Kotaku: LEGO Batman The Video Game Review: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Review by Brian Crecente:

"Traveller's Tales, it seems, have discovered a license to print money. Find a popular franchise, turn even the most insane, homicidal characters within the story into teensy digital mini-figs and let them get to popping each other apart. But with LEGO Batman the developer took it a step further. Instead of riding on the popularity of an existing franchise and epic plots, they created their own story, a story that is doled out from a multitude of perspectives, first Batman and Robin and then the variety of villains.

Does Traveller's Tales have what it takes to mine Batman for both mini-fig fun and a decent story? Do they even need to, or does the mechanic alone keep the LEGO franchise afloat? Hit the jump to read up on the game's good, bad and ugly."

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