Spiderman PS4 will be at E3

Insomniac Games on Twitter: “It's true. We're bringing #SpidermanPS4 to #E3 next week!”

Relientk772602d ago

Excited to see it. Insomniac Games will do Spider-Man proud

UltraNova2602d ago

I only hope they manage to reach(if not exceed) the level of fun we had in terms of gameplay with Spiderman 2 on ps2...

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GtR35olution2601d ago

If the last of us 2 gameplay is at e3 as well then Sony will dominate

Testfire2602d ago

Hopefully they can do for Spider-Man what Rocksteady did for Batman.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2602d ago

Agreed. Insomniac has that off-beat humor in their games which reminds me of that classic Spider-Man series. Finally, gamers will get a Spider-Man game that will do this comic book series justice.

UltraNova2601d ago

I have absolutely no doubt. Insomniac will deliver.

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ninsigma2602d ago

Woohoo! Freaking loved what I saw of it last year. Psyched to see more!