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SCEA: Killzone 2 in latter half of 2007

In a recent interview with SCEA's Peter Dille, Killzone 2 is mentioned briefly as one of Sony's upcoming titles to release in the second half of 2007.

"I think we have a good first half of the year. Games like Lair that people are really excited about. MLB is coming out and is looking great and is the best-selling sports game from a first-party studio. Motorstorm. Heavenly Sword. And don't forget you have games like Killzone in the back half of the year. We're not really saying that there is one game that consumers have to wait for. I think that the content is there now and the content is coming. It's going to be a steady stream of really great PlayStation 3 content," stated Dille.

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FFVIIFan5472d ago

There will be a steady flow of quality games coming to the PS3. Even though Raiders only mentioned the exclusives, there is still plenty of games coming that would make it worth paying $600 for. Not everyone will think that, but the more quality games that start to come out the more people that will be willing to spend that much. And it's not that far off. March is a big month for Sony. Europe launch and new games, hopefully it'll be good.

Maddens Raiders5472d ago (Edited 5472d ago )

I couldn't agree more. As little as six months ago on this site people were touting the nex-gen race as a "marathon". However the rules seemed to have been changed since the Christmas season shinanigans and fistfights. It's as if one month decided the entire race for some. People were already shouting "we won this", "the war is over", blah. People forget that Playstation is the console game leader. Period. Until that achievement is taken away from them by force -- it's ignorant to think that the titles coming for the PS3 and even the mighty PS2 in 2007 are nothing less than pre-cursors to a long list (converging to the P3) of games to come from a comapany that knows a thing or two about pumping out GAMES. A lot of people dogged KZ I. It was one of THOSE games. Either you hated it or loved it. All I know is that the lobbies are still full today with gamers that love to blast in the park, beach, creek, slums,or orbital station. I think that the man vs. man aspect is part of the draw, but also the grittiness and realism of re-loads and cartridge ejection from the shell chambers of the guns that make it so kick ass. The sounds of the weapons are great too. For this to be realized on the PS3 with vast improvements has a lot of PS fans on the edge of their seats waiting to see what Guerilla is going to do to this game. I wish there was some in game footage available or even an actual screen would be nice. No doubt that the wii and 360 will have good games coming this year, but for a wicked variety of games -- 2007 looks to be the the year the PS3 comes out of its shiny shell. =]

TheMART5472d ago

The only question is: why haven't we seen any ingame video's?

Come on guys it has to launch this year? WHat's done and what's not... Nice. It will be up to Halo 3, Gears of War and Bioshock if it comes the second half of this year. Very nice indeed

Shadow Flare5472d ago (Edited 5472d ago )

apparently grand theft auto 5 is being released at the end of this year.

I haven't seen jack crap about that game. It MUST be delayed

Im a playstation fan but i gotta say, i think Killzone 1 kinda sucked. Especially after playing Halo. However, it has a real cool feel and a lot of potential of where it can head. It also has a great story background. The E3 Killzone 2 trailer really showed what a cool game this can be. Even though i think Killzone 1 sucks, i can sense that Killzone 2 is having alot of work put into it and that it will be a good game. Its gonna be one of those games where it'll either trounce Halo 3, match it, or stunt Halo 3's sales, but i don't think it will be a complete failure. Sony's pushing this game like no other

big_tim5472d ago

Your right about RockStar. They hold back on the GTA info for some reason. They have done this with previous games. Nobody thought it would come out on time because they hadn't seen much on it. But the game still came out and was a huge hit.

However, I doubt that Killzone will make it out this year. The guy barely mentioned it in passing. It is probably another mistake that will be retracted later. They will probably show something on the game around when E3 was, but I doubt the game will be out this year.

PS3 Ultimate5471d ago (Edited 5471d ago )

You mouth in every news thats good. All you mention is GOW and Halo 3. Enough with those games. You kill it! I'm never buying a 360 for Halo 3 and GOW NEVER!! Samething goes for many,MANY of my friends. Why don't you wait til Gaylo 3 launches, THEN you can talk. As for GOW? Its dead! Why are u still talking about it? And if I'm wrong, why are'nt you playing it? Halo 3 is just 1 FPS shooter that is actually decent! Why don't you stop talking abotu this 1 game. Because thats all MS has! They are putting it their all on Gaylo 3. Why do I insult the game? Because of idiots like K-Mart ALWAYS talking about it! Seems like thats the only words you know when you play Box360. ''Halo 3'' ''Gears Of War''. Are there more games that are good on the 360? Nope guess not. Halo 3 and GOW is all you ever mention.

Monchichi0255472d ago

Why all this hype for a game that was straight AWFUL on the PS2. I know because I too fell for the Sony's trap of it being a "Halo killer" lol.

And no one will see the value of spending $600 on a PS3 for Killzone when the grandaddy of them all is coming in November: HALO 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MikeMichaels5472d ago (Edited 5472d ago )

Some of us don't rely on Gamerankings to tell us what games are and aren't good.

Also, some of us actually enjoy playing games. Not arguing about them in forums.

Once you got past the hype, Killzone was an "ok" game with an amazing back story. Incredible art direction and awesome villains (Come on!! The Helgast look badass) and tons of "potential".

Thats why people are looking forward to it.

PS3 Ultimate5471d ago

Is not a grandaddy of them all. Halo 2 sold almost as much as GOW. Grand Daddy of them all are DMC4,MGS4,SH5,RE5! Those are the games that are the best.

Juevani5472d ago (Edited 5472d ago )

@ TheFart I bet your so in love with a PS3 but you cant afford one thats why u sit here talkin trash.

Halo3 = Looks like a cracked version of Halo2 with more green robocops.

GOW = 3 hours, I mean comn

Bio = No online and prolly 3 hours long too (dvd remember)

Is that whats comin for the greenies in 2007. hahaha

Mr Murda5472d ago

Juevani I look forward to all of your "post" in every topic/article. I stopped taking you seriously a LONG time ago, so now it's purely comic relief. Thanks for the memories!

Optimus Prime5472d ago

i cant stop laughing at you juevani. your retarted. you probably have never touched gears of war. and you make asumptions about games that arent even out yet. you are really smart you 10 year old fanboy.

wolfgang5472d ago

Juevani : I heard you like to dress like a little girl and beg all the other boys at your school to kiss you. If by any chance this rumor was fake, please feel free to reply, but if you don't I'll just assume its real.

marionz5472d ago

sorry i dont get it, sure it wasnt a huge game but it took me about 10, and im playing again on hardcore and its taking longer cos i keep gettin killed lol, anyway juvani ur a tosser considering your beloved RFOM was about the same length but as shallow as a puddle in the carpark

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