Only one member of the original Morrowind team worked on new Elder Scrolls Online chapter

The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind brings a new perspective to the iconic island of Vvardenfell.

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Imp0ssibl32597d ago

How could it be otherwise?...Morrowind came out in 2002, that's ages ago.

Unoriginalplayer2597d ago

They should have all been waiting since then for this MMO to come out so they could be a part of it -_-

Summons752596d ago

Was this foretold in The Elder Scrolls themselves?

andrewsquall2597d ago

How could it be otherwise? Did you know that if a new Ridge Racer game came out tomorrow, the SAME Namco sound team members like Sanodg and Ayako Saso will be doing the music. And that's 23 years later.
Hell Sanodg still did a track in Tekken 7 too and its still awesome and one of the most "Tekkeny" tunes of all of them. ^_^

I AM actually more surprised that there hasn't been more of the original Morrowind team involved with this expansion but there you go, it speaks volumes just how unpopular this game is with main series Elder Scrolls fans.

_-EDMIX-_2596d ago

"I AM actually more surprised that there hasn't been more of the original Morrowind team involved with this expansion but there you go, it speaks volumes just how unpopular this game is with main series Elder Scrolls fans"

Lol no buddy. Not that serious.

First, this is an MMO, its not the main Elder Scrolls titles

Second, those members if they even exist any more at Bethesda are likely working on Elder Scrolls VI.

Morrowind is an existing game.....why would they NEED the staff from the original team in the first place?

Do they not know how to make a swamp? They need someone who made a swamp in 2002, to tell them how to make a swamp?

Think long and hard about what your assuming bud, what on earth would the original members be needed for?

Did you not realize that Morrowind EXIST and can be played as reference? Did this team not just make Elder Scrolls MMO? Is there a reason why they can't make a Morrowind area without folks who made the original back in 2002?

An expansion existing at all shows the popularity of this game bud. How much of the "original team" involved in at MMO EXPANSION is irrelevant. smh

SlappingOysters2597d ago

Well they started work on the MMO in 2007, not that long after

_-EDMIX-_2596d ago

Agreed. I was about to say, how much of that team is still around in that company and how much of that team is already working on the next Elder Scrolls?

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andrewsquall2597d ago

And what a shame that it STILL isn't Elder Scrolls games composer Jeremy Soule that is the one person who worked on this expansion. How could they possiblly claim (even well before proper development started) this game truly feels like an Elders Scrolls game when he isn't doing the soundtrack???

Derceto2597d ago

I'd wager only one member of anything to with Elder Scrolls ever, worked on TESO at all.

UnHoly_One2596d ago

I'm surprised if there is much crossover at all.

Regardless of the name, we are still talking about a solo RPG and an MMO. I wouldn't expect the exact same team working on it.

TheColbertinator2596d ago

Very few of those involved with Bethesda's flagship franchises have worked on ESO. Its mostly Zenimax Online who work on it.

Mystogan2596d ago

And I think they did the best possible job with it.


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