The Last Tinker is the Worst 3D Platformer Ever Made

The Last City: Tinker of Colors is the worst 3D platformer of all time, if only for one singular reason: the controls. Yes, even worse than Bubsy 3D.

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PhoenixUp1506d ago

Even worse than Sonic Boom?

Littil_Devil1506d ago

No, it's not as bad as Sonic Boom (imo).

naruga1506d ago

who funds these st really? ..cant anyone fund me? i will make him a 10000 better game

boing11506d ago


Finding money for the project is really easy nowadays. If you have know-how, business plan and proper GDD, you shouldn't have a problem.

AnotherProGamer1506d ago

Bubsy 3D is still the king of awful 3D platformers

mixelon1506d ago

Eh? It’s totally fine haha. I mean it’s nothing spectacular but the control system was decent enough.

Rangerman12081506d ago

It's not great but to be honest, it is still not as bad as Sonic Boom.

jznrpg1506d ago (Edited 1506d ago )

It was an ok game, not great but it wasn't horrible imo, I have played much worse over my 37 years of gaming . There were good parts of it

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The story is too old to be commented.