GameZone: Wild West Guns Review

Wii games are perfectly suited for the light-gun genre, and with the recent influx of arcade ports like Ghost Squad and House of the Dead, it seems developers are making the connection. Wild West Guns is the latest shoot-em-up game and it debuts on WiiWare, from developer Gameloft.

Like Link's Crossbow Training, WWG gives players a limited single-player mode based around a few key gameplay elements. Don't expect much depth with this one. From balloon popping to can shooting to shooting-gallery's, it's pretty standard fare. The single-player game itself game be beat within an hour or so, without much trouble. Multiplayer does, however, give this game some legs. Grab a friend and you can go co-op on the missions.

Gameplay 7
Graphics 7.5
Sound 4
Difficulty Easy
Concept 7
Multiplayer 6.5
Overall 5.0

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