Mass Effect: Final Box Art Revealed

Microsoft Game Studios and BioWare Corp. have released the final box art for Mass Effect, an exclusive role-playing game for the Xbox 360.

"Mass Effect" is the first in a trilogy of games with an overarching story, where the real conflict between organic beings and artificial intelligence comes to life in startling clarity.

As the first humans on the galactic stage, players must uncover the greatest threat to civilization. Their job is complicated by the fact that no one will believe the truth, but the world must be convinced of the grave threat at hand.

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Sexius Maximus5222d ago

I LOVE you Natalie Portman pic, she is ultra sexy. Anyway, it is a cool cover. It's very retro. It reminds me of Phantasy Star II.

dikturbo5222d ago

I bought a 360. This was my system seller.

Solidus5222d ago

But ill still be first in line for it.

Grown Folks Talk5222d ago

just ship it sooner than later.

Marriot VP5222d ago

still wish this game was online mmorpg, but hey it still looks awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.