US PlayStation Store Days of Play Sale Offers Up To 50% Off On NiOh, Horizon Zero Dawn, More

US PSN is having a major Days of Play sale this week. This sale will run starting today June 9th till June 16th.

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Resis7ance1509d ago

PS Europe running the same sale.

GamesMaster19821509d ago

And its a joke of a sale here in the UK.

Toiletsteak1509d ago

It really is. Most games in the list that I'm interested in are cheaper to buy physical.

mark_parch1509d ago

there's no point in buying digital now anyway after recent comments. if i can't carry my digital library onto ps5 then i will stick with physical copies

Ceaser98573611508d ago

just got the PS PLUS 1 year membership... Extended it to 9th Sep 2018... Will get Nioh... Damn! my pocket... so far got Lost legacy, hellblade, 1 year 3 months ps plus ... gotto cut down my food intake..

1508d ago
MrFisher211509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Loving this sale. In the end I paid 25 for both Horizon Dawn and Uncharted 4. 10 dollar off card. And I share my Primary with a buddy, he splits anything I buy 50/50. Best part is, all 217 games we have split I have downloaded on MY name. Lol.

cfc831509d ago

UK store prices have actually been good for sales. HZD for 29.99 is very useful. Got to remember we pay VAT.

RommyReigns1508d ago

£25 at Argos (but not free delivery), or £27 at ShopTo with sackboy keyring and card set which sell for £10+ on ebay (plus ShopTo first class delivery is free)

cfc831508d ago

I prefer digital. I understand why you maybe prefer physical. Going the extra distance to save a few quid isn't really my thing.

Yi-Long1509d ago

Yeah, the EU sale is really ridiculous. You see the USA getting DS4 controllers for 40 bucks, and in Holland they're 'on sale’ for 48 Euro(!).

Most games 'on sale' in the PS Store have been much cheaper before in digital sales, as well as physical.

If you're not going to do an actual sale, don't hype it up as such, Sony.

Yui_Suzumiya1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

I live in America but my girlfriend lives in Arnhem, Netherlands and I visited last month. Media Markt has good prices. The PS4 / Horizon bundle was cheap! I'm actually going back in September to put in for a visa so I can move next year to live with my girlfriend. Love it there and hate it here. Also, the Bart Smith website has good deals too!

Also, when we went on a canal tour in Amsterdam we saw Guerilla Games building. That was awesome :3

Aenea1508d ago

Then I have a handy tip for you when you live in the Netherlands:

It's a price comparison site just for the Netherlands, that way one can save quite a bit of money on games...

PS. It's 'Bart Smit', Dutch spelling of smith. Also Intertoys, has the same deals as Bart Smit since they are the same, all Bart Smit brick and mortar shops are being converted to Intertoys in the future.

For pre-ordering very far ahead I always use, an Amazon like webshop, they aren't usually the cheapest but they only want you to pay after you received your items. Excellent for pre-ordering new hardware for instance or for games you aren't sure yet if you keep the pre-order. Sometimes I cancel the pre-order right before it releases and go with a cheaper option. Excellent shop tho, order before 11pm on a weekday (or Sunday), receive it the next day, they also deliver on Sunday for €1.99 extra, it's a hassle free shop, excellent customer support, easy return policy, but not the cheapest (still cheaper than digital tho)...

Aenea1508d ago

How the heck can I get a disagree when I'm helping someone with info?

Do I have an anti-fan or something?

Yui_Suzumiya1507d ago

Thanks for the tips! Before I move I'll be selling everything I own and buying everything new out there so this was some good information I'll need!

monkey6021509d ago

Have to say I'm disappointed. So much build up. The games are cheaper in physical form at the moment

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