Stranglehold PS3 Preview

We know that the PlayStation 3 is more powerful than the PS2, but just what will that mean besides better-looking games? Stranglehold producer Alex Offermann explains: "With more memory and performance, you get the possibility [of doing] multiple things at the same time. In the past, when you had three heavy systems like physics, AI, and rendering going on at the same time, you always had to cut back on one or two in order to fit in memory or run at a decent framerate. But next gen allows you to take all three of these features to new heights without impacting each other as much."

Bill Nye6196d ago

1up puts up short, stripped down versions of their sister magazines' print articles. This is a perfect example. This preview is based on the producer's quote, and then the same background information everyone already knows. Joy.

OutLaw6196d ago

It's pretty much the same news that we've been knowing for awhile.

PS360PCROCKS6196d ago

Agreed but I wont play this game anyways.