Medal of Honor has the "most to worry about" says BIAs director

Gearbox's Randy Pitchford, speaking to the XCN has mentioned that EA's WWII Medal of Honor series has "the most to worry about" as it's stuck between Call of Duty and Brothers in Arms. Check out the interview as well as what he has to say about the recently released tactical shooter.

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kittoo3723d ago

Rather than talk about other games? Let the games speak themselves.
I mean, Cliffy B, Peter molyneux, this guy, Denis dyack from Too human. All these guys need to learn something from Ted price of Insomniac. Even of somebody asks a question about any other game or studio, he never ever says anything about them.

LarVanian3723d ago

The thing is, Ted Price is a well educated, intelligent guy that knows what to say at the right moment. He never goes beyond the limit by bashing other games or consoles like Cliffy B does.

Man, people are gonna start thinking I'm in love with the guy lol.

ShadesMoolah3723d ago

His comments are valid though, and in a genre that is crowded, and especially with WWII inspired games, then you do have to do something different.

Naturally he's bigging up his own title, but at least BIAs isn't just a bog standard COD copy cat game and adds its own flavor to the gameplay (ie. squad based gameplay).

dachiefsman3723d ago

of course "passing the buck". Who cares about "Medal of Honor", why did you let your company release the pile of fail that is BiA: HH.

Don't get me wrong the single player is fun <besides the horrible hit detection>, but the online is stupid.

Companies like people need to worry about their own house before talking about others.

FCOLitsjustagame3723d ago

BiA:HH is a great game they just need to skip multiplayer and focus evven more on single player because that is where its at for this series.

I did not end up buying Medal of Honor after the demo (may get it cheap one of these days). I love BiA tatical warfare like I liked GRAW, RB6 and last gens Full Spectrum Warrior. For straight up run and gun FPS though COD (2 and 4) are really at the top of the heap.

Radiodread3723d ago

and that's probably why Resistance didn't turn out to be stellar. Peter Moleneux and Cliffy B have all sold stellar games worthy of recognition, look at the sales charts. Maybe ted price should learn a little something from THEM.

LarVanian3723d ago

So your saying that Ted Price should be more like Cliffy B and talk nothing but crap all the time?
Wow you fail. You fail badly as a matter of a fact.
Just stop posting all together because you honestly talk nothing but crap just like your hero Cliffy B.

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