PS3 prices slashed across Japan? Not so fast

After all the controversy of the 20% price drop in japan rumor. This article Clearifys the reason behind the allegations.

After conferring with their Japanese counterparts, US Sony reps dismissed the PS3 sale as a single chain trying to promote itself. "It looks like it is only one retailer, Don Quijote, and they are running a special for a limited time on a limited number," said the rep.

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Monchichi0255225d ago

No matter how you spin it; fact is they are doing this because the PS3 isn't selling. Why else would they run a promtion on an item if it was flying off the shelves?

"It's all about the money!!"

FFVIIFan5225d ago

And while it's not selling as fast as the Wii, it's still pummeling the 360 over there. The reason for this is to just get customers to come to their store and beat out the other retailers. Sony will always have a solid base in Japan despite what you may think about it here in America.

shikwan5225d ago

NOT when there is another Japanese company that they can turn to! SEGA is a Japanese company and look what happened to thier Dreamcast. The Japanese were very strong for SEGA until Sony came. Now they are strong for Nintendo and are shunning Sony as told by the PS3 sales vs Wii sales.

Alymon5225d ago

Again, the previous article had no merit, so I don't know if this was necessarily needed. But kudos for pulling up a response.

JIN KAZAMA5225d ago

Now look at all the 360 zombies, they are nowhere to be found, just a couple of idiots trying to save face. This is too funny, now I see that the 360 brainless zombies are getting real desperate. It was ONE store, that was trying to outsell the other stores. Its like the gas stations on each corner, one will be 1 or 2 cents cheaper than the other, but some people still go to the other one, because it jsut happens to be on their side of the street. Thats what this store was trying to do, bring the people on the other side of the street to their store.
Anyways, once again, the 360 zombies have been destroyed and are feelig really stupid and licking their wounds. Come on back, plenty of more A$$ whoopin here.

Locked135225d ago (Edited 5225d ago )

zombies "licking their wounds"

DonSqueak5224d ago

... how about this being a chain, and the chain selling PS3s at a discount, and the damned things still being available in sheer abundance, not even selling out at the Don Quijotes, which by the way are NOT a games retailer in Japan, so much to the accuracy of the new article. What do the PS3-zombies think about that?

astroboy2k55225d ago

Kinda of like how the 360 is having promotions in North America.

power of Green 5224d ago

PS3 selling poorly no amount of twisting the truth will change it. Xbox gets it's ass kicked in Japan and it's expected you can't say the same for PS3.

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