GameLemon: Final Fantasy IV Review

GameLemon Writes:

"A big fear when playing a remade game is that it will somehow ruin your memories of the original experience. Thankfully that isn't the case here, as Final Fantasy IV sticks close enough to the source material to remain familiar while trying a few new things to enhance the experience. The augment system is quite enjoyable, and the mapping out of dungeons is a fun incentive, but the introduction and implementation of Whyt could have easily been omitted and the graphics definitely need an upgrade. Still, there's so much to love about this game that you can easily overlook the faults. Those who have never experienced it need to play at least once to see why this one stands the test of time, and fans from back in the day will surely relish the excuse to go back and play it once again. She may not be as striking as she was in her younger years, but this old gal still knows a few tricks to keep you coming back for more. Now then, I have to go, a bag of poo just arrived at my door with the words Final Fantasy XIII written on it, so I need to go rub that all over my face."

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