The Nefarious Method That Thieves Are Using To Steal Your PSN Account

Sean @ FG: Thieves are using the Deactivate All function to hijack your primary PSN and you might not even know about it…

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gangsta_red501d ago

Damn, that is harsh business.

Gardenia500d ago

Some people are selfish pricks doing anything for money. I activated the 2 step verification immediately after reading this story just to be safe. if I'd lose my account and all my PSN games...

Travis3708501d ago (Edited 501d ago )

I read that article and that's just freaking disgusting selling people's PSN accounts for over a $1000! Why do people wrong like that and take everything they've earned? It's sickening reading how that hacker does it easily and acts like it's just business.

FullmetalRoyale500d ago

Anyone who does things like that is a real "See you next Tuesday," if you know what I mean.

jaycptza500d ago Show
KionicWarlord222501d ago

Everyone who has a playstation account needs to switch there email address to something they use that doesn't use a credit card,amazon acccount,mobile wallet credit,etc.

That`s how all these phishing scams start.

Gotta be smart in these streets folks. Your security is way more important than some scumbags hijacking ya.

Ashlen500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

This has nothing to do with PlayStation this is just basic net security. Don't use one password for everything online. In fact people who are smart have a separate password for every single website.

For 10 to 20 bucks anyone can buy a password manager off Amazon and store all their passwords securely.

Omnisonne500d ago

Call me paranoid but I've always been a little suspicious about storing passwords on your own system, or a so called ''safe''. I imagine it doesn't take much effort for any dedicated hacker to break into that program and take all your passwords that way.

rainslacker499d ago (Edited 499d ago )

To my knowledge I have never heard of the stored passwords on systems being stolen or breached. Even if the file itself was taken, without the system key, which is generated through actual hardware within the system itself, it would be excessively hard to break the encryption.

I don't store the passwords myself, as I'm super cautious about such things due to my own experiences with identity theft, but I don't think it's actually an major security risk to actually do so. There are more efficient and practical ways to get people's passwords, so one's stored passwords are generally a targeted attack against you personally, and likely something better would be taken. For instance, simply monitoring the system, the hacker can get your keylog which will reveal passwords, which ironically wouldn't show up from the stored passwords fill in, but could be found through packet analysis either way.

Christopher499d ago

Well, first, no, you don't need to use a different e-mail account. Just don't use the same passwords anywhere and make sure they are 'strong' passwords and not easily guessed ones. And, where possible, enable 2-factor authentication.

Second, do this everywhere. Not just on PlayStation accounts.

Papafynn500d ago

Turn on 2-factor authentication y’all!

WildArmed500d ago

Literally just this.

2-factor auth everything you have, and you'll be fine. It was one of my most requested features from Sony, I'm glad they got around to it!

Vitalogy500d ago

There's literally no reason to not use this, I'm pretty sure everyone that have a playstation have a mobile phone.

madpuppy500d ago

@MagicBeanz "And what if they dont?"

Then you would have to be extra careful with your account and have a really good, unique password.

Vitalogy500d ago

@MagicBeanz so people can afford a $300 console and $50~$60 games but can't afford a simple $50 phone? It doesn't have to be state of the art high-end smartphone *sigh*

blackblades500d ago

I haven't yet, this just encourage me to do so.


Did this immediately b4 I finished reading article. Better safe than sorry...

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jreeves82500d ago

I had the same thing happen to me last year. Playstation support was no help at all. Finally after 6 months I was able to deactivate all and reactivate mine as primary. Bastards

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