Five hopes for Sony at E3 2017: Sucker Punch, keeping Kojima away, PSVR and more

What we want to see from Sony and PS4 at its E3 2017 press conference.

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DeadSilence2607d ago

I want to see Death Stranding!

Nyxus2607d ago

"Keep Kojima and Death Stranding away"

Hell no!

phoenixwing2606d ago

I'd rather see death stranding than more VR, i've already stated how i am unhappy that resources are being spent on vr games.

Leeroyw2606d ago

Oh you've already stated it?

Terribly sorry old boy. We will cancel VR immediately. Apologies

2605d ago
Dragonscale2605d ago

@phoenix, with all the great exclusives past and future on PS4, theres plenty room for resources for vr games as well. I'd be more unhappy at ms spending resources on scorpio tbh. Just think how many studios or new ip's they could've created with all that cash.

@Leeroy you forgot the /s lol.

yomfweeee2606d ago

I don't think anyone minds release dates/delays or seeing things years away.

BlakHavoc2606d ago

I never understood the crowd that says seeing a game announced too early can kill their hype for it (death Stranding). This is only a problem in the gaming industry too, but is never a complaint when it comes to movies. Whether it was announced in 2016 or 2019 what does it matter? As long as they're not putting a premature release date on it, its up to you to keep your hype in check. Im perfectly fine getting small samplings of DS up until it releases. No harm would come from Kojima showing another trailer...

ninsigma2606d ago

Agreed. Just be happy for things when announced then just focus on what's here and now until it's here.

OB1Biker2605d ago

I agree.
Even just as a consumer, it completely makes sense to know what s being done. Seems weird that people would want to be kept totally in the dark regarding the future offers for a product they bought.

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It's Not Cheap To Showcase At Geoff Keighley's Gamescom ONL

It turns out that if you want to showcase your game during Gamescom Opening Night Live, you're going to be paying a lot for the privilege.

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anast15h ago

The cost gets transferred to the customer,

Bathyj6h ago

That's not how business works. The games final price does not go up because they had a trailer at a show.

It works like many industries.
You spend a lot of money, buying materials and paying your labour before any customer gives you a dime. Then when you have a finished product months or years afterwards hopefully you can sell enough of it to get your investment back and make enough for the next project where you won't get paid again for years.

Frankly I'm surprised any games get made at all.