Horde: Gears of War 2's most exciting multi-player addition (GamesRadar Preview)

GamesRadar: "If we're being honest, multi-player was the part of the Gears 2 preview day we were looking forward to the least. It's not that we didn't want to play it. But with a healthy fat wedge of brand new Gears of War campaign to play, the promise of getting back into the story after so long away from Sera over-rode everything else like a steamroller over egg shells. A steamroller with chainsaws on the front, driven by a very heavy fat man.

But oh, how wrong we were. We'll level with you right now, Gears Of War 2's new Horde mode is affrontingly addictive. It's one of those "It's so simple, why wasn't it done years ago?" ideas, taking the basic team deathmatch and putting all the players on one side against ever-increasing CPU odds. Imagine Smash TV trapped in the body of Marcus Fenix and you've pretty much got it. Your squad of five human players is dropped into a multiplayer map and given a few seconds to fan out and take position. Then a wave of Locust will come in from the edges of the arena and you'll take them out as a team."

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RadientFlux3676d ago

I'm not a big fan of multiplayer aspect of gaming, but the Horde mode does sound like fun and plan on giving it a shot.

thor3676d ago

This is like co-op, except without progression or story. I don't see how it can be any better than a co-op mode.

Veryangry_xbot3676d ago

And Resistance 2s coop mode will PWN this.

zimbo0073676d ago

another mediocre x360 crap