The 15 best Revolver Ocelot quotes

MGI: "Ocelot is without a doubt one of the most important and cherished characters in the Metal Gear series, making an appearance in nearly every installment. You never know for sure what he’s up to, and manipulating people into doing his bidding is his expertise. There’s always some greater plan going on behind the scenes that only Ocelot (and sometimes his closest allies) are aware of, as he helps steer the events in the right direction with cold blooded confidence and composure. Here are some of his most memorable, best or most entertaining quotes."

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Nu587d ago

I didn't really like his design in MGSV. Seemed a little week and not cold blooded.

Nyxus587d ago

Weak? Wouldn't say that. He doesn't come across as weak. But yes, he was different in MGSV because he played a different role.

naruga587d ago

MEOWWW.....and ocelot unit appears - best quote in the entire series -shows the exact nature of MGS headed by Kojima

Name Last Name587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

He is portraying his real self in MGSV. He then becomes a cold blooded triple agent for the sake of Big Boss.

Evolve587d ago

One of my favorite characters in video games.

generic-user-name587d ago

He had so much more personality pre-MGSV.

587d ago
TheOttomatic91587d ago

I go back to his final "your pretty good" *sniff* man the feels are coming back to me.

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