Diablo III: No guns, no spellbooks, no DirectX 10

Ian Miles writes: "Jay Wilson suggested not awhile back that the next announced class would be certain to make some fans of Diablo 'very angry'. Speculation about the next class went up like fireworks with everything from gunslingers to mechanized robots being suggested by anxious fans in Diablo III's various forums, to which Blizzard's community manager, Bashiok, has posted a response."

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bdickason3674d ago

Wondering what the next class will be, now that 'rifleman' is out of the picture :(

thor3674d ago

Good. No guns. Excellent. I HATE fantasy games that use guns alongside swords, mainly because, if you slice someone with a sword, fair enough, they might not die, you might just cut them. If you shoot someone in the face, they don't really have a chance of surviving. A gun is so much more powerful than a sword, yet in games that include both the sword is generally made more powerful just because it's short-range only. Guns have no place in the diablo universe.

skelter3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Except in the tabletop World of Darkness setting. You were crazy to use guns in that game, because the accuracy was so heavily nerfed. With swords or knives you could slice and dice anything that got close to you, but woe be unto the soul that tries to cap a dude at 10 yards.


Xi3674d ago

Blunderbusses were extremely weak when they were first implemented, they could barely break the skin. As they became more powerful they then lost out do to accuracy, speed, and the off chance it would backfire.

It's fine to have those type of guns in the game, the problem is when a fantasy game gives people assault rifles.

gambare3674d ago

that's not a bad thing, that means everyone can play it in XP without a loss in graphics

skelter3674d ago

Just because they may have been designing for DX 10 doesn't mean DX9 players would "lose" anything. It just means DX 10 players don't get as many features as they possibly could.

It's not super surprising, since D2 wasn't anywhere near the top of the line in terms of technical specs, either. Blizzard's always been about accessibility at the cost of shiny; they just have a great art team to make up for the ugly with lots and lots of personality.

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The story is too old to be commented.