Xbox briefing likely to run longer then traditional 90 minutes

Phil Spencer comments, states there's more games he didn't want to leave out.

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Razzer2118d ago

As long as there are new games being announced......take your time.

threefootwang2118d ago

Yes indeed! This E3 is looking better and better.

mikeslemonade2118d ago

so 90+ minutes of watching other games that will be in other conferences, hence they got no exclusives.

4Sh0w2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )


...and what will you say after E3 when they show games not in other conferences, hence they got games not on ps4?

donthate2118d ago


He will be salty, move the goal post and repeat.

For mike, it's not enough that he has a PS4, but he has to make sure you aren't enjoying your Xbox in order for him to enjoy his PS4. Too bad it ain't working. The hype is real for this E3. As MS is looking strong, and so does Sony and Nintendo. Been a long time since we gotten a showdown among the 3. It's a good time to be a gamer, unless you are a fanboy. Because you will be salty, no matter where you stand.

jmetalhead778122118d ago

I feel there's going to be an OG Xbox BC announcement.

No Way2118d ago

4Sh0w - He will say "Oh, that game looks cool .. I'll play it on my super duper duped up supa computer."

IamTylerDurden12117d ago

But length doesn't equal quality. I don't care about length, what i care about is content/games, and lack of filler. I think Sony's press conference last year was executed beautifully showing game after game after game in a quick-fire fashion. It was more games and as little filler as i can ever remember at E3. So honestly, i'd rather see an hour and fifteen minutes of filler free, game after game press conference rather than an hour and a half of hardware and filler. Hopefully Microsoft has a plethora of new games to show. What i don't want is a conference where half of it is spent talking about hardware.

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Deep-throat2118d ago

Why nonXbox gamers worry about that?

Razzer2118d ago

Because I can play those games on my Windows 10 gaming PC.

Gaming_Cousin2118d ago

@deep what are you talking about?

notachance2118d ago

so potential new customers can't get excited about MS conference now? what, membership sign up closed last gen or something?

DashArrivals2118d ago

I'm a massive PS fanboy, but I'm still excited for potential new IP, or, revisiting old dormant Xbox IP. Could be really cool.

4Sh0w2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

"Because I can play those games on my Windows 10 gaming PC."

-and so what, that's EXACTLY why Microsoft put Xbox games on Windows 10 PC, to get MONEY from pc AND ps4 gamers= larger profit margins come from software sales, which helps the Xbox games become more successful in the long run.

-I'm sure Microsoft appreciates loyal ps fans money through Xbox/pc games purchases rather than none at all.

Razzer2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )


Well....yeah. I want kick ass games. Don't think much about what mega-corp gets the money.

UCForce2118d ago

What ? Do you expect them to be panic about this ? "Sigh" it's like you want someone to feel miserable. That's just low.

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Bigpappy2118d ago

That's exactly why you people don't care about Scorpio. You want more games for your PC. That makes a lot of sense actually. That's why when I say I am more excited about Scorpio and what the console means for M$ and the console industry in general, you guys are so quick to say "all M$ needed to do was make more games". I now get it. I am slow, LOL.

rainslacker2118d ago

While I do agree with the sentiment, press conferences can get tedious if they run too long. It's hard to hold one's attention for 90 minutes as is.

But it's all about pacing. If they can keep a good pace, 90 minutes, or more, can go by without realizing it.

4Sh0w2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Yeah pacing has a relative impact imo but it's ultimately much more about how much interesting content you have to show. I mean the first 30min of anything you're interested in will likely hold your attention but after that
I believe the if the content itself is uninteresting, it's gonna be a rough presentation. Of course other aspects such as repetitiveness, subpar media, monotone voice/annoying mannerisms and yes badly paced transitions also can contribute to interest dropping very quickly.

If its 90mins of great content though folks will be glued to their tvs and wish it's was longer...Im not saying it will be that amazing or whatever but I'm pretty sure they will have a good 90min show.

Obscure_Observer2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )


Well, you are one of many complaing about MS lack of games (which i do agree to some extend) so, since Phil said they´re adding more time to their press conference to show MORE GAMES, one would expect you to be happy at very least. :)

rainslacker2117d ago


Good pacing for a conference like that would be showing compelling content without any major lulls. Obviously, not spending too much time on one thing also plays into it. If they have the content, then they can certainly keep it energetic, in which case, people won't be counting the minutes. I'm sure we can all relate to a personal experience where we were just ready for something to end, and obviously that isn't something you want from a gaming conference.:)

Anyhow, you are correct, the 30 minute rule is pretty common for holding people's attention. In business, they say that you should plan to have your meetings less than 30 minutes, because after that people tune out. Obviously, with an entertainment venue like an E3 press conference people will be willing to stay tuned in longer.

I agree with everything else.


What does my criticism of games have to do with the pacing of a conference. The length of a conference in no way relates to the number of games they'll show, or if those games will be compelling. I made a general statement about pacing and length, nothing criticizing the games themselves.

I'm happy MS is adding more to their conference. I'm not criticizing that at all. Just hope they actually don't spend too much time on other things like Scorpio or some say Game Pass. All companies are guilty of sometimes spending too much time on things that get tedious fast.

XanderZane2117d ago

They could take 3 hours if they wanted to as long as they kept showing new IP's and exclusives games. I'm going to be writing them all down. Take your time. I'll have all day on Sunday.

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KingKionic 2118d ago

Dang I wonder what games gonna get more time on stage. Hype is rolling forward.

Stage is set for a great showing.

badz1492118d ago

I'm guessing a 3rd party multiplat

EatCrow2118d ago

Considering MS recent track record they normally don't show many games that are coming to all plats.

Jmanzare2117d ago

Sony is the one with the most 3rd party exclusivity so expect destiny battlefront call of duty to be shown on the Sony conference

DashArrivals2118d ago

I just want to be really surprised and shocked. I know a lot will disagree, but if they announce another Forza, Gears or Halo I'll personally be bummed.
New IP or revisiting old dormant IP is what will excite me during Microsoft's press conference. Of course Scorpio will be interesting to see also.

Kribwalker2118d ago

Well forza is coming, but gears and halo aren't supposed to be there (other then halo wars and possibly rumoured halo reach free remaster) so you should be pretty much in the clear

Scatpants2117d ago

I REALLY would like to surprised since I have an Xbox1 that's been collecting dust for quite a while. If they don't come with some great exclusives I'm pretty much done with Microsoft.

Scatpants2117d ago

Probably some lame garbage like Madden or COD.

darthv722118d ago

With a new Bubsy trailer for ps4 and pc... im hoping they announce the return of Blinx. One cat let out of the bag begets another (wink wink)

threefootwang2118d ago

The only thing better then the cat would be freaking humans manning giant freaking machines with freaking massive guns on them.

In other words.....


Sorry I've been wanting to see this forever 😁😁

ArmrdChaos2118d ago

I said this a while a gut feeling....hoping it is right.

TheBrit2117d ago

I totally agree - I still remember the days when MS guys got on to play with us thinking they were gong to wipe us out and we destroyed them - I love that game - I wish frigging Chromehounds would come back also as an exclusive - that game was absolutely fantastic.

TheCommentator2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Blinx was recently liscensed out to one of the guys that works for IGN, I think it was the senior editor, so it might happen pretty soon.

meka26112117d ago

I have no idea why the hell they are bringing back bubsy. Was one of the first games I had for super nintendo and the damn game was horrible. And from what I heard the others were just as bad, so even game companies are running out of ideas. On topic I thought blinx was great.

oSHINSAo2118d ago

I bet this is because the Scorpio presentation and they don't want to take time from the games part. 30min Scorpio Presentation + 90min for the games. We All agree, now, Scorpio needs Games.

Gaming_Cousin2118d ago

An extra 30 minutes would be sweet

Lennoxb632118d ago

It's not going to take 30 minutes to show off a console. Never has.

oSHINSAo2118d ago

well... 5 minutes then and 115 for games? (aiming a 2 hrs show)

conanlifts2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

It depends on how they want to break down and hype the specs. They could easily spend 30 mins talking about the specs with tech demos.

Lennoxb632118d ago


They talked about the specs and presented tech demos to Digital Foundry. No reason to do that on stage.

rainslacker2118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

They took 30 minutes to show off Kinect at the reveal, 15 minutes on Milo. Sony's wonderbook had a 15 minute demo. MS reveal of X1 was 90 minutes. Minecraft on Halolens, which wasn't even a real product had 15 minutes on stage. So on and so forth. MS will spend AT LEAST 30 minutes on Scorpio. It's all they've talked about for the past year, and unless they have some spectacular games, it's their trump card.

Obscure_Observer2117d ago


"MS will spend AT LEAST 30 minutes on Scorpio"

Wow! Phil already said they debunked the Scorpio specs IN DEPTH via Digital Foundry to make room for GAMES. But you´re well aware of that don´t you? Since you think Phil as a liar, i understand your reasons. That said, got ask you a question.. How long do you think the Scorpio presentation would last if they had chosen to NOT reveal the Scorpio specs?

1 hour? Just curious.

rainslacker2117d ago

Just going by history Obscure. It's an assumption, no reason to get so worked up over it.

I'm also aware of what Phil said, and you are aware that I think Phil is full of sh*t. Why be so surprised? I'm not alone in my thoughts.

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thekhurg2118d ago

Nah. 85 minutes on scorpio ram upgrades and other stats.

15 minutes on games.

It'll run just a little over

2118d ago
DiRtY2117d ago

"Games sell hardware, not the hardware itself. Microsoft has little for exclusives. Scorpio isn't necessary."
"This is the typical Microsoft paid sponsorship that comes out around E3 every single year. We're going to be flooded for the next month or two about how Sony is in trouble"
"Power power power - No games"
"Xbox fangirls pretending to be PS4 owners are whining about it"
"Don't get confused by "big numbers". It's what MS wants."

Some of your comments from the past three (!!!) days.
We got the message, for whatever reason you don't like Microsoft and Xbox.

Scorpio could cure cancer and you would still hate it.

BeOpenMinded2117d ago

@dirty 016/09/20/microsoft-will-solve- cancer-within-10-years-by-repro gramming-dis/

Not saying they are a great company yada yada yada but working in the medical field I found this particularly intriguing. It'll get negged

thekhurg2117d ago

So many butt hurt fangirls can't take a joke.

Quick go through more post history!!!!! To the nerd cave!

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gangsta_red2118d ago

You also have to take into account that 3rd parties will be on stage showing off their games. Most I suspect will be multiplatform but they will be on stage talking about how their games will run on scorpio.

vikingland12117d ago

I agree , and they may even talk about VR, who knows? But it sounds like MS has some suprises up their sleeves. I think it will be a great show and I'm excited for it to hurry up and be Sunday!

rainslacker2118d ago

While I'm all about more games, if they can't get it all out in 90 minutes, then it seems they are not going to have a good pace for their conference. I'm sure we could all cite those conferences in the past which just seemed to drag on by spending too much time on one thing.

To put it in perspective, Sony's conference last year was 60 minutes, and they showed tons of content with some pretty big announcements. It doesn't take much to show off a lot, so long as it remains focused.

2117d ago
rainslacker2117d ago

Was it really? Thought they planned for 60. Oh well. Seemed like it ended almost as soon as it started because it was paced in a non-stop fashion.

TheCommentator2117d ago

I bet you can't remember when Phil said, "We may have to show Scorpio off before E3 to make room for games at E3." Do you remember Scorpio being shown off before E3? That happened too, you know. Now 90 minutes isn't enough time to show off the games alone...

I think we all agree now, MS is serious about games.

conanlifts2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

I am definitely looking forward to seeing what games they show. Hoping that they have a new fable.

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DiRtY2118d ago

Scorpio got one more ram for developers and their E3 will be more than 90 minutes, because they want to show more games.

Great news for Xbox.

SkippyPaccino2118d ago

I thought they only added 0.5 ram? Didn't they have 8.5 before? Anyways, back in the day they could make a full open World run with less that half a gig. Lol