‘Borderlands 3’ : Everything That We Know

Coming into E3 2017 we will most likely see some more info regarding Borderlands 2, but for now here is everything we know, including the potential new villain!


Man, the E3 hype has me tired - Borderlands 3 is what I meant, obviously!

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fenome593d ago

I know they've confirmed they're working on it, but E3 needs an official reveal. The wife and I still play Borderlands 2 to this day, it's our favorite game to co-op. Split screen is a must, and hopefully they don't try to turn it into an MMO or something weird, just keep that winning formula you've got on your hands and you're good to go.

theapocrypha593d ago

Who knows about an E3 reveal. I mean it is possible and im desperately hoping that they do. I cannot keep running the same Borderlands missions over and over...I mean I can...but I want new ones! I 100% agree with you about the splitscreen - people love Borderlands for a reason and they shouldnt try anything drastic. Im happy if they incorporate some MMO elements but they have to be very limited and not game-changing!

TheCommentator593d ago (Edited 593d ago )

Well, the rumor is 1 year timed-exclusivity on Xbox, so we'll probably find out more on Sunday.

fenome593d ago


I haven't heard that rumor yet, I friggin' hope it's not true though! Timed exclusives on multiplatform games sucks, regardless of who gets it first. I don't wanna wait an extra year for no reason, that's for sure!

theapocrypha593d ago

@TheCommentator @fenome

I heard the same rumour and I was going to report on it but it seemed very circumstantial at the moment. It could be a possibility and as someone who just bought a PS4 last week, and being a mainly Xbox player it wouldn't really bother me, but it may bring back a fair few people to Xbox if it is true.....maybe. Still bad though

fenome592d ago


Well crap, that would suck if that happens. I still won't buy an Xbox for it though, I'll just wait the year out and get it with all the DLC or whatever, lame. Probably won't even buy it new if that happens, I don't support that bullshit. I'm not getting Destiny 2 new either (if at all) I vote with my wallet.

theapocrypha592d ago


I'll probably still buy both to be perfectly honest! But if BL3 is exclusive, they are honestly just shooting themselves in the foot I dont support exclusives at all! And I love Destiny, have loved it from day one so defs getting that

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Ron_Danger593d ago

I hope Gearbox announces at E3 that the team of VR programming students they just hired are working on a VR Borderlands also. Considering how well the Aim controller works for PSVR and how well Unreal Engine 4 runs, it shouldn't be a problem.

theapocrypha593d ago

I couldn't imagine a VR Borderlands but I am quite intrigued! How well do you reckon it would go seeing as how VR is relatively new?

Ron_Danger593d ago

If you've played Farpoint, you'd know that Borderlands would work great!

Relientk77593d ago

I hope it's revealed at E3

DigitalRaptor593d ago

Probably on Microsoft's stage.

Seems like a good fit.

theapocrypha593d ago

Definitely the best guess I think!

Fearmonkey593d ago

I loved Borderlands 2 and the pre-sequel was fun though much shorter lived than B2. I cannot wait for B3 but Im worried that it wont be as good without Anthony.

theapocrypha593d ago

I didn't really like the Pre-Sequel to be perfectly honest. I didnt find the VH as fun to play and the terrible aussie accents were killing me :')

fenome593d ago

I couldn't get into the Pre-sequel either, I don't know what it was but it just felt different. I guess I could just tell it was made by a different team.

593d ago