Sony's Jim Ryan On BC: "One Of Those Features That Is Much Requested, But Not Actually Used Much"

Perhaps the best thing about Xbox has been its backwards compatibility feature , and it is without a doubt a standout of the Xbox platform

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AspiringProGenji1210d ago

Whether he is downplaying it or not, with all these new games that keep coming on PS4 people are not going crazy with the lack of BC. Would be cool because why not, but I in particular wouldn't ne using it right now

naruga1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

however i would like full BC with PS1/2 ...PS4 is far from capable for it and it costs nothing for them and would make alot of old owners happy they sell old PS1/2 titles on PSN which is unfair for those (like me) who own the games

Forbidden_Darkness1210d ago

I'm not really sure you can call it unfair, considering you bought those games for the systems you had at the time and that was all that was promised for them. There wasn't no guarantee that future iterations of PlayStations would even play them. Would it be nice if they did PS1/2 games BC on PS4? Absolutely, but if Sony doesn't see it worth their time, they won't.

Honestly, how many out of the Millions of PS4 owners would actually play their old games on it anyways?

nX1210d ago (Edited 1210d ago )

I think BC hosts too many possible exploits for Sony to ever bother with it. It's just not worth risking your ecosystem for those few people that didn't abandon their old consoles when the new ones arrived.

Even though I don't agree with this arrogant statement, I fully support Sony in the decision to offer BC through remasters and PS Now - they really have more than enough amazing content within their library to not bother with full BC. For example, I wouldn't even care about Wipeout if I could play my old PS3 copy... but I'm hyped about playing it in 4k/60fps tomorrow :)

Tapani1209d ago

For me, BC is huge. I want to access my classics from one place, and not pile up on consoles or have classics only on portable form on Vita which is locked by region. I want choice, I want to use all my bought digital items on all consoles. BC is why I'm thinking of getting Scorpio next to my PS4 Pro, because I want to play Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon on it, and wouldn't mind upping Pro's resolution and fps either, since it is not utilized nearly as much as it should be. He is downplaying it, and it is bad for business. My advice to Sony: Invest in it, so you can take care of it. Just do it, and stop with the excuses.

UltraNova1209d ago

"Even though I don't agree with this arrogant statement, I fully support Sony in the decision to offer BC through remasters and PS Now - they really have more than enough amazing content within their library to not bother with full BC. For example, I wouldn't even care about Wipeout if I could play my old PS3 copy... but I'm hyped about playing it in 4k/60fps tomorrow :)"


DashArrivals1209d ago

The vast majority DO NOT want or care about BC.

The same goes for Xbox. Microsoft even said, with their special kind of PR spin, that 50% of gamers have "tried" BC... meaning that if it's a new feature people try it out, but the majority don't actually use it regularly at all.

My current Gen backlog is so freaking big it would break your back to look up at it.

InTheLab1209d ago

I have an x1.... I don't use the feature. Especially since both console have new games I have yet to play.

The first few years of ps4 would have been great to have BC much like it was for ps3. I played GoW2 on my ps3 to pass time between releases and it was great. And then I never used the feature again.

andrewsquall1209d ago

And even then, they don't even sell much of the PS2 games on PSN. Either release every game ever made on PSN so we can GIVE YOU MONEY AGAIN FOR THEM or just don't bother.

The same with PS Now. Just add every PS3, PS2 and PS1 game to it from every region with trophies and I will be an instant subscriber (lol actually I won't because its not in Ireland you dolts) or JUST DON'T BOTHER. Why are they only adding 10 titles to PS Now every month when the games don't need to be re-engineered or anything. It misses the entire point of making it a streaming service.

manabyte771209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

In all fairness, there are those that prefer the PS2 classics. Most people (not all) probably don't still have their PS2 discs. Further, I and obviously others are willing to pay for the 1080p resolution bump. It's a huge difference. And the trophy support makes it really enticing.

DragonKnight1209d ago

"The vast majority DO NOT want or care about BC."

You spoke to the vast majority of people?

Army_of_Darkness1209d ago

He is absolutely right! There are always complainers no matter what Sony does and if the ps4 had bc, it will for sure not get nearly as used as the complainers are claiming. In a business standpoint I can see why Sony isn't bothered by it considering how they are leading in terms of hardware sales as well as current gen software why bother wasting resources going backwards??

showtimefolks1209d ago


When I had it on ps3 I used it but than when new games started to come out I didn't care

If both ps4 and Xbox one had BC there wouldn't be any fuss about it. Right now xbox gamers call it must have feature and ps4 gamers say we gave too many newer games to be worried about ps3 games

I still have my ps3 and plan to keep it for few gaming series Like Yakuza and Mgs HD collection and Mgs 4 etc

It's amazing to me that xbox one gamers are asking Ms to add old Xbox 360 games to BC list and not asking why they haven't released much since last year

So yeah there are stats that prove BC is a feature used by very select few and I am glad Sony isn't worrying about the small vocal minority and instead are focused on giving us great games in present and more coming in future

1Victor1209d ago

Sony learned they're lesson with PS3 they gave you full BC and there was a flood of negativity about it so much they had to pull the chip out. Now because a more vocal group of gamer are asking for it just to be cooler than the other side and say we got it too when it's little or not needed. Be careful of what you wish.
Personally I got the PS3 60gig to play all my old game slightly enhanced and we know that for the next system it will be fully BC with PS4 so hang in there


How exactly it doesnt cost a thing for them?

If they had all those games for sale I would understand, but they dont even make money re selling those, so that means it is not as easy as one would think!

DarXyde1209d ago

I think if you can play the original
unenhanced version, that'd be neat.

Honestly, my backlog is bad enough on PS4 that revisiting games doesn't seem feasible for me, so I certainly cannot complain. It's bad enough I want to replay games I've beaten already but the urge to make progress takes precedent.

indyman77771209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )


IS Sony head faking just like Microsoft did? Stay tuned until E3!!!

rainslacker1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Might be tough if you're hoping to use it for a physical collection though. The PS4 won't read CD's, which was the format for PS1, and some PS2 games. This would leave it as digital only. That wouldn't be that appealing to me, outside the free games that I've gotten from PS+, or a few PS1 games I brought for PS3 for games I didn't want to open a game from my collection.

Better than nothing though. But you know there would be those who would criticize them for not allowing all physical games to be used, and we'd just have some other stupid roundabout argument about what is mostly a niche feature.


Same thought occurred to me. But as I said above, physical BC may be tricky. Still, anything is better than nothing I suppose.

Wedge191209d ago

Costs nothing for them? Right, so it's no work whatsoever right? Nobody needs to ensure compatibility? Nobody needs to check the emulation on each and every game? That's not manpower and time? WHat is being said here is that the value is not there, because as much as it is demanded, it's not worth them implementing it because it realistically barely gets used. That's the reason they removed it from the PS3. People hem and haw about it, but when the feature is available it is a very limited subset of people that actually use it.

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Overload1210d ago

The PS3 had B/C, I used it for 2 or 3 games.

kneon1209d ago

I used it for one game. BC is useful at launch when there aren't that many games, but after a few years, I expect it's hardly ever used.

1209d ago
Gyarados1209d ago


BC is useful for xbox gamers bacause they have nothing else to play.

UltraNova1209d ago

I never used BC on my fat ps3. I was to busy basking in glorious HD and blu-ray movie eye candy. The moment I hooked up my ps3 on an HD Ready screen I never looked back.

These days I dont even have the time to play all ps exclusives let alone old games.

Bennibop1209d ago

Same used once and played ps3 games.

Ps4 does not need bc it is not short of games releasing. Microsoft is using bc to prop up a lack of releases.

NapalmSanctuary1209d ago

I spent way more time playing ps1 & ps2 games on my ps3 than I did playing ps3 games.

Death1209d ago


According ot the wiki list of Xbox One games, there are 1177 games on the Xbox One.

There are an additional 386 Xbox 360 games available via b/c.

On PS4 there are 1668 on the list.

It's not fair to count the 360 games so we should use the 1668 PS4 vs the 1177 Xbox One numbers. Sony by far has more games available, but to say 1177 games is "nothing" seems a little absurd. I don't think we have seen anyone play all 1177 games and are now sitting with nothing to do. Attach rates determine how many games people own for their console. The average PS4 gamer owns 7.5 games. According to Ubi's financials, Xbox owners buy more games EA has stated similar things in the past.

4Sh0w1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Ahhh but I remember when Xbox 360 launched with No backwards compatibility and Sony fans made a very big deal about it, when ps3 actually had it's like 'meh, yeah riiiiight.

Also this is as arrogant as it gets= Sony themselves say it's a MUCH requested feature but then say it's not used much, that's BS, if people are requesting it's not so they can stare at a BC screen, no they want to play those old classics on their ps4, in between brand new ps4 releases. Yeah the usual defenders say 'meh only because they will agree with whatever sony does just like when sony denied them EA Access. This is even more sad as Sony continues to promote ps now.

It's not the greatest thing ever on a next gen console but dismissing it because you're the sales leader is the epitome of arrogance.

trouble_bubble1209d ago

All that gamepur link says is in that particular Ubisoft 3rd quarter in 2015, for every $1.00 PS owners spent on an Ubisoft game, Xbox owners averaged $1.25.

THAT is what you're game-set-matching on?!?

LMFAO! You are literally boasting about an extra 25 CENTS spent on Ubisoft --who I haven't bought a game from in ages--, in 1 three month window. THAT is attach rate domination to you? You sound ridiculous. All that proves is during that quarter Xbox players averaged an extra 25cents on some Just Dance micro transaction garbage or something equally innocuous. Um, congrats, lol?

mastiffchild1209d ago

I used BC on launch PS3 exactly twice before last week. I only began using it now to play PS1 and 2 games because I ran out of room for consoles in front room and its a space saver. Rarely used it on Xboxes or Wii U either.

Not saying it isnt useful, sometimes it is, but its not often that important to most gamers.

Death1209d ago


You misunderstand, it's not a literal $1.25 being spent. The numbers were 41% of Ubi's quarterly revenue came from PS4 and 27% came from Xbox One. The 27% achieved by Xbox One was done with 1/2 as many consoles sold. This explains it pretty well,

Why o why1209d ago

C'mon now. . I had a fat and didn't use the feature much. . Would the option be good. . Definitely but some are acting like bc is more important than current titles. . Who you trying to fool. . I've seen some n4g members actually add bc titles to the Xbox games listing. . .

Hold up. . Wasn't it the same clique that continued the mantra of the ps3 has 'no games'. . . . Obviously they didn't factor in the gluttony of ps2 games. . . pick and choose your hypocrisies I guess

4show. . .granted. . Hypocrisy
But look how exclusives don't matter anymore. . . The same mantra infects all parties. . Laud what you have, downplay what you don't.

BlackTar1871209d ago


That's nonsense. When it had BC no one cared and when it was removed no one cared.

Get out of here with your made up crap. It most likely was used as THIS IS WHY PS3 COSTS so much along with all the other awesome things that the Fats had. When all of it was removed to save cost i don't remember anyone crying about BC. I was here back then so i'm not making it up.

majedx91209d ago

same i used it only with demo disc one (ps1) and silent hill 2 just to see if it's working or not.

Tru_Ray1209d ago

I played one PS2 game on my PS3. It was Persona 4. This is one of the best JRPGs ever made, so I am glad that the PS3 had that feature.

With that being said, I currently have a backlog of about 8 PS4 games that I need to get through. I couldn't care less about the lack of B/C on the PS4. Between my PS4/PSVR/PSVita there is more than enough current generation content to keep me busy.

I guess if your an Xbox gamer B/C becomes more critical due to lack of content on their ONE hardware platform.


XanderZane1209d ago

Got over 180+ games in my XB1 library. There are over 1100 games to play on the XB1. I wouldn't call that "nothing to play".Maybe it's you that has "nothing intelligent to say".

rainslacker1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

I use it regularly myself, but I tend to go through "retro" phases, and PS1/2 games often get put into the rotation. I still have my PS1 and PS2 hooked up though.

I realize I am far from typical though, and while there are a lot of retro gamers out there, and I do believe that BC is a feature that isn't used much, if at all, by the vast majority.


Ah, I remember at the beginning of this gen when users from both sides said it wasn't that big of a deal. In fact, I think most of them said exactly what Jim Ryan is saying here.

Most seem to say it'd be great if it's there, but they buy new systems to play new games.

Granted, I'm sure if Sony had some solution announced at E3, we'd see a lot of Sony fans saying how great it is again making it seem like the majority of Sony fans are flip flopping. In the end though, it probably won't matter to most of them for actual practical usage purposes.

nitus101209d ago

I still have my old FAT PS3 (2006) and it works fine. The reason why I purchased it day one even though I still had my PS2 which I used as a trade-in was backward compatibility.

At the start of a console generation, BC is a great selling point but further into the generation it still is a nice feature for a bit of nostalgia to play old but good (this is subjective) games however usually newer games take precedence.

Let's put it this way. How many people who have PS3's play PS1 games on it and how often?

For me, the answer would be very rarely and the same applies for all my PS2 games with my last PS2 game being played over a year ago. I have so many PS4 games that I rarely have the time.

Note: All PS3's play PS1 games it is only the first edition PS3's that can play PS2 games as well.

meatnormous1209d ago

Castlevainia SOTN is a ps1 classic on the store for 5$. That fact alone has made the ps3 stay plugged in with no end in sight. Ps1 classics are great! I still have discs and they play those as well. Its a shame the ps4 doesn't play ps1 games or ps2 cause the power is there to emulate those systems. Hoping to get some old high school friends together soon for a tekken 3 tournament. Yes, im old as fuck.

Quatron1209d ago

You and 60 others must have some garabage taste then. Cause I used it for 34 games.

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TitanUp1209d ago

I agree with his statement. I'm not to fond of playing older systems and games unless the games are remastered.

PS3 games and 360 games look garbage.

1209d ago
badz1491209d ago

just look at the recently released Phantom Dust. free or clearly doesn't age well. the only think that is up-to-date about it is the microtransactions

Platformgamer1209d ago

God of war 3 and ascension, heavy rain, uncharted 2 and 3 looks like garbage for you then...
have you checked your eyes? are you sure you don't need glasses?
Even early ps3 games like heavenly sword and lair looks good

NapalmSanctuary1209d ago

Not everyone is impressed with every new game that comes out. Most new AAA games, outside of the mass market shooters, rarely get purchased by more than 5-10% of the player base, if that.

AspiringProGenji1209d ago

There are more people interested and buying new games than those who prefer BC. That is what matters. If they are not interested in new games then they should have stuck with the old consoles then

NapalmSanctuary1209d ago

The two are not mutually exclusive. We all want new games that we would like, its just that some of us are a bit disappointed with the modern selection, and modern games, in general. BC just adds to the value proposition, even if not everyone uses it, kinda like single player campaigns in online shooters.

The ONLY reason PS4 doesn't have proper BC is because its the #1 machine this gen and Sony doesn't feel particularly compelled to go the extra mile for the consumer, because of it. I highly suspect that the only reason they are saying this now is because they are a bit butthurt that PSnow hasn't been very successful. Whatever the case is, they don't know how many of their consumers would actually utilize BC because they haven't implemented it. All they know is that it is "much requested", which speaks for itself.

AspiringProGenji1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

BC wouldn't have helped them to be on top if they were 3rd. It hasn't helped MS at all. You don't know their true reason why they don't have that. For now we have to go with what they say that it is because of the cell processor, whether we believe it or not

The fact that the majority of PS4 owners are not pressuring Sony over it means they don't care, not to say they wouldn't take it if offered. Meanwhile every, if not most, PS4 exclusive have sold very well. It doesn't matter if the dales don't match console unit sales. There's interest in new ips and cureent games. If you and some of you are disappointed with current games, then stick to Retro. You realize last gen games are also part of modern gaming right?

NapalmSanctuary1209d ago

Sony has the best back catalogue in the business, especially where ps1 and ps2 are concerned. Xbox's back catalogue is mainly multiplats and other games mostly still available on PC. There is no comparison between Sony and Xbox on that front. Like I said, the fact that BC is "much requested" speaks for itself.

Spare me the "majority of PS4 owners" line. The system has a games attach rate of 7-8 games per system, which means the vast majority of PS4 owners don't buy games very often, if at all. I fail to see how they're relevant to this conversation.

"You realize last gen games are also part of modern gaming right?"
Whats your point? The ps3 era wasn't exactly the high point in Sony's back catalogue.

rainslacker1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

For the most part, anyone interested in playing old games typically keeps their old consoles. The PS1, PS2, and initial PS3's were kind of an anomaly in that they played older games. Nintendo picked it up for one prior generation up until the Switch, and for their handhelds, but beyond that, it's only been a big issue of it's inclusion or exclusion this gen.

BC is mostly just a console war talking point. Nothing more. There are those who can find a use for it, such as myself, but for many of those people, they will keep whatever is necessary to play those older games. BC just offers up some convenience.

Anyhow, even though any given game may only sell to a small percentage of the user base, when you look at total software sales, new games sell to many times the install base, while BC would be lucky to see 5% in new software purchases, and I'd wager that 1% is even being generous.

Why is the number one reason that Sony had the number one console this gen? Sony didn't have it from the start, even before it was annouced. At that time, they had no idea just how successful it would be, and I'd wager that given the time frame of BC's announcement, that MS actually did have plans to get it working somehow either before launch, or very soon after.

AspiringProGenji1209d ago

I said the majority of PS4 owners are not pressuring Sony over BC, which os right. You don't see BV being a high topic in the PS forums. I also said the majority of exclusive have been successful too.

You bringing attatch rate to this means nothing. Did you see the recent report about how small the number of BC users are on xbox?

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YAO-BLING1209d ago

just read an article about 360 users on xbone.. he's absolutely right.

nucky641209d ago

I'd never use BC - I'd rather have new games.

starchild1209d ago

I'd rather have both. Be able to choose whatever game I want from a library spanning decades.

Notellin1209d ago

Yeah if they used me in their research I have downloaded just about every free 360 game on games with gold and still haven't played any. I put in the Halo Reach disc the day BC was announced played for 30 minutes and thought I'll play my newer games.

It's nice to have though but not for everyone.

DivoJones1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Part of the lack of popularity on Xbox is the titles that have been made available (that and needing to have the disc in to play). There's been a couple quality additions recently, but prior to Black Ops 2 and Bioshock it was very lackluster. And unless EVERY game comes to backwards compatibility, there's always going to be someone who keeps their old system to play specific games. Take Burnout 3: Takedown for instance.. it's never coming back, and it's not available on Steam. The only way to legitimately own it is to have it on OG Xbox, Ps2, or 360..
From a business standpoint, I understand why Sony doesn't want to do it the way Xbox does. Sony prefers to add them to their classics or PS now so they can fully monetize older titles. It's not anti-consumer, but it's not as forgiving as Xbox's ability to allow you to insert the disc and download it, or buy it from the marketplace.

1209d ago
starchild1209d ago

I never thought I'd see gamers arguing against being able to play more games on our systems. Good games don't stop being good games just because something newer came out. I would rather have the choice to play any game I want from a library spanning years. My PC has backwards compatibility and it's an essential feature to me and I use it all the time. I would love if my PS4 could play all my PS1, PS2 and PS3 games.

AspiringProGenji1209d ago

I'm not againts , i just don't care atm.

While it is cool to relive classics and play them in slow season or whenever, I already played them to death in their time. Right now I'm focused on current games. I got Star Ocean 3 and haven't touched it yet because of Persona 5, for example

Chevalier1209d ago

You mean the same people who complained about how PS4 was indiestation? Because more options are bad? Yeah we heard it from a very vocal Xbox group. Now that there are no new IP's they say we got plenty to play ironically. So that street goes both ways. There are still a contingency here that suggest that 'niche' games aren't a big deal yet suggest that they got plenty to play, but, again mostly indie games and some 3rd party stuff.

uth111209d ago

It isn't used much, and it wasn't the game changer some claimed it would be when it got announced for xb1

Foraoise1209d ago

To that one guy who said vita is region locked, stop being wrong.

XanderZane1209d ago

Well, they defnitely aren't going crazy about PSNow either. I have the original PS3 60GB that will play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games. So I could care less if the PS4 gets true B/C or not at this point. I'll never pay to use PSNow that's for sure. I'm happy with XB1 have over 300 B/C games, cause I don't need to run to my XBox 360 to play RDR, Gears of War, Lost Odyssey or any other great XBox 360 game. They are all in my library and just a click away to play.

dumahim1209d ago

Almost never used BC anyway. Last time I did was with Final Fantasy 12 because it came out just a couple weeks before the PS3.

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corroios1210d ago

BC is very important when you go from one console to another, because the normal lack of games that you get at launch. Therefore you can play your old games on your new system until more and more new games come.

After that is just another feature.

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Neonridr1210d ago

Never a bad thing to have extra features provided it doesn't drive the cost of the unit way up.

freshslicepizza1209d ago

Pretty much but Sony would rather push Playstation Now. Watch as Microsoft slows down on free Xbox 360 supported titles and push Game Pass.

Now if only Ryan could answer about changing your PSN ID and if that too is not going to be used much.

Neonridr1209d ago

yeah, I think in the case of the PS4 though, since the PS3 architecture was so vastly different, they would have had to include a Cell processor inside to handle the BC which would have drove the cost of the PS4 way up I think. Sony needs to get more PS4 content on PS Now to compete with Game Pass, but it's going to be a hard sell since streaming is no substitute for having the game locally on your machine.

1209d ago
freshslicepizza1209d ago

"So what's your PSN ID?"

I don't share that here, sorry. It's awfully ironic on Sony's behalf to now suggest hardly anyone sues it when on the PS2 it was such a popular feature (to play PS1 games) and Sony would never dare say this back then. My how times have changed.

1209d ago
freshslicepizza1209d ago

"And nobody cared when PS3 had BC. And nobody cared when Wii U had BC. Funny how having BC is such a big deal all of a sudden."

I have a PSN ID for my PS3 and if you don't believe me oh well.

What is really ironic is Sony fans downplaying everything from BC to no EA Access because they have no choice other than to accept it.

1209d ago
BiggerBoss1209d ago

Man Moldy, tell Microsoft to release some games so you aren't stuck playing games from last gen😂😂😂