CD Projekt Red's Recent Statement Could Be Clever Cyberpunk 2077 Marketing In Disguise

The Polish developer's recent Twitter post regarding the theft of stolen assets could be a clever marketing campaign in disguise.

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DxTrixterz495d ago (Edited 495d ago )

I've read somewhere that this is not marketing case. They are actually prosecuting whoever did this . It don't think they would go this far for marketing purposes.

wirapuru495d ago

At the risk of being too naive myself, if it were EA or Ubisoft I would give this speculation some thought - but not CDPR, not them.

Blu3_Berry495d ago

I think CD Project Red is a bit better than that. You think that maybe Ubisoft would do this with their so called "leaks" or someone like EA, but I can't really imagine CD Project Red to do this kind of thing. It's clever, but a dirty trick and CDPR isn't the type to do this type of marketing scheme.

annoyedgamer495d ago

Nah, EA and Ubisoft are shady enough to do that but not good guy CD Project Red.

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