Op-ed: Xbox One Data Proves Sony Are Right To Ignore Demands For PS4 Backwards Compatibility

Analysis of Xbox gamer habits by Ars Technica prove that Sony were probably right to ignore the baying call for PS4 Backwards compatibility.

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AspiringProGenji1943d ago ShowReplies(4)
slate911943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

So Sony is right in ignoring a free backward compatibility feature, but they are still right to charge for it?

Quick, someone spin this for me.

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TKCMuzzer1943d ago

Are you not putting a spin on the spin yourself? I have PS3 games I still own, they cost me nothing to play in my PS3. If I want to play these games on PSNow on my PS4 at a cost that is my decision (I don't by the way). If gamers are real gamers and love games of the past, then more than likely they will keep hardware of the past (as that is the true way to play those game).
The truth is, people are not really bothered about BC, it's about not having what the others have.

Plus, why does everybody say free BC? It would be free for us who owned the games but I doubt it's free to implement for Sony, as with most business cases, if the sums don't add up then they will invest elsewhere.

DJStotty1943d ago

but most back compat games benefit from more stable frame rate on xbox one. Wouldnt that be the "true" way to play the game?

cartoonx11943d ago

lol true way of playing at 20 fps? most of the 360 games runs much better on xboxone.

rainslacker1942d ago

Apparently MS fans had the foresight at the start of this gen to keep their 360 games but sell off the actual system to play them in.

It's weird, because in the past, a great number of people sold off their entire game library and system to finance the purchase of a new gen, while only a limited number kept their old games for playing them into the new gen.

FPS_D3TH1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

"Gamers are real gamers and love the past..."
Well if tech companies were real tech companies and love customer satisfaction...

IamTylerDurden11942d ago

To me, PS Now is about playing hundreds of games i've never played and being able to try them in an instant with virtually no download. That's the appeal when i've had PS Now. I was able to try dozens of games instantly without waiting for a lengthy download and i was able to experience numerous games that i missed last gen. Never once did i play a game that i already own. I still own a PS3 and 360 so BC means nothing to me. It's not like even half the 360 games are backwards compatibility anyway. Keeping my 360 makes ALL the games BC. HDMI 1 and HDMI 2..

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AspiringProGenji1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

They have as much right to charge for PS Now as MS is charging for Game Pass. MS are not gonna assume you own the games and give it for free, are they? They are both services.

There! No spin, just common sense

slate911943d ago

Xbox Game Pass =/= BC. PSNOW =/= Xbox Game Pass.

AspiringProGenji1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Exactly, which also means:
PS Now =/= BC

Or are you gonna tell me if the PS4 is BC with itself since it has PS4 games now? PS Now has been a cloud service since the start for non PS device (even if now they stopped support for those. Dumb idea) . It was easily mistaken or believed to be a BC solution, but it never was. Sony never said it was BC.

Bigpappy1943d ago

PSNow was = BC for 3yrs. They are now going to add some PS4 games after Game Pass is a thing (convenient), but I have to wonder how those PS4 games will perform on a service that struggled with PS3 games?

AspiringProGenji1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

"PSNow was = BC for 3yrs."

Man these people...

ninsigma1943d ago

@ bigpappy
How can a non playstation device with PSNow be backwards compatible?? It's not. Because PSNow is not and never has been a BC solution and anyone who actually thinks it is or was is an idiot.

Liqu1d1943d ago

@Bigpappy You guys praise BC so much but you don't even know what BC is.

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Thatguy-3101943d ago

They're charging for it???? Find it funny how you guys are quick to say that psnow is their answer to BC when it's not.

Death1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Their answer to b/c is no one really wants it, gamers just say the want it, but Sony knows better so they offer the same games no one wants in a streaming service. It's kind of like when your date says no over and over, but deep down in your heart you know she really means yes or when your mom wants to vote but your dad won't let her because he knows she'll screw it up. I might be confusing the second part up with EA Access which Sony won't allow since they know it's a scam and don't want their fanbase getting screwed by making the wrong choice. Neither has anything to do with the fact Sony wants to sell their services instead so they eliminate choice.

ninsigma1943d ago

There's a report that asked gamers if they use BC an 1.5% of them said yes. So that's gamers saying BC is not a big deal. Especially at this point in the generation. The fact that it's still an arguing point for people just shows how little there is on xbox.

1942d ago
thekhurg1943d ago

It's not free. System architecture on PS3 is incompatible with current generation. They can't brute force run a game "for free". Their streaming service runs the game on PS3 centric hardware. It's also available on more that just PS4 so it's more of an option for people that want to play older games on their pc for instance.

Liqu1d1943d ago

Sony don't charge for BC because BC doesn't exist in any form on PS4.


As if getting the BC feature was free!

Quick, someone please educate this pleb!

Xx_Pistol_xX1942d ago

It might be free for the consumer but not for the publisher. Microsoft has said that giving BC took a lot of time and money to make the emulation work. This is time and money taken away from new studious or IP's.

IamTylerDurden11942d ago

Resources MS should spend on studios and games so 7 months don't go by with only Halo Wars and Voodoo Vince (remastered). It's all relative, but i'll take new games over accessing old games (that i already own) on a different device.

4Sh0w1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

No, here's the deal, folks misunderstood the data or intentionally made it sound like a bad thing, I still see PS folks saying it was only 1.5% of Xbox owners who used BC, he'll even many Xbox owners did not correct them.

It's not 1.5% OF USERS, it's 1.5% OF 1.65 BILLION TOTAL MINUTES OF Xbox usage. Go read it again:

-In fact it actually goes against the ps fanboy narrative that Xbox has no games so that's why Xbox fans support BC. In fact what the analysis highlights is that over a 5 month period EACH INDIVIDUAL XBOX GAMER AVERAGES ALMOST 25 MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY TIME WITH A LAST GEN GAME.=

That is great, because the same analysis shows Xbox gamers are spending the lions share of their time playing CURRENT GEN XBOX GAMES DAILY, then every once in a while they say cool I havent played Alan Wake in years, let me go rock that guitar scene again.....that makes perfect sense, that's what's expected on a next gen console.

Take this to the bank, BC cannot be spun into a bad thing, Xbox players are playing mostly current gen games alot AND they have the option to play BC games on their current gen hardware for FREE (if they owned it previously). The ONLY reason ps n4g folks say "'meh" is because Sony gave them no choice except ps now. Instead of requesting it more to perhaps make Sony change in this ONE instance in favor of the consumer they rather save face in online console war nonsense.

Sony is doing a great job, but there's always room for improvement.....not arrogance, but given how some of you act, I expect that Ryan exec to keep telling you, your most requested features are not what you really want, bu, but we have something else for ya, here's ps now.

NecoTehSergal1942d ago

Well, the one thing that remains true is that just like, oooh Idunno. Nintendo has never really had backwards compatibility except for very scarce and random moments - no one seems to care, they still sell their older games on a Virtual Store.

With Sony and Playstation consoles, you have to realize and understand the sophistication of Ken Kutaragi's designs, he deliberately made them complicated and to try to get PS2 and PS3 compatibility is one of the hardest things am sure a dev could do, let alone the work Naughty Dog had to do for instance to port The Last of Us amazingly for the PS4.

Xbox 360 and Xbox One, are basically just PC's in console form, Nintendo and Sony had different means of changing that up, with that being, Cartridge, and Sony? It was with things like the Emotion Engine in PS2 and the Cell Processor that you don't have in PC's, how it handles data completely differs from an average PC. Porting takes Time and Money. If it was just a simple flip of a switch like many (but not all) Emulation's and Roms? Then they could just do that, but since they can't do that with ALL games - it's tough luck, but really, Backwards compatibility was a thing Sony more or less invented originally in the Console Wars between PS1 and PS2 and PS3 - they then discarded it and everyone got butthurt even though the realism is there, it will get harder and harder down the line to offer it.

Not every fucking game I played from Windows 95 era will work on my Windows 10, this is just a simple fact, a programmer would need to ensure patches come out for those old games, if not Fan-patches that fix the complications, bugs, glitches, errors, complications, in order for it to work with the New tech hardware of CPU's, GPU's, or Dual-GPU's or even by a computer having too much RAM - could cause problems for an older game.

KillBill1942d ago

Oh... he was talking from a Sony financial side of things. Not from a user base care side of things.

IamTylerDurden11942d ago

Wow. Ur one of those that thinks PS Now is only for backwards compatibility. Right, bc if i get PS Now i'm totally going to skip the HUNDREDS of games i haven't played yet and ONLY play the games that i already own/have played... <- Sarcasm

C-H-E-F1942d ago

Why should those that don't care about BC, pay for those who do care about it to have it? That is what happened with the PS3, We had to foot the bill at launch for those gamers that wanted BC. However, now sony has made those who want BC pay for it. Which is better IMO, I don't need to pay for crap i'm not going to use. There's times when games have came out that I got PS Now for a month or rented the game for a month, so I could play it, like TWD so I can get some easy platinums LMAO, and that's how it should be done. This isn't a feature everyone uses, yes it would be good to have built in, for people like me that dabble, however, I do still have a PS3 OG and Slim, guess what I never plug those up.

At the end of the day BC is a dumb feature to charge a WHOLE userbase for when only 1% of the install base would use it, in 0 benefit to the other 99% and/or Sony as a company in terms of profit.

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Lennoxb631943d ago

MS isn't trying to make playing old games the most used feature on X1. It's just for those of us who don't want two consoles hooked up to play both old and new games. It's for when you all of a sudden have the urge to play one of your old titles, it's there. A simple convenience.

darthv721943d ago

Thats how i use my ps3. It plays 3 gens of games. Not every fun game has to only be from one generation.

Just because some games are "old" doesnt mean they should no longer be enjoyed.

4Sh0w1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

Hey guys at this point I wouldn't try to educate them any more personally Im for ALL gamers getting more choice but clearly the ps fans on n4g would rather argue it's 'meh rather than keep asking Sony so they might move toward a similar BC strategy. The Ryan exec arrogance says it all basically ps fans want what they tell them to want. I mean he simply cant say what he said all while Sony promotes ps now, which is a direct investment to bring old games to ps4. They are even killing ps now support for everything but pc and ps4 which puts more focus on them wanting ps fans to buy/rent games on ps4.

NO, BC is not something I use often, No BC it's not a system seller but it is something thats really cool when you get the itch to play an old favorite. So YES we are gonna keep praising it but mostly just be glad our preferred console has the option.

Thatguy-3101943d ago

That itch isn't asking to be scratch by a lot of ppl

Lennoxb631943d ago

That's the thing. It doesn't have to be a lot of people. It's just there when you need/want to indulge in an older game. Instead of hooking up you old console to do so, you can play it straight from you new console.

Thatguy-3101943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

Sorry but Sony doesn't seem the benefit to invest on something that won't be use by the majority. If you want a product like that then you have an Xbox one for that.

Death1943d ago


Then why did they invest close to half a billion on Gaikai just to stream those very same games they claim no one wants to play? If it wasn't for those 380 million reasons I would get where they are coming from. Which are we to believe?

Thatguy-3101943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

What you and a lot of people need to get through your head is the fact that ps now is NOT an alternative to backwards compatibility. Both are two different things. Ps now is a service that grants one the ability to play games with out the need of a console. Ps now is meant for a more mainstream market where as BC is the total opposite of that which only covers something niche. I don't understand how people are having a hard time wrapping their head around that.

1942d ago
IamTylerDurden11942d ago

Honestly, BC would be even less used on PS4. We are nearly 4 years into the generation and Sony has already released more exclusives this year than i can even keep up with. I don't even have time to play brand new exclusives that are so highly regarded they are likely goty contenders let alone a last gen games i already own and have already played. I still need to get Nier, Persona 5, and MLB The Show 17. Still need to platinum HZD and Farpoint. Still barely touched Prey and MEA. Wipeout Omega just released to rave reviews and it's native 4K 60fps with HDR on Pro. We just got KF2 and Life is Strange on PS+. AZ Sunshine and Crash release this month. I still want to play The Surge which offers 4K and 60fps on Pro.

We are in the thick of it right now, 3-4 years in and the games starting pouring out. We have options aplenty. Ppl need to understand the difference in the significance of backwards compatibility at the very beginning of a gen and 4 years into a gen. Backwards compatibility at the very beginning of a gen is a massive feature bc ppl generally still have huge last gen libraries, and very few new gen games to play. In the beginning of a new gen the previous gen is still very relevant, but after several years and after support has completely dried up this is no longer the case. Ppl just have overwhelming options for new, technically superior experiences and the significance of non remastered, old gen games is not nearly what it was circa 2013.

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FallenAngel19841943d ago

There's no excuse for why PS4 doesn't have basic PS1 backwards compatibility when every PlayStation hardware prior had the feature. It became a longtime tradition until 2013.

Death1943d ago

This is exactly why I spent $599 for my 60 gig. Arc the Lad and both Lunar Collections, FFVII and FFVIII, GT and GT2, RE1&2, Ridge Racer, Metal Gear, and Spider-Man are all part of my favorites for the PlayStation. Not to mention I don't have a working PS2 anymore. I put too many hours on a few of them and oddly misplaced my PS2 slim which I reboxed for safe keeping. If the Pro would have been b/c with all of these I would have bought it already.

boing11943d ago

One reason. It doesn't have CD Drive.

Razzer1942d ago

You think Blu Ray can't play CDs?

1942d ago
rainslacker1942d ago

Not all BR drives can read CD's. I had to do some research into this, because I thought that it seemed fishy, but BR lens does indeed need the appropriate laser diode to actually be able to read CD's or DVD's. While all players I know about do indeed support CD's, it's because they actually do have the diode to do so. Sony's PS4 does not have this diode. Same goes for DVD, but Sony did include the DVD diode. The laser itself between all the different formats uses a compeltely different wavelength, and while the laser frequency can be produced by a single lens, the diode required to do that isn't always included on the lens.

boing11942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

PS4 can't read CDs. Only DVDs and BRs.

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I don't know what you guys are all talking about I would love to be able to play my PS3 games on my PS4 so many games I own that I'm not playing right now because I can't you guys need to give your heads a shake if you don't want to be able to access your old games what are you idiots go ahead and give me dislikes your absolute fools for not wanting backwards compatibility