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Harry Kalogirou at GameCloud writes: "Although Platinum’s titles of late have been hit or miss, Vanquish is undoubtedly one of the best experiences they have to offer. It’s a stellar third-person shooter which holds up regardless of whether it’s your first hour or hundredth. While the campaign is admittedly short, it has an entertaining narrative, fast-paced combat, deep mechanics, and beautiful visuals complimented by 4K enhancements and a higher framerate on PC which you’d expect from an action game as fast as this one. If you’re a fan of Platinum, third-person shooters, or action games in general, you’d be doing yourself a favour by picking this one up, especially given the reasonable asking price."

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Der_Kommandant593d ago

They need to bring it to the PS4, and make a sequel along with Binary Domain 2.