Ridge Racer 7 Interview

The PlayStation 3 launch just wouldn't be the same without a new game in the Ridge Racer series to help demonstrate its power. Thankfully, there'll be a new game in the series to greet all of us on launch day. OPM recently spoke with Hideo Teramoto, associate producer on Ridge Racer 7, to get the scoop.

OutLaw6202d ago

I always say that I am not going to buy another Ridge Racer game and I always do. Like everybody say. The PS3 launch wouldn't be a launch with out Ridge Racer. So if I do get the system that would probably be one of my picks.

OutLaw6202d ago

You don't know what you're missing. Maybe you should buy the 360 version.

schnodder6202d ago


btw - nice game

OutLaw6202d ago

I know you just love saying that.

ps3willrule6202d ago

can't wait for this game...gran truismo is a better series but ridge racer is an awsome series as well....can't wait

The Real Deal6202d ago

You love that series huh...well I have good news. You can play it now on the xbox 360. Its a good game. Its not as good as Need for speed or project Gotham or Forza 2 but if thats what you like its available now and you can play it on live with your friends.

pRo loGic II6202d ago (Edited 6202d ago )

I was playing the RR demo and some buddies of mine came over and i turned the 360 off with a quikness. can you disable that guys voice ??.

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