Download size revealed for PS4 version of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

The download size has been revealed for the PlayStation 4 version of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

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Christopher2117d ago

It's 40GB, but might not take up that much space on your HDD since it may be replacing old assets. Current ESO on PS4 is 80GB, though.

Derceto2117d ago

Hopefully all 3 people who play it have the HDD space free.

Tetsujin2117d ago

I gave up on ESO, and haven't looked back since. The final straw for me was the announcement of the ESO+ not covering Morrowind, and the BS reason from Bethesda just added salt to the wound. I know there's people hyped for it, and I hope it does work out for them; as for me, I'm enjoying new experiences that hasn't nickel and dime me to death.

JohnnyPremo2117d ago

why would it be for ESO+? ITs an expansion same as any other MMO all WOW expansions cost extra money. Even Final Fantasy Online makes you pay for expansions it has always been this way. This game has hundreds and hundreds of hours worth of gaming and you think they are nickel and diming you? gamer expectations are getting out of control bahahahahahahahahaha

_-EDMIX-_2117d ago

really? Not that serious bud.

They don't charge you per month and your crying over this?

Can't be serious folks.

BlacKJesu52117d ago

ESO+ is also pretty pointless...

Tetsujin2117d ago

You're the kind of customer they want, someone who's always willing to open their wallet without question.

It's the idea of them giving other expansions under +, yet Morrowind isn't covered. It's not "gamer expectations getting out of control," it's they know certain gamers will pay for anything without question just because it's from Bethesda and they like their games.

Christopher2117d ago

You get all DLC free with ESO+. They specifically state that. It does not say expansions.

Having said that, I respect your opinion that it should be included. But, they specifically state DLC, not expansions, with ESO+.

What's weak is that the cave in on complaints from Bethesda is doubling bank space for ESO+ people with the expansion. Really the least they could do.

Tetsujin2116d ago


That's my point; they say DLC is covered, but label Morrowind as "expansion," and there's those die hard fans who actually support this decision, and some even argue in favor of it. What really bugs me, Thieves Guild, Wrothgar (if I have the correct area, the one where you get the bear suit at the end), Dark Brotherhood, and one other are "DLC" but Morrowind is something completely different? I'd like for Bethesda (not people on N4G) actually explain the difference between DLC and expansion, because they are technically the same thing.

I do appreciate the comment about respecting my view on this; it's hard to find someone who can actually see there's other opinions that doesn't match what the majority agree with.

I quit the game for other reasons (bugs being the root cause), but the ESO+ fiasco was the final straw for me.

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Christopher2117d ago

ESO is doing ridiculously well on consoles, actually.

Spacebilly2117d ago

Just stop playing recently, looking forward to it

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