Mercenaries 2: World In Flames Demo - PS3 Attitude's Impressions

At 1.4 GB is downloading the Mercenaries 2: World in Flames demo worth your time?

PS3 Attitude's Brodiesan writes:

"With a meta-review score of the final product in the mid-70s it's quite apparent that Mercenaries 2 is an accomplished, if not flawed, game but if you're currently on the fence this demo will do little to sway you to the purchasing side. With its immense size and limited playability we'd recommend skipping this one and just pick up the actual game if wanton destruction and mission-based objectives are your bag."

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Brodiesan3697d ago

The article states clearly that the demo is released post-full game launch. That doesn't mean people might still want to know if the demo is any good.

The article is for people who are thinking of picking up the full-game, who want to know if the demo is any good and if it promotes the game adequately. I posit that the demo does more harm than good.

That's the point of the article.

Thanks for the site name in p/review title report, Jack. That's fixed now.

xcroptic3697d ago

i have downloaded the demo.. but its in b/w.. some games just gets b/w on my psp.. not all but for example flow its in b/w.. is there something i can do?

WINZLOW3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

not promote the game adequetly because it doesnt fully utilize the potential of using airstrikes or buying war vehicles or war aircraft. i had a ton of fun playing the 1st mercenaries