Best Buy Will Give You $10 Store Credit if you Pre-Order These Games

Best Buy has revealed what titles will take place in their annual holiday tradition for My Best Buy members.

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Princess_Pilfer499d ago

stop pre-ordering video games. 10 bucks store credit is small comfort if you waste 50 dollars on an overhyped undercooked garbage fire (most AAA games.)

Shadowsteal499d ago

If you have gamers club it ends up 38 + tax. So why wait?

arkard499d ago

Exactly, even if the game sucks I can turn around and sell it to someone for 50$ and still make 10$ off of it

Princess_Pilfer496d ago (Edited 496d ago )

Because you have no way of knowing if the game is/will be any good except carefully controlled pre-release info from the single least trustworthy source, the people with several million dollars riding on the games success.

Because if the game turns out to be bad (No Mans Sky,) broken (Mass Effect Andromeda,) or just not your thing you can save yourself 39 dollars and/or the time it takes to sell it to offset that cost.

Because you're supporting a terrible practice that incentivises things like the Evolve and Deus Ex HR pre-order disasters and all the Ubisoft crap.

Because by not refusing to pre-order (and waiting for reviews) you tell the publishers that they only way they get your money is if they release something actually worth buying, and you cannot be tricked or badgered into doing so with misleading pre-release info or pre-order "bonuses" and it's going to take a concerted effort among the consumer base to stop this nonsense.

KickSpinFilter499d ago

Sweet gonna pre-order this weekend and save $30 dollars per game at bestbuy. Pick them up on the fifth day of release after many reviews have come out. If the game stinks I don't pick it up and get my $5 bucks back. No money wasted.

annoyedgamer499d ago

Games these days are not worth pre-ordering. They will be $20 off a month after release.

Evolve499d ago

Ace Combat 7 is not on the list ... sigh :/

498d ago
Goldby498d ago (Edited 498d ago )

can i pre-order for 10$ and then replace that 10$ with the store credit,
nvm, those games are nothign i want to buy

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