Gunfire: The World Will Be The Star of Darksiders III; We Have 50 Devs, 30-35 Ex-Vigil

Gunfire's Game Director David Adams believes the interconnected game world will be the star of Darksiders III. He then confirmed that 50 developers are working on the game, of which 30-35 are former Vigil Games members.

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TheOttomatic91526d ago

Small team means smaller budget which might be hard for me to get used to so Darksiders 1 and 2 was very polished.

526d ago
MilkMan526d ago

Im no matter what. If you screw it up then I don't buy any more Darksiders. So far I have zero to complain about.

pandehz526d ago

'The world will be the star of Darksiders III'

Yup right there its going to be a mediocre game. My advice. Focus on character.