IGN: Most Anticipated 360 Games of 2007

In a year filled with promise and heavy hitters, which games rank the highest?

Few years in the history of the game industry look as promising as 2007. It's a perfect storm. It's the first full year of two new consoles, PlayStation 3 and Wii, which means that developers are over the hump of the launch, and they can take more time to create, develop and get into their respective systems.

But it's the second complete year for developers to take advantage of Microsoft's complex but not difficult-to-develop-for Xbox 360. That means they have been over the hump, and they are all well into the second or even third wave of Xbox 360 games. That means no more ports from current gen systems. Not more previous gen hold-overs, like many of EA's early 2006 games were. This year we get fresh new content created specifically for this brand new system.

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DixieNormS5220d ago

At least these guys know what console is bringing in the good stuff.

Syko5220d ago

360 is gonna kill this year, Also very excited about Wii releases. Bioshock,Mario Party 8,Halo 3,GTA 4,Forza 2,Metroid 3,Mario Galaxy, ETC...

Also Dixie is that your Live tag? Because I think I played GOW with ya the other day
and had a good laugh with you about your name. Let me know and send me a friend request we can rip it up on GOW till Halo 3 is out!

DixieNormS5220d ago

It was, But if you are the same guy I was laughing about it with then you should know that it is Peter N Bolsich.

big_tim5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

It had mostly exclusive titles. Click on the PS3 link and God of War 2 is at the top and Metal Gear averaged around the middle of the lists. Surprisingly, the list consisted of a lot of multi platform titles. Some of these same multi platform titles weren't on the 360 list. Does that mean they think less of the 360 versions of the games or is it they are more excited for the 360 exclusives? For example GTA4 isn't on the 360's list but tops one of the PS3 lists.

GTA4 did appear on one of the guys lists and metal gear did get to the top of one list. So I misspoke on that. But the PS3 list do still have a large chunk of multi platform games.

candystop5220d ago

This is definitely going to be the year for 360 once again without a doubt! PS3 and Wii both also have some nice games on the way but the 360 lineup just looks so freaking impressive this year! My most anticipated game is Halo3 but then again I want to play Alan Wake, Mass Effect, PGR4, Forza2, Too Human, Bioshock, GTA, Lost Odessey,AC, UT2007, Blue Dragon, and many many others just as bad!

Marriot VP5220d ago

My list, (360 obviously cause that's what I have)

1. halo 3 of course
2. assassins creed
3. mass effect
4. stranglehold

These will be the games I buy, as of now. Maybe crackdown, I'll see.

Optimus Prime5219d ago

this is my list...
1. Halo 3
2. Mass Effect
3. Assassins Creed
4. Bioshock

NBA street isnt going to be a top notch game, but i cant wait for it. It is not on my list, but i really want it.

DG5219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

Yeah those Street games have no depth but they fun as hell to kick your friends @$$ in. I cant wait for Fifa/NFL. But NBA will hold me down for now along with DefJam Icon.

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