Sackboy is More than Just a Cutie

If Sackboy, the sack cloth-covered lead character of Sony's ambitious, crazy, game Little Big Planet, doesn't make you smile when you first see him, then you don't have a heart.

Seriously, how can you not say "Awww, cute" when you first set eyes on the soft-headed sackboy?

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chaosatom3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I wanted more.

btw, the levels created by MM are Brilliant, and the game is meant to be played co-op offline and online. It's brings a new social aspect to gaming.

Although sometimes I like to play it alone, because of some lag, the co-op is just so much fun.

edit: yeah, I just can't expect the beta to be a whole game, without spending a single penny on it, lol.

Fishy Fingers3672d ago

No they did, but character customisation isn't something that needs testing. They'd obviously want to keep the beta as "simple" as possible and focus on what actually requires testing.

Don't worry though, they'll be no shortage of options in the complete build.

zimbo0073672d ago

can u imagine how big LBP is??

NoAchillesHeel3672d ago

How dare they post a LittleBIGPlanet post without talking about the beta!

Haha, just kidding. : )

Cyber Gamer3672d ago

this game is pissing off quite a lot of people because of there beta keys this could even back fire on them

damn tryed ever where for the beta key but i guess this is it have to wait 20 days or so to have it on my hands or just dont pick it up because of those stupid beta keys

Drekken3672d ago

Betas are not our god given right. Feel lucky if you get in... if you dont than you just had bad luck. You cant hold it against them for trying to get gaming sites involved.

This game is huge! It is creating a frenzy like I have never seen.

lnfinite3672d ago

He's Also the Next Big Thing in Video Gaming.