Wipeout HD will make your HDTVs bleed color

PhotontorPedoes Writes:

"What was the first thing I did after pledging allegiance to the PS3? I went to the PSN store and downloaded Wipeout HD. The metacritic score on this game is pretty high, 1UP gave it 100 and IGN gave it 90. I've been salivating for months over Wipeout's arrival, so the minute it appeared on PSN, I was playing it within an hour.

My immediate impression after looking at the first track was: Wow, my HDTV has never looked this good before! I don't even have a 1080p TV and this game looks better than any other game I've played to date on either the PS3 or the XBox 360. The screens are crystal sharp and the tracks pulsate with vibrant color. At the end of the race, you can go into Photo mode (which is how I took the screenshot above) and explore every little facet of the track."

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AngryHippo3675d ago

....What? What has Gears 2 got to do with Wipeout?!

Anyway on topic, judging by the reviews i think i may have to get this game. Looks like its pretty damn good.

Veryangry_xbot3675d ago

I thought the PS3 cant do colorz!"


Teh Cell3675d ago

It's sad when the best game on PSN is a ps1 game.

PirateThom3675d ago

What's the best game on XBLA?

Rez, Ikaruga or Duke Nukem....

TheColbertinator3675d ago

@Pirate Thom

Its Soul Calibur which is actually a Dreamcast game

PirateThom3675d ago

Soul Calibur as well, I have all of these. I have more old Sega games on my 360 than disc games... which is just sad.

TheColbertinator3675d ago

Obviously.SEGA was the maker one of the best consoles of all time and the games proved it.They had a way of making their own new IPs and sticking to relying on themselves which made them admirable.

Shenmue,Soul Calibur,and Skies of Arcadia were proof of their contribution to gaming.

gambare3675d ago

"1.3 -
It's sad when the best game on PSN is a ps1 game."

Sad when a PSN game is better than Gears 2

Teh Cell3675d ago

Yeah, that colorful racing ship is totally better than a guy with a gun!!! You got me there!!!

Btw, the best XBL games are Braid / Geometry Wars 2 / Castle Crashers.

juuken3675d ago

I'm sorry Teh_Cellz but Wipeout HD can kill Gears 2 with a single blow.

Teh Cell3675d ago

If it's so good, why isn't it out on disk? Oh yeah, because nobody would buy it. Digital downloads aren't as much of a risk for a given FLOP like this ps1 remake. Sorry, nobody is buying a whole system just to play wipeout, unlike gears of war.

gambare3675d ago

I don't see sites saying that gears 2 is a system seller.

KiddyBrownTurd3675d ago

f*ck what sites say, and f*ck you, too.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3675d ago

What sad little droids you are, it must suck going from 1 2 3.

Dyingduck3675d ago

This game HAS higher reviews/meta score than ANYTHING that was released exclusive for the Xbox360 this year


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butterfinger3675d ago

Wipeout HD is a must-have title from the PSN, and it has easily lived up to the expectations that I had for it:)

Maddens Raiders3675d ago


Has this patch been made available yet? (too lazy to go turn on unit right

Bnet3433675d ago

I was going to buy it until I heard those freezing issues. I might wait for the patch.

shysun3675d ago

I've played this game a lot and not one freeze. Now I'm not saying people are lie'n but I think its not as big as you have been lead to believe.

PS. I heard it us a UK thing, im in the US.

thewhoopimen3675d ago

The bug freeze is from accounts with more than 50 friends in the list. If you download and play the game on a <50 account, it won't freeze.

SL1M DADDY3675d ago

Plain and simple. I have become as aditced to speed as I was when Wipeout debuted on the PS. This game brings me back to what Wipeout is and should always be. It is fast, beautiful and full of pure enjoyment.

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fishd3675d ago

This sh1t looks AMAZING,damit

RareNimbus3675d ago

this is crazy amazing!! can't wait to download it tomorrow. a must have for me...

Dragunov3675d ago

If you have a PS3 and a HDTV this game is a must. But prepare to be owned many times is f***ing hard

Drekken3675d ago

I want this game bad... but no time with LBP and Socom!! WHAT TO DO!! lol

DavidMacDougall3675d ago

You get your act together before OCTober Hits and KILLS US ALL!!!

prunchess3675d ago

Download it and play it a year later!

WipeOut 2097 is still played by us on some lads night in.

thornh3675d ago

I've been playing games for a long time and for the first time ever a game almost made me sick. I was playing a zone race the other night and by time I got up to zone 25 I was feeling kind of funky. The game is intense, now I know why they delayed it. If they toned it down I can only imagine what it used to be like!

SmokingMonkey3675d ago

when it gets real intense (zones) my eyes will start to tear! WTF?

happens when i play Lumines too, can't wait for Lumines on PSN

Max Power3675d ago

your eyes start to tear because you aren't blinking.

SmokingMonkey3675d ago

those games require pure attention and no blinking! LOL

ravinash3674d ago

I have that problem, but if you blink you miss so much....including the turn.
Takes a little while before you know where all the turns and boost are to really become good at this game.

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