Is Microsoft's Xbox 360 studio Rare next on the chopping block?

Gamer.Blorge: "A couple of days ago I wrote a story about how Microsoft announced the closure of one of its first party studio, Ensemble Studios. The stated reason behind this decision to close one of its studios was due to lack of scalability. In other words, Microsoft execs felt that Ensemble as a venture could not grow profitably. This raises an interesting question; could the same fate fall upon Rare as well?"

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DarkSniper3672d ago

This is more than likely to happen. Microsoft has been known to mismanage any studios that have been acquired by the corporation. Dark Sniper can personally state that the quality of Rare LTD. has been dwindled to nearly nothing after Microsoft's acquisition.

Rare's release will also further prove the notion that Xbox 360 is one step closer to throwing in the towel this generation to the far more superior PLAYSTATION®3. Once this does happen, Sony will surely find a sweet home for Rare. Killer Instinct 3 will receive the proper treatment it deserves for a next generation fighter once it comes to PLAYSTATION®3.


Drekken3672d ago

This gen?? I can see it throwing in the towel for next gen too.

DavidMacDougall3672d ago

You sound like a smart guy who owns a ps3

whoelse3672d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft own the big franchises from Rare.

Road Dog3672d ago

Nice job referring to yourself in the 3rd person...........get a life says Road Dog......jeez I can't get that pretentious meets vapid feel down like you.

GiantEnemyLobster3672d ago

Don't hold your breath on that thought. (Oh wait, you're a PStard so go ahead and hold your breath until you pass out and die.)

Rare would just go back to making games for Nintendo, they wouldn't waste their precious time and talent on a ShhitStation 3.

Nintendo Rep3672d ago

That's right they'll crawl right back to us, we will love them like a child we put up for adoption but later found out that he was adopted so he tried to find his parents and he finds them.

Pain3671d ago


typical Anything M$ touches turns to Sh!t

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lodossrage3672d ago

You never know with this industry

But there are a lot of rumors saying Ensemble being dissolved was result from the price cut wave. Now the thing is there is nothing immediate that shows that was the reason for Ensemble's demise. But at the same time, there isn't any evidence to say Ensemble wasn't sacrificed for the price cut. So it's a mute point

Now if MS price cuts again and all of a sudden we see another game studio go away, then that'll be "proof"

But Rare would be the most likely candidate financially to be dissolved. Most of the other game studios within MS are more profitable than Rare. Rare's fate might be dependent on how Banjo sells. The thing is Viva Pinata both 1 and 2 are great games. But didn't sell well for all the work that was put into the series. So if Banjo sells the way the 2 Pinata games do, THEN Rare might be in trouble

Imallvol73672d ago

I don't think this story has any substance, but it would be in MS's best interest. NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY MS, YOU ARE NOT AND WILL NEVER BE A CASUAL CONSOLE!!!

Kratos Spartan3672d ago

The xbox brand has established itself with the most hardcore of hardcore, and I don't think it can ever break away from that. Just my opinion. You don't have to like it, just respect it.

AAACE53672d ago

I believe you may not be looking at the big picture!

"MS will never be a casual console!" I know what you meant by saying that, but look closer.

On the surface you see MS (Xbox 360)as the company with FPS games. But what you fail to realize is that they are in fact targeting the casuals and kids.

If you look at and compare games released and coming soom for 360 and Ps3... you will see that MS' main focus is attracting the casuals and kids. That was their plan for this holiday!

So while the (360 and Ps3) fanboys on N4G complain about exclusives... MS are getting the games that will have kids begging mommie and daddie (or santa claus) for a 360! I know it's hard for you to believe that but look at the facts. 360 is $200! They have a load of RPG's and other games targeted towards kids and casuals coming this year.

Yes, these games aren't exclusives, but the typical kid and casual gamers don't care about if a game is exclusive or not! They just go with the system that has the most games!

I remember when I had a N64, and I was trying to get people to buy one! The main answer I received was, " Yeah, it's cool, but the Ps1 has more games!" Last gen, it was the same thing. But instead it was the Ps2 that had more games!

Let's just accept the fact that Sony is trying to walk the path of Nintendo, meaning that they feel strongly about their first party games and other games are just fillers! MS is trying to walk the path of the Ps2, and wants the most games on their system!

While you are checking, look at the amount of games the Ps1 and 2 had on their system and compare that to the N64, Gamecube and Xbox's amount of games! You will see that the system with the most games wins!

Compare all the stuff I pointed out before you disagree!

fishd3672d ago

just let ensemble go,don't kill them,just how you let Bungie to go,I want moar age of empires:(

IaMs123672d ago

im pretty sure they clearly stated Age of Empires and all its games are not dead, Ensemble is basicly forming a new studio being branched out across is what i have heard is the plans...

Raoh3672d ago

hmmm i would think they would cut their failing studios first..

like Microsof Game Studios..

cut the losses there first.. Then shut down your manufacturing plants.. if need be maybe the P.R. staff as well..

keep the marketing company though, they are doing an outstanding job

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