Bungie on Halo 2: We Screwed Up

In a recent interview with EDGE magazine, Chris Butcher of Bungie Studios has publicly admitted that Bungie committed many mistakes in the development of Halo 2. Comparing the time dedicated to polish Halo and its sequel, Butcher said:

"We miscalculated, we screwed up, we came down to the wire and we just lost all of that. So Halo 2 is far less than it could and should be in many ways because of that. It kills me to think of it. Even the multiplayer experience for Halo 2 is a pale shadow of what it could and should have been if we had gotten the timing of our schedule right. It's astounding to me. I f*cking cannot play Halo 2 multiplayer. I cannot do it. And that's why I know Halo 3 is going to be so much better."

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Mr Murda5217d ago

Why can't other companies screw up as good as Bungie did? *cough* RARE *cough* Halo2 is still in my top 10 games of all time.

That's really interesting to hear them talk like this, but also refreshing to know that they know what mistakes were made.

Optimus Prime5217d ago

yeah, it is to bad companies cant screw up that good. halo is by far the best online game i have played.

FFVIIFan5217d ago

But if this is how they feel, then I'm really looking forward to Halo 3. I knew it would be better, but it was hard to imagine how much better it could get. Apparently, a lot according to Bungie. Halo 3 will rule 07.

Sphinx5217d ago

as much as anyone else... but is this just hype? "Halo 2 sucks compared to Halo 3" type of stuff would definitely cause many people to get hyped up since Halo 2 was, without a doubt, a 10 out fo 10 game. Either way, I know Halo 3 is going to suck many hours, days, months, and even years of my life.

power of Green 5217d ago

I'm glad to hear this they must be extreamlly happy with H3 judging by this thread. Remember the Xbox has three different levels of AAA's; so much so!; even really good games have a tough time getting high scores.

* Standard AAA(popular).

* Mega AAA(console swiching title).

* Ultra AAA(Untouchable, in popularity, sale's, and new inovations mixed with time tested things that have been proven to wortk).

MS's setting the standards that will be chalanging to other companies forcing Reviewers to do handi capped grades for differnt console's. Have a nice day.

eclipsegryph5217d ago

I have no clue what you just tried to say here. Why not just say whether or not you agree with points the article brought up, and back it up with more facts or opinions?

JasonPC360PS3Wii5215d ago (Edited 5215d ago )

Because he was speaking 360 not PS3 which is one of two places you wont find this game.

“* Standard AAA(popular).” Call of Duty 3, FEAR, Lost Planet, Chromehounds, Burnout, Battlefield 2, Condemned, and Far Cry

“* Mega AAA(console swiching title).” GRAW, Dead Rising, Call of Duty 2, Prey, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Saints Row

“* Ultra AAA(Untouchable, in popularity, sale's, and new inovations mixed with time tested things that have been proven to wortk).” Gears of War, PGR, Fable, Rainbow Six Vegas, and Halo

When you take out the PS3 hearing aids that Sony shoved in there when you were born, you might be able to hear what the rest of the worlds language is (360 and Wii “look at the sales figures”).

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