PcAdvisor: Adobe After Effects CS4 review

PcAdvisor Writes:

"Adobe has added much-needed production features to After Effects CS4, such as keyword-searchable timelines and projects and nested composition navigation. In keeping with the inter-application integration touted in the other CS4 updates, you can now export rich media from After Effects to Flash CS4 Professional while still retaining layer and keyframe data for further editing. (We'll talk more about integration with Flash below.)"

"After Effects CS4 represents one of the most significant and useful upgrades in recent history. The new version's interface now integrates more seamlessly than ever into the CS4 suite and is even easier to use on a Wacom Cintiq tablet, with less need for pull-down menus from the top menu bar. While available as a standalone product, After Effects CS4 also ships as part of Adobe's Production Premium and Master Collection suites."

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