looking foward to more this E3 to care. They said that the Cell processor was the issue wasn't it? I would wait for the PS5 to see if that was just an excuse, considering they would go with AMD for the next processor. It may be too late to start researching ways for BC on PS4 if this gen is gonna be shorter btw. They should keep focus on delivering 1st party content like they are

BC isn't even a topic on the PS Blog. Let's stop pretending everyone is desperate for it. It is something we would welcome, but not something we are begging or yelling for atm

Kiwi661159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Yet even some Sony execs have said its a much requested feature so that must mean that people are asking for it despite what is said on here

AspiringProGenji1159d ago

Yeah but that is not a big group regardless

Kiwi661159d ago

Regardless if its a small group or big group that doesn't change the fact that it is being asked for by ps owners

rainslacker1159d ago


It is being asked for. Almost every feature imaginable is asked for. And BC is the most requested feature, likely because it's the most game related feature there is, and the hardcore gamers who request features on forums tend to actually want the feature.

But the topic brought up was just how many people use the feature, and by extension, was it a feature worth investing in from a business perspective.

yeahright21158d ago

One thing I will definitely give Sony is that they said from the start, no BC. To me that meant, keep your PS3. So I did, along with my 360, 1 because MS said the same at first and 2 because I got the really cool R2D2 themed one.

But I will say this, if a hypothetical choice was given to me of either getting BC or Sony developing Horizon zero dawn, I'd pick Horizon knowing how that game turned out.

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Major_Glitch1158d ago

BC is a nice feature, but it doesn't sell systems, and it doesn't excuse a poor lineup or total lack of exclusives.

Tetsujin1159d ago

I'd welcome it as a PS4 owner. Am I going to downplay it? No. Will I downplay those who act like it's the "End all" to gaming? Yes.

The bigger issue isn't so much as the feature itself, it's the fan base and the reaction(s) regarding it.

aconnellan1159d ago

I haven't seen Xbox owners tout it as the 'end all' to gaming though.

Xbox fans say "wow BC is an awesome feature", and PS fans reply with "lol calm down it's only cause you have no games, it's not the end all to gaming"

JasonKCK1158d ago

aconnellan, your comment should go to the top.

omegaheat1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

aconnellan, that was a very true comment. I know that people don't like to be called out when they're wrong, but I've actually seen similar comments like that coming from PS4 owners. It's weird how so many journalists are trying so hard to deter gamers from owning an Xbox as we get closer to E3. This whole downplay of the free BC feature is pathetic. I actually want both consoles to sell very well so that the gaming industry keeps evolving. Why would anyone want the market to shrink? PS4 alone could never return profit for every game. I sure hope one day there really is a Netflix like gaming service. The fact that Game Pass doesn't require streaming is huge. Maybe Game Pass' success will cause Sony to offer a similar feature. See, no hate.

BloodyBorne1159d ago

Article isn't being very honest. Nobody is negative towards it. Its a good feature. It just doesnt sell consoles.

starchild1159d ago

It helps sell consoles. How can you say otherwise? Let me guess...because the PS4 doesn't have backwards compatibility and it is outselling the Xbox One right? That's the excuse you were going to use, am I right? Well, the problem with that is we don't know exactly how many people were encouraged to buy an Xbox One partially due to its backwards compatibility. And it's entirely possible that BC is helping sell Xbox One and that sales would be lower without it. There are a lot of factors that contribute to how well a console sells.

In any case, having backwards compatibility in my platforms is important to me and I don't really care how much it helps sell the platform or how many other people use it. You can go back over the past 9 or 10 years and see that I have always praised backwards compatibility in my PC and my original fat PS3. I despise the fact that some people are trying hard to downplay it now.

BloodyBorne1159d ago

WiiU had full backwards compatibility. How did it sell?
PS3 had bc when it first launched. It sold better after bc was taken away.

BC isn't helping XboxOne sell better. Data has shown this.

Again, no one is saying bc is bad. It's good...but it isn't a driving force for sales. Deny it all you want, but numbers don't lie.

meka26111159d ago

It sold better because they didn't break and were cheaper when they removed BC on ps3, not because of no BC.

BloodyBorne1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

Which is what I stated in another comment, and u just confirmed.. Pricing is one of the biggest selling factors. Not bc.

JasonKCK1158d ago

No, you're not being very honest.