GTA Online: Gun Running Trailer

Rockstar has released a new trailer showing what fans can expect from the pending Gun Running ecpansion.

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FlameWater1409d ago

Take notes everyone, if you actually play the game and save up you can basically purchase the DLC for free. No other developer would even consider that for a second

steven83r1409d ago

Ya except you have to cheat and do multiple bank heist glitches to even afford the DLC. If you wanted to get an office, garage, warehouse and vehicles you would need $7 Million or more. And if you play the game right and don't do the last bank heist glitch it would take you moths only making $250k every 6 hours or so. If you could even find a proper team who aren't griefers.

BlingBlaine1409d ago

WOW you are so WRONG

So if you have been playing at all for the last 4 years you should have bought a CEO Import /Export Executive Suite and Should have a couple of drug houses (Coke and Meth)

If you have done any of the Import/Export missions you would realize that there are 32 total cars to be stolen without duplicates, so once your garage gets to number 31 the next car being the last on the list will be the same car every time. So you have the same Top Range car to deliver as you called in over and over again netting you 80k per 20 minutes with cooldown. So you mix in the VIP work missions between the selling and stealing of the car to make around 120k per 20 min and nearly 400k per hr, here let me explain the exact steps.

First you need an Empty room and this is no secret...
Just launch the game and when you get into the room with the screaming kids just hit the option button online find new room, when you load into that room and there are more screaming kids just hit options and Find another room, rinse and repeat until you find an empty one. (Yes it always works withing 10 min or less)

Now that you are alone you are ready to start making millions, but first you need to have your drug houses full of supply (not product) and have 32 cars in the Import/export garage with a Cargo Bob in the driveway.

1. Start at your Import/Export Garage and Export any Top Range Car
2. Hook up to the Cargo Bob and deliver Top Range Car (5 Min Mission)
BANG 80k
3. Immediately after finishing the Export hold Swipe pad and choose CEO Work SightSeer mission
4. Complete SightSeer Mission (5+ Min Mission)
5. Head back to your Executive suite and call in a car to steal (will be the same car you just delivered)
6. Spawn the Cargo Bob and go steal the Top Range Car. (10 min Mission)
7. Deliver the car to the Import/Export garage
8. After delivery (spawn Buzzard with CEO ability) Immediately Hold the swipe pad and hit CEO work and now do Headhunter mission (5 min Mission)
BANG 23k

So after just 20 min or so you have made 125k and are ready to do it again, rinse and repeat.
During the time you are importing and exporting your drug houses are making money on the side to add to the 375k per hr on the Import/Export now you are around 500k per hour!!!! BY Yourself!!! Alone in an empty lobby!!

This is just one of many highly published guides to making alot of money in GTAOnline. I made 10 million this last week mostly just filling my 4 drug houses with the rubber bands on the remote control (AFK in dope house) and delivering my drugs with 1 friend making 1.8mill per 2 hrs each by just unloading both of our 4 drug houses and not even doing CEO missions. So to say you need WEEKS OR MONTHS to accrue millions is just pathetic words from a terrible GTA Online player.

If you need me to explain in further detail and or show you how to do it I will gladly teach you on air if this guide did not cover your questions.

PSN: BlingBlaine

Liqu1d1409d ago

That's not true. Free DLC isn't a concept unique to Rockstar. Titanfall 2 charges nothing for DLC, Overwatch DLC is free, Uncharted 4 MP DLC is free etc.

Garethvk1409d ago

For me I see many getting frustrated as they are mowed down by other players while trying to learn the game as well as earn money. There are countless options in the game but it takes patience and long-term dedication.

Master of Unlocking1408d ago

@ Blingblaine
Thanks for the tip, but by "import/export executive suite" do you mean one of the four office buildings? And by "drug house" do you mean a warehouse?
And is there money to make once you purchase a yacht via a set of dedicated missions? I've been having my eyes on one of those babies, but getting to +7 million dollars ain't easy... more than it is to get to the dozens million dollars you need to purchase a real yacht mind you, lol, but still...

BlingBlaine1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Yes the import export business is the executive office. That gives you a vehicle garage that holds 40 cars. The warehouse is for crate missions, that is totally different.
The Drug houses are part of the biker clubhouse expansion allowing you to buy 4 businesses to push illeagle contrband/drugs making millions in the process.