Casual Review Reviews: PayDayTrivia

Casual Review writes: "Once in a while we like to review other types of casual games, such as Flash, multiplayer, or online. We know our readers spend a good amount of time and money playing games (just like us!), but we rarely receive anything back other than pure enjoyment. So when we heard about a quiz game that actually pays its players in real dollars for correct answers, we were like… "Whaaaaat?"

But PayDayTrivia does exactly that. It's basically an online quiz site, where you answer five questions on a topic such as Movies, Celebrities, Technology, or Geography. You can choose to do a Sprint quiz, where you're under time pressure, or a Search quiz, where you can search the Web for the answer using their sponsor The quizzes can get difficult, let me tell ya. Even with the whole Web at your fingertips, it might be hard to figure out, say, the number of volts in the filament power supply of vacuum tubes in power amplifiers. So prepare to dig deeper than the first page of results to find your answer. That's how it is in the real world: you want money, you need to work hard to get it."

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