Final Fantasy VII Remake's Slow Development Has Square Enix Back to Their Old Ways

So much for turning over a new leaf.

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Dabigsiebowski501d ago

Let's just wait till E3. it's Final Fantasy VII, do you really want them to rush that? I know FFXV took forever but that game still felt rushed.

Septic501d ago

I want them to release the game this side of the century.

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shmowboyfebop500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

I'm a big fan of a lot the work that comes out of square enix. I don't think that they're a bad company with any worse intentions than most others in the industry.

My biggest complaint about square enix is that they put tetsuya nomura as the lead on projects. I don't know his methods, but evidence has shown(with the exception of KH2, and possibly others I am not aware of) his games take a long time to develop. While there are definitely issues outside of his control, he has to be considered part of the equation. Tabata did a pretty good job piecing together a game upon taking over for nomura, he manged to get a product that sold well, and was met with a solid(not spectacular, not awful) recption. He got the job done. I appreciated his communication with fans, as well as his receptiveness to the fans, while not overreacting to the "outrage" that comes out of what tends to be a minority opinion that's just very active and very vocal. He was very positive and professional. These are traits I would look for in a leader.

That being said I enjoy nomura's style, both in design and (definitely dramatic)story tone. I think he could be utilized in a much more efficient manner, and that's really up to how he's managed. I feel like he could be more useful as a company wide(creative side, not business) consultant. A low management/responsibility but high influence role.

All this being said, I've never run a massive publisher that has to bare the weight of such a significant history in the gaming industry. They have to manage large studios and huge IPs, whose value is absolutely intrinsic to the company''s value, as well as dealing with their respective rabid fan bases.

*edit* @shin you're absolutely right, that kitase/nomura exchange is very damming towards upper mangement. The lack of discipline, or foresight, or ability to learn from their past, to not have even made the director, the man in charge(!), aware the he is indeed the director, and still decide to announce such a massive title, is staggering.

TL;DR. It's not an easy job, and square enix hasn't made it any easier for itself.

Death501d ago

I'm still not sure what the point of this game is. It's the game we all know and love, but completely different in every way. The more accurate name would be FFVII Reboot.

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TheCommentator500d ago

And, Kalkano, also making the game cost $180 to play since it's one game to be sold in three full priced parts.

Kurdishcurse500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Pretty sure its been shown time and time again, that a long developement cycle doesnt enhance the quality of the game after 4 years have past. It just shows how messy and indicisive the company and devs are. Ff15 didnt "feel" rushed, because it wasnt. 11 years is in no way, shape or form or under any circumstance, rushed. It is just a bad result from, again, a messy and indicisive company. Because they can afford to be.

FinalFantasyFanatic500d ago

It may not have been rushed but it felt like large portions of the game were missing, maybe they didn't salvage as much of the game from previous developments like they should have.

Harkins1721500d ago

And it wasn't being worked on for a full 11 years. It started over in 2012 for PS4 and Xbox 1. All new assets being made and built for next gen. You people never do any research

Pozzle498d ago

@Harkins1721: That's not the point though. There's no reason FFvsXIII/FFXV should have been re-done and re-built and re-done and re-built over the span of a decade. Especially when the end result still felt messy and rushed (and we had to watch a prequel movie just to get the whole plot). Square have a big problem with development that needs to be changed or streamlined or....something.

CrimsonWing69500d ago

Well brace yourselves because they're incorporating a Games as a Service business model as well.

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PhoenixUp499d ago

At least Dragon Quest XI is coming along smoothly