Five hopes for Microsoft and Xbox at E3 2017: Scorpio, Crackdown 3, Gears spin-off and more

What we want to see from Phil Spencer and his team at Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference.

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MegamanXXX2606d ago

Another Gears game already?🤔

spicelicka2606d ago

No one announced a Gears spin-off nor are there any rumours, just random speculation by the author.

ethix692606d ago

It's a hope not a prediction. The author simply has the idea that there could be a small Gears expansion (not sure spin-off is the right word) starring the original characters, to help support Scorpio's release. Not the worst idea I've ever heard, another small Gears game starring Cole and Baird would be fun.

Eldyraen2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

We don't need a Gears Spin off (anytime soon) although i was always curious about that weird one years ago that never came out. It could make a cool turn based game like xcom though.

Gears of War: Emergence or something where you begin in a more pristine environment and as you progress in the story the war affects the gameplay and environment more and more.

Eldyraen2606d ago

It's the only one that makes any sense though, other than some weird Judgement throwaway that no one would really want. It is the most logical choice. When the new xcom came out it was even talked about in some circles as the character models fit, cover system would be easy to implement as a Gears version, etc. You take away aliens (and psi abilities) and replace them with locust and reskin it just a little and it would be a natural fit for a Gears turn based game.

I'd play it, but no way I'd be asking for it specifically compared to an actual good Gears 5.

BeOpenMinded2606d ago

Good idea, i would play it :)

InKnight7s2606d ago (Edited 2606d ago )

I want to see massive power of cloud and makes Horizon ZD looks as old game:) oh more of Crackdown in videos nothing obtainable. What else? nothing than lies.

GOW spin off
Forza spin off
Halo spin off
Remastering medicore games

oSHINSAo2606d ago

A Handheld in the family of the Xbox One, a Portable device with 1.31 TF That equals Xbox one and that lets you play all the digital library. a Game for Scorpio, Xbox One and Xbox One Portable. One have dreams

Eldyraen2606d ago

Part of why I love the Switch is it's the closest I've gotten to a higher end Windows Steam Gaming handheld/tablet. You can play some games on W10 tablets but they're not made for games specifically and are expensive as well. Nvidia Shield was my last hope but was never sold on it. Nintendo means I'm guaranteed at least some great games and Shield didn't get that kind of support.

Switch is the first bridge to that kind of reality imo (worth buying anyways). VC or whatever else they do with older games can make the Switch a perfect all in one Nintendo device. That's why I want to see it succeed.

I'm still waiting for someone to make a Steam friendly windows device to play my vast library in the go, and be super convenient too.

LordJamar2606d ago

they just need to show the games they have announced and game play of them like sea of thieves, crack down 3, and state of decay 2 also release cuphead that night if they can and show what is the future of xbox is like the scoprio also its price and upcoming games maybe some new IPs or returning IPs and thats it and whatever else they have up there sleeves and they will be fine

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TheColbertinator7h ago

Capcom is our hero and champion in the gaming industry somehow. Everyone else is straight up Dr Doom


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anast19h ago

The cope is strong with this one.

DarXyde3h ago

Eh, maybe. It probably is, but that applies to me too.

I hate everything about Game Pass and Playstation Plus and don't pay for either service.

At the same time, there isn't much in the modern gaming landscape that I'm interested in and haven't played yet, so I very routinely revisit my backlog.

I guess we can call that a cope. The difference is that I'm not writing articles about it. 😅

TheColbertinator7h ago

Microsoft should increase the price further