Stranglehold PS3 Preview

We know that the PlayStation 3 is more powerful than the PS2, but just what will that mean besides better-looking games? Stranglehold producer Alex Offermann explains: "With more memory and performance, you get the possibility [of doing] multiple things at the same time. In the past, when you had three heavy systems like physics, AI, and rendering going on at the same time, you always had to cut back on one or two in order to fit in memory or run at a decent framerate. But next gen allows you to take all three of these features to new heights without impacting each other as much."

Bill Nye6576d ago

1up puts up short, stripped down versions of their sister magazines' print articles. This is a perfect example. This preview is based on the producer's quote, and then the same background information everyone already knows. Joy.

OutLaw6576d ago

It's pretty much the same news that we've been knowing for awhile.

PS360PCROCKS6576d ago

Agreed but I wont play this game anyways.


10 Most Underrated Third-Person Shooters

GF365: "Here are our picks for the ten most underrated third-person shooters that you might not have played before or even known about."

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neutralgamer1992413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Actually great list TBH I agree with all 10

I hope one day we get some remakes for the following

The saboteur(with a proper remake and quality of life features this game could be great)
Scarface world is yours
Binary domain ( such a great game with great story)
GUN(this needs a remake)
Space marine 40k(such fun time)

Would also like to suggest adding the mercenary series even the 2nd game which is disliked by many is a fun time

cthulhucultist413d ago

I recently finished Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine and found it to be very enjoyable.

The game respected the lore and the gameplay was quite decent.

The color palette was a bit underwhelming (backdrops and setting) and recycled but I think that it deserved better.

Here's hoping for an amazing sequel

Vengeance1138413d ago

Space Marine II !! My most anticipated game of 2023! Woot


Best Games Based on Movies

GF365: "These are the best games based on movies. Every entry on this list will be a great video game adaptation of popular movies."

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HeliosHex524d ago

Best game based on two movies that were never made goes to robocop vs terminator.

Owlbert524d ago

Did you play RoboCop Vs terminator... pretty sure it was on the mega drive) genisis.

HeliosHex524d ago

Yes played it on genesis for the blood. Snes had a version but I think the blood was censored not sure. I just remember genesis being the go to system for games with blood.

Owlbert524d ago

Alien isolation...ftw,it is definitely one of my top games,I played it again a few months ago ✌️


John Woo’s cult-classic action game “Stranglehold” returns to PC thanks to GOG

Stranglehold, a thrilling action game co-created by the famous Chinese director John Woo, returns to digital distribution on PC today. After years of being lost and unavailable, the game comes back to life thanks to the efforts of GOG.COM and the title’s publisher.

Fishy Fingers1664d ago

Definite lack of Doves in games this gen.

TGG_overlord1664d ago

True that...Good thing that I still got the whole "Max Payne" series in my game collection.

TGG_overlord1664d ago

With no doubt, so this release sure made my day.

isarai1664d ago

Hmm, the thought of playing this through HDMI on my 4K TV through my rig sounds worth another playthrough of this gem. Especially at $10.

TGG_overlord1664d ago

I don't have a 4K tv or monitor I'm afraid :S But I'm going to pick up the game anyways ;)