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Tekken 7 Reportedly Has Much Higher Input Lag on PS4 When Compared To XB1

Tekken 7 appears to have significantly higher input lag on PlayStation 4 in comparison to the Xbox One version of the game.

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Bad spelling
There are some typos in article that need correction. For instance : "PS4 and even further (119.9 ms) when displaying the game at 720P resolution." PS4 version is not at 720p, Xbox One version is. PS4 version is 1536x864. Even there is a Digital Foundry analysis is in the article, author didn't try to change that typo.
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DashArrivals2601d ago

If this article is true... then they'll patch it. No worries

Knockknock2601d ago

Like they did with prey and made it worse with massive frame pacing problems.

XiNatsuDragnel2602d ago

Okay that sucks if true, because in fighting games I prefer consistency over resolution.

Kurisu2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

The game seems fine to me, I haven't had any problems nailing down some 10 hit combos! So don't worry about what the article says in regards to that.

To anyone who has played today, how has the online been? Yesterday on launch day it was really hard to get in to a match, I managed about four games. Also I had my game data wiped after a game failed to sink - luckily I hadn't got too far in to the games story mode, not that would have mattered anyway as it's short. Haven't tried treasure battle yet either which I'm glad of because it would have been annoying if I lost all the money and items on top of rankings.

Lennoxb632602d ago

Input lag in most cases is unnoticeable to the naked eye.

PapaBop2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Because you wouldn't notice it. it works out at 7.2 frames of input lag, the fastest move in Tekken is 10 frames so it wouldn't be overly noticeable.

I only tried online for the first time today, found 8 different opponents and lost connection to each one. Harada (Tekken's lead developer) said they're working on fixing it which shouldn't be too difficult considering it's purely a problem with matchmaking. I hear the actual netcode is very very good though.

Princess_Pilfer2601d ago

Uh, wrong? If the fastest move in the game is 10 frames, that means while you *should* have 7 or 8 of those to react properly, you instead have 3. That's a big ****ing deal.

Eonjay2602d ago

It plays fine on PS4 so far from my experience.

kowan2602d ago

The game plays fine. Both offline and Online(4 bars and up).

derkasan2601d ago

It works just fine offline on the Pro for me, but both Ranked and Player matches are pretty laggy, even with four bars. Hopefully today was just a bad day.

andrewsquall2601d ago

Don't worry they even had to strip away effects in the Xbone version too so you get your consistency as well as awful last gen resolution.

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freshslicepizza2602d ago

Other titles as well, The Last Guardian, Prey. How common is this problem?

Nyxus2602d ago

The Last Guardian has higher input lag on PS4 than Xbox One?

sho0ok2602d ago

Lol.. Ofc he means these games has hight input lag too, not necessarily compared to XB1


I think he means ps4 struggles to run games regardless of ps4/ps4pro and the resolution

And that is sad!

PistolsAtDawn2602d ago

Stop thinking in terms of everything being a console war. It makes you look like a fanboy. CLEARLY he just meant that it had high input lag.

Rimeskeem2602d ago

Less common than your dumb comments

Liqu1d2602d ago

XB1 has higher input lag in some titles as well, but I'm sure you'll ignore that fact. Interesting how TLG has higher input lag on PS4 compared to Xbox considering it's an exclusive.

Alexious2602d ago

Yes, of course, no one is saying it's across all the games. Just one case.

Sitdown2602d ago

But should it be happening at all, given how we are constantly reminded that the ps4 is the best and most powerful console the world has seen.

*enter poor coding by the developer here*

gangsta_red2601d ago


Insecure much? Moldy never compared or said anything about Xbon One.

He's asking why do these games have input lag and gave a few examples. Unless you want him to list every single game on every platform so you wont feel threatened?

rainslacker2601d ago

I'd imagine TLG did have higher input lag on the PS4 compared to the X1. Any lag at all is greater than zero.

gangsta_red2601d ago

I dont think he meant to compare them just asking why other titles have lag too.

rainslacker2601d ago (Edited 2601d ago )

Lag is a software issue. the controller should always poll the system at the same interval if all other things are equal(radio signal, possibly battery life, etc). So if the software itself has noticeable lag, it's in the way it's designed which is introduced between the system receiving the signal, the OS processing it for the game, and then the software recognizing it and doing something about it.

Dunno which system has more or less lag on the controller connection since for the most part, I've never had much problem with it on wireless controllers.

Aenea2601d ago

That you're not banned yet is unbelievable to me...