Dark Souls II Plus DLC for $12 with Humble Monthly

Pick up Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin for $12 with a new subscription to Humble Monthly

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Sir_Meowface588d ago

I am actually a little disappointed. Dark souls 2 was the weakest of the trilogy, im not saying it shouldn't be in a bundle but i dont know about advertised as the "big item".

NordicRainy588d ago

It was the weakest, but it was still a fantastic game. At least in my opinion. Nowhere near as amazing as DS1 and 3, but still very much worth a playthrough.

poolbuddy588d ago

I liked it, but I agree. For $12, plus the promise of more, it's still a good deal I think.

588d ago
iofhua588d ago

I got their "mostly positive" bundle and it was all crap games. The reviews had to have been manipulated just to give Humble a package they could sell.

I won't be getting unknown games through Humble anymore, no matter how cheap they are. If they don't offer a title I recognize and want, I won't be buying.

poolbuddy588d ago

It really depends for me. There has to be at least one game I actually want in the bundle before I commit.