GameZone: Armored Core for Answer Review

GameZone writes:

"Mech games don't seem to come around very often anymore. This simple fact was dismissive to me, until I realized just how fun fighting as a giant landscape-destroying robot can be.

I've always considered myself a very open minded, slow-to-judge individual. But this personality trait is not so true when it comes to breaking the seal on a brand new video game and placing it into my Xbox 360 disc tray for the first time. I've always been drawn to my favorite genres of games, and quite afraid of branching out past my comfort levels. Unfortunately, in a world where some genres start to blend, and others re-appear after years of hibernation, a reviewer of games must eventually branch out into the unknown."

Gameplay 7
Graphics 6.5
Sound 7
Difficulty Hard
Concept 7
Multiplayer 5
Overall 7.0

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