Havok Announces Version 4.5 Update

Representatives from game engine tool provider Havok have announced the release of Havok 4.5, the latest update to its artist tool and run-time technology suite.

With the latest update, Havok promises dramatic acceleration of cross-platform development for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii, allowing developers to, as Havok puts it, "scale game content to thousands of dynamically-driven game objects and characters," as well as harness the "full power" of next-gen hardware architecture.

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Silverwolf5422d ago

"Specifically, Havok notes that using its latest 4.5 physics and animation products for the PlayStation 3 will be able to more greatly harness all its available SPUs, resulting in scenes running 5-10 times faster than Havok 4.0 for a typical PS3 game scene."

achira5422d ago

wow, i cant wait for all the games, with this hyper physik engine! great news for us ps3 ppl. yeahhhh!

DJ5422d ago

insane the physics are going to be in Motorstorm 2. ^_^

JasonPC360PS3Wii5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

You should be able to see all those physics of MotorStorm with its Slo-Mo sense of speed. LOL kind of like playing a racing game with Max Payne bullet time always on, lets bounce ourselves to the finish line on these sand and dirt tracks (This is all you will see fellas). This game might be better if the devs didn’t spend so much time on car physics, because that is the only appeal this game has, I have played this demo and by the way the debris from the cars clears from the screen quickly IMO to help with the frame rate. Everything else is as slow as the mechs in Chromehounds with the pretty graphics of the PS2. These things are always conveniently left out of your PS3 personal reviews (yes you do Sony fans) I cant see how anyone can follow a game so blindly and claim to be honest, I see the same thing with GOW and Halo fans (I’m a Halo fanatic but the franchise still only gets a 9 from me) these are great games but there not tens and MotorStorm gets a 3 from me. Havok is a good engine hope to see it even better.

power of Green 5422d ago

These guys do a stellar job with physics already judging by the new Demo released today. Good new indeed!.

power of Green 5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

Real Time Worlds did a great job with Havok tools. Now that the porting phase is over and last-gen is fading out the future looks bright with Havok 4.5 like i said man that sh*t is crazzy even with their older version.

xfrgtr5421d ago

Excellent news for the ps3

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