Should Sony Take Note Of The Switch’s Success And Invest In A Similar PlayStation Portable System?

Third time is the charm for Sony in the portable market?

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Erik73572115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

They can try but I think people will want the system with Pokemon on it.

Nintendo has always beat sony at the portable game and after ps vita I don't think they are eager to jump back in.

It's all about games games games and 3rd party just don't tend to have the quality or consistency of first party like Nintendo games.

super_cuddles2115d ago

Whaaaat??! Sony smash Nintendo every time

ABizzel12115d ago


On console I'd agree, but even then that's preference and completely depends on the gamer (although PS exclusives are my preference on console).

On handheld absolutely not.

It would be a complete waste of time, money, and resources trying to make a dedicated handheld like the PSP
or Vita again. Sony doesn't have generations of exclusive handheld IP's like Nintendo does, or for that matter IP's that translate well to handheld (like almost all of Nintendo's IP do), especially when performance will always be significantly better on their console.

If Sony wants to make a "portable" it simply needs to be a PlayStation Gaming Tablet, with hardware dedicated to gaming, a Linux OS so it has access to mobile apps and software (emulators are always a big push on handhelds) without Android's horrible API or easy hacking, and subsidize it through the major cell phone carriers.

mcstorm2115d ago

Erik I'm the same as you. I jumped on the psv but after the 1st 12 months I sold the console.

The console is self was amazing well built, amazing graphics ect but lack of games is what killed it for me. This is why I think the switch will be a hit for Nintendo as it can be used in both home console and handheld mode. Very powerful bit of kit for a handheld to. It will be interesting to see what Nintendo do when they retire the 3/2ds as for me they don't need to bring another one out just support the switch and maybe bring a handheld only switch out to help bring the price down.

kitsune4512115d ago

Switch is not successful because of its functionality. Switch is successful because it launched with Breath of the Wild. I say it all the time, always launch a console with something worth playing.

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Christopher2115d ago

Maybe just vastly improved remote play and focus otherwise on home console. Nintendo and smart phones have portable in lock down.

joab7772115d ago

Probably best. They have so much to offer already and if they could give us every game in 720, I would be ecstatic. Maybe offer the Google play store in addition to PSN and what else would we need in the go.

rainslacker2115d ago

This would require either an optical drive, which would be impractical with blu-ray discs because it'd be portable, or have to be all digital, pretty much rendering it useless for anyone who doesn't care about digital. If they had something that let you verify your game discs to download it to the system then that could work, but we'd be talking about a lot of storage space for a portable, probably rendering the system unreasonably expensive.

davand1142115d ago

Can you imagine the ungodly prices that sony would charge for proprietary sd cards?!

Christopher2114d ago

I wish we could only imagine overpriced SD cards rather than actually have them :(

rainslacker2114d ago

It depends on if Sony decides to use proprietary cards again. I think they knew the criticism behind it, and how it affected the sales of the system. Given the reason for them was to help prevent piracy, it seems counter productive to turn away sales from both pirates and users who don't want to go through the hassle or pay the price of entry to achieve such an end.

Built in memory is possible of course, but a digital console like I talk about would require a lot of space if it was actually a fully portable PS4. A PS4 level system that had it's own software of sorts is also a possibility, but seems counter to the point the article is trying to make.

FinalFantasyFanatic2115d ago

Only if they actually support it this time rather than leaving it for dead.

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StormLegend2115d ago

No,I think Sony should stay with consoles and keep the momentum going. Having a handheld would be cool but it's really hard to sell those nowdays with so many phones and other devices out.

DrierofLeaves2115d ago

It's not hard for Nintendo.

That said, I agree. Sony is doing exceptionally well with home consoles- that's its forte, and what it should stick to. Just like handhelds are Nintendo's forte, and what they should stick to :)

super_cuddles2115d ago

Disagree as Sony obviously dominate the handheld market,,,, oh wait

RedDevils2115d ago

@super_cuddles insert *at least you tried gift*.

_-EDMIX-_2115d ago

"it's not hard for Nintendo"

? Even they are losing massive market share with portable though bud.

Fist4achin2115d ago

The vast majority of those 3ds sales are to kids. 3ds and pokemon are such huge sellers. Both of my kids have a 3ds, but they are more interested in my vita as they are getting older.

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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

it not hard. You hard to try and work hard at it. Sony didn't try at all

LordJamar2114d ago

it is it hard lol wat do you know you think sony just pull stuff out there ass and beat nintendo in hendeld game your insane

MaximusPrime_2115d ago

I'd suggest Sony to focus on delivering consoles but if they wish to release another handheld, let them be. I returned to my old PS Vita recently and it's still good as it was.

danny8182115d ago

The can fuse development for The next vita and console

madpuppy2115d ago

That's a bad idea, Nintendo, can play around with that "bound to break" hybrid nightmare, They have a loyal base of glassy-eyed drooling fans to throw money at them no matter what harebrained failure they release.
Give me a nice, solid powerful home console with a wide range of different kinds of games I'll be happy. I don't need every character to be Mario or Link in my games.

Krysis2115d ago

@madpuppy your comment is one of ignorance, I hadn't bought a Nintendo console in 2 generation, but the switch is fantastic and very well built. It is a great compliment to my other 2 consoles. You sound like a hater

madpuppy2115d ago

@Krysis, "I hadn't bought a Nintendo console in 2 generation" Of course you didn't, because the Wii and WiiU both sucked, One was a casual gamer machine buried under a mountain of shovelware and the Other was barely even supported by Nintendo themselves. The Switch is just another one of those Nintendo "throw a bunch of random ideas at the market and see what sticks" consoles, knowing full well that the worshipers of the mighty "N" will swallow anything that Nintendo sells, thus keeping the company afloat long enough to release another bunch of random ideas to market. Sure the Switch may have better support and popularity that the WiiU and that's because Nintendo pulled the portable game machine consumer into the market for it's latest console.

UCForce2115d ago

Yeah, I hope Sony will make another handheld. But right now, they need to focus on what is best.

isarai2115d ago

Similar to switch? No, but i do think they should give it at least one more go but with the same sensibilities as they approached the ps4 with. Easy to develop for, easy on the wallet, and allow standard memory formats like sd or micro sd. Honestly they could just revamp the vita and allow these things, like a vita plus or something like the 3ds is to the ds

DrierofLeaves2115d ago

The 3DS is a full fledged successor to the DS, just like the PS Vita is to the PSP :|

isarai2115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

I mean more in the sense that they are essentially the same thing, same form, layout, format, and core features just upgraded hardware (allowing 3ds games) and tons of quality of life updates whereas the vita is fundamentally different in so many ways to the psp. Keeping most things the same would greatly reduce cost on both ends and allow bc with vita easily

DrierofLeaves2115d ago

Ah, I see.
Possibly, but Sony has never had much success with handhelds, and I don't know how they would do in a greatly diminished market for handheld systems...

Omnislashver362115d ago (Edited 2115d ago )

No success? PSP was huge and got a ton of support from 3rd party. It may have not bested DS with it's Poke-craze but it was still well received.