How Will Sony Compete With Project Scorpio At E3 2017?

Microsoft will be showcasing Project Scorpio at E3, but here's what Sony needs to do in order to compete with the new, more powerful Xbox console.

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chrisx2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Project scorpio is no threat to sony. The Ps4 is on top of the food chain this gen and come e3 the games displayed will do the talking

Bigpappy2116d ago

Sony can still lose North America. It's very important to them

Goldby2116d ago

but they wont.

all MS has is a new box.

Where are all of MS games? anything new? like F*. they are sending scorpions to journalists in the uk. showing off the chip form the scorpio at the airport. why not try filling up your cup with water before getting everyone to drink out of it

darthv722116d ago

Just got to be patient goldby. MS has been quiet on the gaming front long enough so Sunday could be the day the flood alarm sounds and the gates open.

Or not. Just have to wait and see.

thekhurg2116d ago

Only if they stop putting PS4 on store shelves. Otherwise no they can't lose North America

dedicatedtogamers2116d ago

The correct question is "how will Scorpio help Microsoft compete with Sony?" seeing how Microsoft is getting trounced worldwide.

The article title implies that Scorpio is a foregone success, something so massive that Sony NEEDS to compete with it, and that's simply not the case.

Elda2116d ago

It will NEVER happen...never.

JackBNimble2116d ago

The question should be
"how is Scorpio going to compete with all of the extreme hype once it's released?"
I am pretty sure that Scorpio isn't going to be much of a game changer.

darthv722116d ago

@dedicated... well lets just say scorpio could be the xb1 that people were wanting from the beginning.

So those who were saying it needed to be more powerful than ps4 will have no excuse to ignore it. And if its a hit.... then neither will developers.

If you build it, they will come.

its_JEFF2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Sony could totally lose the NA, currently they stand at 17 Mill vs 16 Mill. Worldwide sales of PS4 is currently @ 60 Mill. Its important but in the grand scheme to things it's just a portion of the total sales of PS4. Of course there are people who only care about the US sales and believe that those sales are the most important... I personally don't buy into that line of thinking.

Also... compete? In terms of what? Power? No, they won't be able to. Games, you're bet your ass. Let's not forget that we buy these consoles for games. I find this line of thinking funny, do you think because the Pro is weaker compared to the Scorpio that a massive shift is all of a sudden happen? Gamers a like any other consumer, they ultimately buy into the ecosystem and where their friends are... if that shifts then I could see it happening, maybe.

trooper_2116d ago

No they won't.
Also, the world is just as important.

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Channel-Live2116d ago

I trust Phil Spencer. I think they have a rabbit in the hat that will blow people away. They publicly announced that they boosted the Scorpio w/ 9 GB of RAM instead of the original 8, so who knows what else they have hidden. They might announce exclusives for the console and show you exactly what you'll experience with it

Bruh2116d ago


Microsoft has a ton of catching up to do behind Sony's 3 new games this year...not like they're not having FM7 or Sea of Thieves or Crackdown coming or State of Decay 2

Armyntt2116d ago

Why do you or anyone care how many boxes of whatever console sells? As long as it continues to be sold and has games to play on it(exclusive or not is irrelevant) but has games u should be happy. U chart thumpers are lame.

its_JEFF2116d ago

@channel-live "might" announce exclusive... I mean, don't they have to? I'm guessing their big surprises will be games and price. IDK what else it could be, a hidden 2nd GPU? Better CPU? Purchase of Nintendo?

rainslacker2116d ago


Do you believe that people were waiting in droves for this to happen, when there was no real reason to believe such a thing would happen since before last year?

No, people don't wait it out, they either dived into what MS had, or just went with PS because it offered more of what they wanted....which in this case would have been power.

What makes anyone believe that MS is worth waiting for? MS is far from the master of the console industry. They're just another player, and loyalty only goes so far when it comes to gamers. What should have been wasn't, and this mid-gen band aid to satisfy the niche only satisfies the niche. It won't change the course of the current gen at this point.

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darthv722116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

If the rumors are true... the ps4 games shown will be mostly 3rd party. We have seen sonys games before, god of war, days gone, spiderman... etc. They will have new footage but been there... done that.

MS may have some surprises, and they might not. Wont know until Sunday.

Now if sony announce bc then it will shut down the xbox gamers (myself included) over that argument.

black0o2116d ago

Ps3 uses the Cell while Ps4 has a APU so ... impossible

2116d ago
Imalwaysright2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )


There aren't many PS fans around here. If those people you're talking about were PS fans they would want the PS4 to be better and the PS4 would be better if it had BC wouldn't it? Would you argue otherwise?

ocelot072116d ago


More features is always good. But 1 features does not make or break a console. The PS4 is has been fine for almost 4 years and will continue to be fine for the next few years. For the PS4 to get better and better is for Sony to keep on releasing new games. Not spend a tone of money getting old games running on a PS4.

LexHazard792116d ago

Funny cause MS did the impossible too..

Bigpappy2116d ago

PS gamers never never want anything they don't have until they get it. Then it becomes the greatest thing ever and better than anything before or after.

Aenea2116d ago

All MS their first party games are already known, they can only show 3rd party games.

Sony may have some surprises, and they might not, we won't know until Monday...

Silly isn't it?

darthv722116d ago

@arena, not silly at all. Yes we have to wait for monday. But we dont know what ms has been working on unlike what we know of sony (mostly).

Imalwaysright2116d ago


The hell are you talking about? Who said anything about making or breaking the PS4? All I said is that the PS4 would be a better console if it had BC. Would you argue otherwise?

darthv722116d ago

I agree that ps4 having bc would only add more value to it. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just... crazy.

Obscure_Observer2116d ago


"All MS their first party games are already known, they can only show 3rd party games. "

Are you sure? MS hasn´t many third party marketing deals as Sony does, so, aside from AC, a new Elder Scrolls and maybe Cyberpunk 2077 what else is there to show?

Also if (BIG IF) Sakaguchi-San reveal a new jrpg exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10, there will be floods of tears.

leeeroythe3rd2116d ago

Sonys line up has been shown for well into 2018 which isnt a bad thing. Sony has a real good pacing of the AAA releases thus far... not too much that you cant play everything but solid titles during each quarter.

Why o why2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

@ I'A'R No doubt, any feature that increases the library is an improvement, that's a given. I just think its being used as some mighty gen defining beating stick by some of the same people who refused to turn that stick on MS for actual current games. Wouldn't actual current support improve the current gen console more than BC...a loaded question I know. How was bc even mentioned when E3 is about new games. IF the types I mentioned actually focused on the deficiencies of both houses then it wouldn't catch my eye but when you see hypocrites stating things like 'PS gamers never never want anything they don't have until they get it.'.... You have to laugh at the irony and blinkered 'always on' - fanboyism

Imalwaysright2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Why o why

If you look at my comments from around when PS4 was announced I was vocal about my disappointment that the PS4 wouldn't have BC because I NEVER sold any of my games. I Still have all my PS1, PS2 and PS3 discs. This was before MS introducing BC on the X1.

Many people around here let this stupid "war" get in the way of their best interests as GAMERS. When people downplay BC they're only giving Sony another reason to not add BC to the PS5. What kind of gamer says no to more games? What gamer wouldn't think that having BC only adds more value to their console? What kind of gamer says that BC isn't important because Sony is outselling their competition? Are we gamers or are we shareholders? When I see people downplaying BC I don't see gamers and I sure as hell don't see PS fans, I see corporate apologists that only say no because Sony says no.

"Wouldn't actual current support improve the current gen console more than BC" Since when isn't MS supporting the X1 with current gen games? Are you by any chance confusing MS and the X1 with Sony and the Vita? Personally I'm excited for State of Decay 2 and Cuphead is one of those games that have me throwing my money at the screen.

aftershock2116d ago

That's all you have to cling to is backwards compatibility. You'd rather play games from Microsofts glory days because they don't have shit now. Sony doesn't need backwards compatibility because they put out AAA games

MrSec842116d ago

Actually Sony has a tonne of development resources which are still yet to announce what they've been working on, despite having marketing partnerships with all of the biggest Fall titles Sony's own confirmed list of exclusives is larger.
I'm not sure how you can say you've been there and done that in the same sentence as one where you're saying major games will get never before seen gameplay, story and character details, likely a slew of release dates too, you're not making any sense there.

I'm sure you'd be saying new footage of Crackdown 3, State of Decay, Forza 7, Sea of Thieves, Cuphead and Below will be monumentally, amazing events, same goes for Scorpio, despite the fact already know it exists and the specs.

MS's developer resources pale in comparison to any other major publisher's, they've basically announced all but maybe 343's next game, Rare's 2 other titles in incubation, maybe Deck 13's new game, possibly Studio Gobo's title, unless MS are going to do another bunch of announcements that aren't going release again and they do either title shots or CG announcements you're probably not getting more than a new IP from 343, which would be one exciting thing, the rest are known prospects.
Sony are in a position where they will have 8 known exclusive AAA titles, which are likely releasing in the next 9 to 12 months, so there will have to be new gameplay, details and release dates for 7 of those, but they also have over a dozen other unknown things from AAA developers that have been in the works for a few years.
We don't know everything coming in 2018 and we likely know very little of their 2019 lineup, if the generation is stretching into 2020 we have no idea what's coming that far out, besides educated guesses.

At the least Sucker Punch, From Software and few other devs are nigh on certain to reveal new exclusives for PS4, but most of Sony's conference will be taken up by Days Gone, Spidey, God of War, Detroit, Knack 2, GT Sport and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, also considering ND said we'd get details in the coming months after PSX 2016 The Last of Us Part 2 will almost certainly get it's first vertical slice of gameplay.

Sevir2116d ago

I got my PS4 to play PS4 games... once I got it I stopped playing PS3 games. There were 4 remasters that I have bought to experience in cleaner resolutions... And that's because they were enhanced by the system's capabilities.

If people are spending more time playing XB360 games on XBO then it means what's on offer isn't compelling enough, which begs to question. Are XBO gamers that starved for XBO games? Don't tell me you're ready to run out and buy a Scorpio for XB360 games?

Why o why2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )


Stop playing. . You know I mean Xbox. .lol

In regards to support. . . .there's support and then there's support. . .

Yes. . I've never seen you downplay exclusives (this year at least;) or their worth so I won't label that at your door but some of your comrades seem way too concerned about bc when they should be wondering why their cg games are so few and far between. . It's not even something you can flick a switch to fix either, like a diamond it takes time and pressure that it seems some don't like applying. I understand what you're saying about giving Sony a false impression or encouraging them to pull another cash grab on us next gen but they'd have less excuse as the architectures won't be as contrasting as they were between the 3 and the current 4 and lower costs/price was one of the catalysts that got the 4 to where it is today.

I'll be well pissed if I couldn't play this gens games on the 5 as I don't think the jump will be as big as it was in the previous gens. . . I'm kinda snobbish so I didn't use it much at all.

Again. . An option is better than none in regards to bc but more is better than very little in regards to output. . Pick your poison or each put pressure on the manufacturers instead of us being apologists for them. . . Personally bc isn't anywhere as important to me as solid current gen support. That's me though. . Some may put that lower on their priorities list. . Each to their own

Sevir2116d ago

I gotta laugh at the fact that you mention god of war, days gone, Spider-Man so dismissively but then convenienty ignore State of Decay 2, Crackdown 3 (which was announce 2 years ago), Sea of Thieves, and Forza 7 as if none of them are known quantities and expected debuts? And then down play 3rr party games as if you won't be playing these big 3rd party releases on the Scorpio you're rushing out to by? How ironic that the same logic you leveled at Sony about its known quanties can be applied vigorously to everything you defend and exclude MS from in your arguement? Typical of you to move the goal posts!

As if to say Sony is going to take their 60-90 minute show to focus on games they already announced 2-3 shows ago? 😭😂 you crack me up

Aenea2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

"But we dont know what ms has been working on unlike what we know of sony (mostly)."

Oh please, forgotten about the past 2 E3's already huh? You telling me Sony didn't have any surprises then? You think suddenly this time they will have nothing?

Don't be silly and say silly crap like you just did which is just fanboy wishful thinking....

We don't know what either of them has in store for us! Exciting times for everyone!


I was mirroring darth's silly post, it wasn't meant to be taken seriously!

Imalwaysright2115d ago

@ Why oh Why

"Stop playing. . You know I mean Xbox. .lol"

Don't have one and have no intention of buying one. I'll play Cuphead and State of decay on my PC. I appreciate the fact that MS is supporting my platform of choice.

Comrades? What the hell are you talking about? Who are these comrades of mine?

Downplaying exclusives? Why would I do that? Hell, my favorite games of this generation are exclusives: Zelda and Persona. 2 games that I consider to be masterpieces.

As for MS they do support their platform, so does Nintendo and so does Sony when we're talking about the PS4. The only company I see here that isn't supporting one of their platforms is Sony yet people around here don't say a word about it and like to pretend that MS isn't supporting their platform. Quite hypocritical if you ask me.

Why o why2115d ago

All tongue in cheek I A R its just vidoe games and opinions on them
Rightly or wrongly many people on n4g view you as an xbox owner/ms sympathiser therefore your comerades are obviously xbox/ms fanboys...

why would you downplay games. ...I said you haven't been but that isn't the norm for many on've been here long enough to understand that. When i said support twice Im blatantly talking about ps4 vs Xb1 games support and thats in regards to output, not even sure what vita had to do with it at all but you forgot kinect support since reaching is the call of the day. There's obviously levels of support and I didnt say they didnt support at all so Im not sure where you're going. If you checked the output of both consoles released the same time you'll see a stark difference which you may not of been aware of since you don't own one.

I agreed with more games being better but we obviously disagree on what constitutes as support so lets just leave it at that and keep it moving aey.

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TheCommentator2116d ago

The games MS brings to E3 will be the threat to Sony. The fact that they will all look so much better is just icing on the cake.

Goldby2116d ago

how will a console that does 4k gaming be so much better than a console that does 4k gaming?

Aenea2116d ago

And when it turns out you need to closely analyse the output of each to see the differences, how will that make you feel?

Elda2116d ago far XBO games look boring,boring games in 4k...that's nice.

LamerTamer2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

Because one doesn't do native 4K as much as the other will and Scorpio will also do other things like enhanced effects, textures, and frame rate etc.

JackBNimble2116d ago

I can't wait for side by side comparisons then maybe some of you will realize the level of hype far exceeds the true power you xbox guys think you're going to get.

TheCommentator2116d ago

Goldby, only one console does 4K gaming. The other gets checkerboard.

Aenea, please. The differences will be there just as much as they have been with PS4/XB1, and probably more due to the efficiency of the Scorpio's design. ME: A was painfully obvious when compared side by side with a PC running 4K. If you weren't running a comparison though, nobody would care that much. Just like I didn't care my XB1 multiplats didn't look as good at PS4's in comparison. Truthfully, caring about the difference and admitting the difference is there are two entirely different things. Just admit that they are there and move on.

We'll see, Jack. We'll see real soon... ✌

Masta Kaos2116d ago

What games?? Sea of Thieves?? Crack down?? LMAO!!!!!

Goldby2116d ago

@The Commentator.
because actually researching stuff seems to be too difficult for you.
native 4K titles available right now for PlayStation 4 Pro:

FIFA 17 (some 30fps camera modes)
Hustle Kings (HDR support)
Mantis Burn Racing (HDR support)
NBA 2K17 (some 30fps camera modes)
Neon Chrome
Pro Evolution Soccer 17 (some 30fps camera modes)
Rez Infinite (Area X may be sub-4K)
Viking Squad
Wheels of Aurelia
Bound (geometry-only 4K)
Diablo 3 (dynamic scaling)
Farming Simulator 17 (wobbly frame-rate)
Smite (dynamic scaling)
Assassin's Creed: the Ezio Collection
The Last of Us Remastered (1800p60 mode also included)
The Witness (1080p60 and 1440p60 modes also included)
The Elder Scrolls Online

try again commentator.

TheCommentator2116d ago

Lol, Goldby, not one of those is AAA except perhaps the sports titles and last gen remasters, which aren't that demanding on the consoles. Is that the best you can come up with? GTFO with your BS list or come up with a better one, because your list is so bad that you included games with dynamic scaling in your "Native 4K" list.

rainslacker2116d ago

Meanwhile, Sony is confident enough in the quality of their games that they still show them on the stock PS4, because that's where the majority of their user base is. Good looks only go so far, and while I would never discount the marketing strength of a good looking game, the truth is, that if Sony does start showing games on the Pro the differences are going to be hard to discern to the average consumer. Particularly since they'll mostly be viewing this stuff through streamed internet, and very few actually go to stores to make side by side comparisons.

On top of that, Sony often has games which look better than what you'd see on a well equipped PC. MS only known games right now are CD3 and SoT. Two games which will fail to really show off the advantage of a 6TF console. Meanwhile, Sony has GOW, GT, potentially spider-man, MLB, TLOU2(a big one which even MS likely won't be able to match), the expanded UC DLC being released as a full game, and probably sucker punches new game.

MS certainly could bring some great looking game, but for the release, I don't expect there to be a ton of content which really takes advantage of the extra power. In the meantime, for those looking for power, the Pro has been out long enough that the improvements will actually have become better, and with CB, the fact it's not "true 4K" will become irrelevant outside the console war bickering space.

You're assuming a lot on the quality of games that MS will bring. The multi-plats will come to PS4, and all MS will have is they will look better on Scorpio, but not the X1 itself, which is where most of the sales will go. The exclusives MS will really have to up their game, and without GeOW or Halo this year, they have no big guns except a new untested IP which may or may not be compelling. CD3 and SoT certainly aren't going to drive system sales.

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demonicale2116d ago

So arrogant. That'll be the downfall of Sony too if they think like you.

Goldby2116d ago

lol if you think a new console from a company will be the end of sony, you have a rude awakening ahead of you.

fact sony sells 2:1 in comparison to xbox, so how is a premium console that wont sell nearly as much as its standard console (going off of ps4's history) make sony threatened by the scorpio.

all it is a box that does 4k. what else is different from the xbox one or one s?

darthv722116d ago

^only 2:1 when back in ps2 days it was like 4:1.

Seems like it should be higher than it is this time around.... doesnt it?

Obscure_Observer2116d ago


"fact sony sells 2:1 in comparison to xbox, so how is a premium console that wont sell nearly as much as its standard console (going off of ps4's history) make sony threatened by the scorpio."

Totally agree.

rainslacker2116d ago

Thanks for letting us know. I was unaware.

Yohshida2116d ago

Thats why they changed their conference last e3 and showed us days gone twice. Thats why they buy up every marketing deal. Ye, Sony not worried at all.

NatFanBoyRestricted2116d ago

Sony will show us games that aren't even going to be out for 3 years.

2116d ago
rainslacker2116d ago

While I don't think Sony should ignore any competition as it leads to complacency, right now, Sony's interest should be in growing it's own brand in the best way possible. The best way to do this is to offer a good value in the console, and have a lot of compelling content that keeps people interested in the brand. The last two E3's seem to be focusing on the content aspect, and overall, the value aspect has been high since the start of the gen, partially helped by MS who's value proposition wasn't relevant to console gaming. MS has since gotten better, and Sony should address that to some degree, but overall, the PS brand is a good value.

I think the last few years of last gen showed Sony that providing compelling content was the best way to build their brand, and they built upon that success and are continuing that into this gen. No doubt by the end of this gen, Sony will probably be firing on all cylinders with a huge amount of good will from gamers to move them into a new generation.

MS focusing on power now, and 4K, only to go into next gen saying how they were first isn't going to push them as far when the next gen comes without the content to back up that power. But if they have that content, then they don't need to focus on that power, because ultimately, the mass consumer doesn't care who was first, they care who was best, and who's best is who has the content that people actually play or are interested in. Sony is doing this now. They were doing it at the end of last gen. They did it to some degree at the start of this gen. No doubt, they'll be doing it at the end of this gen.

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Bigpappy2116d ago

I was wondering the same thing. Look forward to the surprises from Sony.

Garethvk2116d ago

As they always do. Better exclusives.

TheCommentator2116d ago

Better is subjective. You mean MORE exclusives. Personally, I don't think they're better. Matter of fact, if I were acting like a SONY FANBOY I would say that Sony has NO GAMES, lol.

yeahright22116d ago

Subjective on a person by person basis. but consensus matters. Most belive Sony to have better exclusives.

Garethvk2116d ago

Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us Remastered, Bloodborne. Name me one Microsoft exclusive that can compare with any of them.

Goldby2116d ago

and the more exclusives that are released the more people get to enjoy exclusives that they enjoy.

its called diversity. a little bit of everything for everyone

TheCommentator2116d ago

Belief = opinion. Something many of you around here seem to substitute for facts.

You're right Goldby. More games means more choices and a better chance of having meaningful gaming experiences. That's a fact. That's why I'm happy that MS is bringing more games. It is my opinion, however, that MS still has the better exclusives.

trooper_2116d ago

It's not subjective. The sales and scores say otherwise.

TheCommentator2116d ago

Trooper, you can't quantify how much an individual likes something because personal tastes are subjective. Here's a non-gaming example:

Is it better to be straight or gay? If we take a poll, are you also going to slander gay people because they're not as popular and, therefore, their opinions don't matter because it's only the popular vote that counts?

Why o why2116d ago (Edited 2116d ago )

what exclusives.....

Even if you used one of the xbox's go to beating stick of last gen' Metacritic you'd still see the ps has more games. If fact they had more higher scoring quality games this year than MS has had all gen. Only the ignorant hide behind personal preference and deflection in the face of facts that burns them... Nobody is fooled

I cant wait for more exclusives* and more real exclusives .....something you just cannot say

Goldby2116d ago


how about you shut the F up when it comes to comparing game consoles with being straight or gay.

sorry no ones every been persecuted and thrown in jail or killed because of their predestined preference over a game console..

try actually making a case next time.

you like xbox games, thats fine.

but to say you are acting like a sony fanboy and saying sony ahs no games is just straight up BS.

sony ahs more games released on a regular basis than MS. the whole no games is their 1st party titles, which shou7ld be taking advantage of the hardware, something 3rd party multiplication will not be doing 100%.

comparing gaming consoles to sexual orientation. get the hell out of here with that bs